Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Holiday Kitchen

Hello and Welcome to my Happy Holiday Kitchen.

The sun is streaming through the windows, but don't let that fool you as it's rather chilly outside today.
Might I interest you in a cup of coffee, tea, hot spiced cider or hot cocoa?

Decorating the Christmas kitchen allows the opportunity to retrieve holiday treasures both new and old to blend happily into a festive atmosphere for creating yearly sweets and special treats.
Man, was that a long sentence or what?

Before we know it will be time to set out cookies and milk for Dear Old Santa Claus.

Red is a color not normally found in my home.
That rule goes out the window at Christmastime when I say "bring it on."  For some reason during the month of December it seems cheerful to me. 

I have noticed that many of you are already well into your cookie baking.  I wish I could say the same.  Play baking is fun, but a bit disappointing to those looking forward to sinking their teeth into the real thing.

Cutest ornaments Hallmark ever made, in my humble opinion.

I know we are all busy at this time of year.
I thank you for taking the time to stop by today.
Maybe a little lunch is in order before you head out.
Pull up a chair.

After you leave, I'd better put my apron on and get serious about the baking... or at least get the grocery list started.

A Very Happy Weekend to You,



  1. Kim, you know I love the red! Any time of year. But what I'm most impressed with, aside from all the cute Christmas decor, is that beautiful dining table with different colored chairs!

  2. It all looks great at your place! I could cheerfully sit down in a yellow chair (of course) and sip hot cocoa and taste test the cookies for you. I didn't know Hallmark made little appliance ornaments. How'd I miss those?

  3. Kim, you have sunshine! That looks so good to me. We've been having overcast darkness for a week now.

    Your Christmas kitchen is just lovely. :)

  4. Your kitchen looks cozy and so pleasant. Enjoy!

  5. You have a delightful and fun kitchen. Everything is just perfect.
    We had a bit of sun for 1/2 hour today before it started snowing again. Even though it was been snowing for two days it doesn't seem to accumulate. Still only a couple of inches.

  6. I love the touches of red in your kitchen but then I'm one who loves red ( right now I'm wearing a Christmas red cardigan!) I like your kitchen chairs painted different colours too.
    And those Hallmark appliances are darling.

  7. All of the red looks great. I think I have too much junk. I must make use of the "ruthless clearing" mood that strikes rarely. I hope it strikes soon. It seems like you have things streamlined.

  8. Like you, I'm not a fan of red in my home, but love it at Christmas. Your kitchen looks like a bright and beautiful place to cook up some festive treats.

  9. Oh Kim, it is a cheery holiday kitchen indeed! Love everything about it!! I do my basement kitchen in a candy/gingerbread theme and it really is so cheerful. I love your cabinet filled with lovelies. I have a play stove in the table vignette. I adore those Hallmark ornaments. My friend has them. I missed out on those for sure!!

  10. Everything looks so nice and festive. I always love seeing your snowman coffee set. And you are right. The stove and fridge ornaments are simply adorable.

  11. What a bright bright pretty kitchen you have! Oh, could I ever use a little of that light in my overwhelmingly brown kitchen. The joys of log home living. :) I love all you little touches of red.

  12. Your kitchen is so pretty! I love all your decorating. Red is my favorite accent color in my kitchen year-round. ;-)

  13. Hello Kim, I Love your Christmas kitchen (Red is one of my favorite colors) I fell in love with your play baking area that little table is adorable same with the ornaments. Your Kitchen is so bright and happy looking especially with that sun streaming in. I'm so glad you shared. Happy baking and Merry Christmas! : )

  14. so bright and cheery! love it. I love to see how others are decorating for and enjoying the christmas season. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Your kitchen is so pretty, Kim. It would be fun to bake cookies in such a cheerful and bright environment. Have a nice Friday and weekend!


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