Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here Come the Hydrangeas

All along the garden path, the hydrangeas are coming into bloom.
I am pleasantly surprised to see them doing so well.  Right after they were planted last summer we had a HOT and DRY spell which had me trying to keep up with watering them enough to keep them alive.

I am pleased to see that not only are they alive, they are also thriving and blooming to beat the band.

I especially love them when they are in their various stages of bloom.  The different shades of colors look so pretty together on one shrub.

 Pretty in Pink too.

Right across from the garden path, my old blue hydrangeas are also putting on a show.  I've had them for years and also blogged about them for years.  They seem to thrive here much to my delight.  The shades of blue they produce are probably my most favorite color in the world. 

 This little garden statue has been here for years too and it shows.
He is looking a little worse for the wear.  At the same time, he looks content to be reading away under the hydrangea canopy.  Chocolate mint is growing in the blue pot next to him.
Sounds like a rather nice spot to hang out to me, so I am leaving him right where he is. 

 I think I'll do my reading next to a hydrangea in the living room.

 I'll follow that up with dinner next to another hydrangea.
Inside and outside, hydrangeas have arrived
I couldn't be happier.


  1. I love Hydrangeas too but mine are only now budding. In the third photo, that plant has different coloured blooms and I was wondering if it is one of the "Endless Summer" variety or a similar kind.

    1. I'm sorry to say that I don't know about that one. I have searched through all of the plant tags I keep and can't find one for that one. I can tell you that the blue ones are the Endless Summer variety.

  2. Beautiful blooms!!! We're still below freezing most nights and will be for another 3 weeks. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing if mine made it through winter ok--I bought my first one last year. Yours are certainly happy where they are.

  3. They are gorgeous! All the various shades on one plant is really showy and so pretty.

  4. Hydrangeas are some of my very favorite summer flowers. The blue ones appeal most to me, too. Ours are getting ready to bloom. I hope yours last a good long time.

  5. Thanks for sharing, they are stunning. I love hydrangeas and have quite a few and mine are beginning to bloom.

    Have a great week.


  6. I love hydrangeas and yours are beautiful. I cannot grow them here in SoCal as it is too hot and too dry.

  7. they are so pretty. I was just at a nursery this week trying to decide what I wanted to add this year.. and hydrangeas are at the top of my list! I'll be going plant shopping tomorrow! cant wait!
    have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  8. Definitely my favorite flower. Your garden takes my breath away Kim! So gorgeous- your hard work is paying off.
    Take care

  9. Oh, Kim, so happy your hydrangeas are doing so well and that you are willing to share them with all of us. Love your little reading statue. He's cute.

  10. So pretty! My hydrangea is lagging behind this year so I hope it'll do well. Your garden is beautiful and I love the little reading boy.

  11. I love them! I wish they did well here but they really don't. Our daughter did not ask me if she should buy a ten dollar hydrangea before she planted it, but I don't think it'll do well. I sure hope it does.
    I'm so glad your garden is the perfect climate for such lovely blooms, Kim!

  12. Beautiful blue ones are so lovely. love yours and aspire to grow some someday soon.


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