Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Storms Roll In... and Out

Afternoon thunderstorms are a fairly common occurrence here in the summertime.  Not so nice if you happen to be out and about when one pops up, but at home it's another matter altogether.
That's the time I like to grab my book and head for the living room.  Hearing the thunder boom and the tree leaves rustle makes the perfect backdrop for a cozy reading session.

Not long after I sat down today, the skies started to darken and so did the room.  I turned the light above me on and as I did so another light bulb went on. Yes, you know the one. ;D.

The one that reminded me of the little strand of lights I had purchased after Christmas and put into a terrarium on the coffee table.  It was time to turn them on . 

This garden fairy wasn't bothered by the storm.
She danced among the flowers sheltered under glass.

 Today we had it all...
thunder, lightning, torrential downpours and even some hail.
The forecast for our July 4th holiday is an 80% chance of rain.

 If it's anything like today's weather, it will have come and gone in 20 minutes.  That's just long enough to save me from having to water the garden and short enough to not interfere with the celebrations.


  1. We have very, very few thunderstorms where we live now, and I miss them. You have the right idea for a storm -getting cozy indoors.

  2. There's nothing cozier than sitting snug indoors while the rain comes down. With a good book to read and a big mug of hot tea... heaven.
    I hope the sun shines for your July 4th celebrations.

  3. Thunderstorms and rain are amongst my most favorite things about summer. I find them to be incredibly relaxing. If I had to choose between a sunny weekend and a rainy weekend, I will choose the rainy one every time :)

  4. I used to live in Illinois and thunderstorms were common. Up here in Michigan, it's almost rare to get rain, let along thunderstorms. I miss them at times---just not the crazy winds we had with them in IL.
    Love the idea of those tiny lights in the terrarium. How nice that looks!

  5. I like them, too! It's not fun if you are out shopping, though! You're right!
    The fairy and fairy lights are so pretty and your reading corner is perfect!

  6. I am welcoming any raindrops, too, because I am quite worn out from dragging the hose about. I hadn't thought how cozy reading would be during a thunderstorm, but it would!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. I love your garden fairy and the tiny lights. I'm a little too nervous during a thunderstorm to sit still. I usually walk the floor...from room to room. I hate being this way. If my husband is home with me, the rain and rumble of thunder is enjoyable.

  8. We've been having rain every so often and I haven't had to water the garden much at all.
    Your little fairy garden is delightful.
    I like reading on rainy days too or sometimes it makes me feel like cleaning the house.

  9. We have had just enough rain in June to keep things green over here in the Pacific Northwest. It looks like we will have lovely weather for our Canada Day celebrations tomorrow! Happy 4th of July to you and yours.

  10. I love quiet times like this, Kim, to be able to sit and read, your terrarium with lights is so lovely! I also love quick storms that stay just long enough to water my plants!~wink~
    Happy July 4th celebration!

  11. What a Cozy way to spend an afternoon.


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