Saturday, January 7, 2017

Savoring This Snowy Day

Just before bedtime last night the snowflakes began falling.
The morning brought with it a sense of excitement as to exactly how much accumulation those snowflakes would amount to.
A quick peek out the window and it was clear that the landscape had been transformed to a true "winter wonderland."

A warm breakfast of steel cut oats topped with blueberries , walnuts and chia seeds.  Doing my best to get back on track with healthy eating in the new year.  Outside the birds were thankful for a healthy supply of their favorite seed.

After breakfast it was time to head upstairs to work on another goal for the new year.  Up there it was a snowy scene to the lake across the street.  Brrr!

Caught up on last night's episode of 20/20 while putting in time on the treadmill.

My favorite part of the exercise routine...
logging my achievement onto Susan Branch's adorable calendar.
I fell off the exercise wagon to some extent in the latter part of last year.  With the new year I am determined to get back to it.

Coming back downstairs after my exercise session, I was pleased to see the sun putting in an appearance.  The winter wonderland was now sparkling like glitter.

Today was the day my Christmas ham bone was transformed into a delicious pot of white bean soup.  While working on that and starting a loaf of crusty bread, it was necessary to drop everything and chase this beautiful cardinal with my camera.  This seems to be a game I play every time we have a snowfall.  Red cardinals in the snow are a lovely sight to behold.

With the soup bubbling and the bread baking it was time to write my thank you notes.  That job seemed like it would go smoother with a mug of hot cocoa.  A snow day called for a snowman mug so I fetched one that I had just put away with the Christmas d├ęcor.
He looks happy to be out of the cupboard.

Soon the timer will ring calling me to take the bread from the oven.
The sun is beginning to set and soon the darkness will descend upon my beautiful winter wonderland.

A good time to light the candles and then the fireplace.
Perhaps also a good night for soup in front of the fire.
Sounds like a nice way to stay warm on this wintery evening.

Happy New Year!


  1. It's all so lovely! Especially finding the cardinal in the snow. Of course, indoors is cozy and beautiful, too. I was surprised to see the lawyer for the Church of Scientology on the tv there. I knew that I recognized that person...must have been because I was not overly impressed with her. Is this snow going to last the weekend?

    1. You have a good eye, Vee. Yes, that is the Scientology lawyer you saw. I was not impressed by her either. As for the snow, it will be around for a few days. Our low temp tomorrow is predicted to be 5 degrees. Unusually cold for these parts. However, the predicted high on Thursday is 67.

    2. Good...then you have the chance to enjoy winter and it won't last long. 67° sounds heavenly to me.

  2. Sounds like the PERFECT day1
    I just love winter --the perfect excuse to really really enjoy our homes.

  3. Snow is so pretty to look at. And you have a beautiful view. Good job on your goal. I love the calendar.

  4. Lots of good things going on at your house. : )
    That is quite a lot of snow for your area. Looks like around here!
    Your snowy pictures are beautiful.

  5. Happy New Year, Kim! Everything sure is looking lovely and cozy in your winter wonderland. I fell off the walking wagon, too, but am getting out there every day now. Gotta make the most of our mild weather. est wishes, Tammy

  6. I was wondering how much you got! We heard that the AVL area got around 8 inches...and COLD temps! It got cold here in FL this morning. And I just had my bowl of oatmeal with fresh strawberries on top. Do you ever thinly slice (or chop) apple pieces in your oats while they are cooking? I love the apples cooked in the oats and then cinnamon sprinkled on top. Hugs!

    1. I used to add chopped apples to my oatmeal when I made it on the stove top. I think I followed a Jane Brody recipe. Now that I've been making it in the microwave by the bowl, I had somehow forgotten about that. It is a good combination and I'm going to get back to doing it. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family Kim.
    Can't get excited about your snow as you know we get more than our share of the white stuff. Your dinner sounds very yummy!
    Take care

  8. Your home looks so pretty and cozy and the views out your window are beautiful. We are surrounded by houses right on top of us, so I don't have those vast views out any of my windows. Good for you for getting back on the dreadmill (as I call it)! I need to do that, too.

  9. I love the view of your winter wonderland! It's always so pretty at your house, Kim, whether there is snow or not. Kudos for the treadmill work. I call it work...a word that I seem to be becoming allergic to lately. ha! When spring arrives, I'm gonna be sorry I sat in this recliner so much! Enjoy your week.

  10. What a lovely winter wonderland you have and you won't have time to get tired of it if the temps reach in the 60s. Good for you getting back to an exercise routine.

  11. Hi Kim,

    Your house looks beautiful, warm, and cozy. I just love a good snowfall, and this one was beautiful. I think we got about eight inches here in the Piedmont area of N.C. Great picture of the male cardinal; they really are gorgeous in the white snow! Your soup and bread sound delicious; I'm hoping to make some soup this coming weekend. :)

    Thanks for your recent visit, Kim, and have a great weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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