Friday, September 8, 2017

On My Mind This Morning

I, unintentionally, drifted away from the blog world for awhile. 
Some of that time was spent glued to the television watching the coverage of Hurricane Harvey.  It was so heartbreaking to see the devastation and hear the personal stories.  I can't even imagine what it must be like for all of the people dealing with the aftermath.  My heart goes out to them.
Now, it hardly seems possible that we are once again watching coverage of another hurricane roaring towards southern Florida.
With family members living there, this one has me more glued to the tv than ever.  My son and his family live in the Orlando area.
He was scheduled to fly home on Sunday for work.
Yesterday it was decided that the safer option would be to get in the car and drive.  He packed the car, loaded the dog and our little grandson and headed north.  Mommy works in a hospital and will be staying there for the duration.
During one of our somewhat stressful phone updates yesterday, I looked down to see a very elderly little dog paw firmly planted on my leg. With my tendency to be a worrier, it was a small comfort at that moment.   It reminded me of something I saw over and over during the Hurricane Harvey coverage.  Human beings facing horrible circumstances, yet helping one another in every way that they could.  Suddenly it no longer mattered the skin color, age or political persuasion.  
Last night as darkness began to descend, it was clear that our family members wouldn't make it home.  Brett sprang into action calling around for a hotel that might have vacancy and accept pets.
After several tries he was able to score the last room in a pet friendly place.
This morning my son reports that the nervous dog kept him awake most of the night.  Soon they will all load up and continue on their journey.  Brett has been busy as a bee and more talkative than ever.  My way is to keep busy in a quieter, more reflective way.
Ha!  I guess we all have our ways of dealing with things.
The first order of business for me this morning is cookie baking.
Once my grandson arrives safe and sound there will be cookies and milk for all.
As I continue to watch the updates on tv, I only wish it were as easy as providing cookies for all.  It is a bit of a helpless feeling to watch our fellow Americans suffering this way and not being able to do much to help.  Having said that I do believe in our own way we can each do something to help.
Along with cookie baking, I'll be praying for those in the path of Hurricane Irma.  Always a good place to start in my opinion.


  1. Oh Kim, it's all so frightening - Irma and now Jose and Katia following along behind! I pray for everyone including your family making their way to your home - seeing that mass of vehicles making its way way north is incredible - but knowing we too could be impacted makes it even worse! Stay safe dear - all in the southeast are going to be in my thoughts and prayers these coming days.

  2. Love the sweet dog photo! I think baking cookies is a wonderful thing to do. They will welcome the fresh baked goods and be thankful for a place that smells like home.

  3. That is a wonderful picture of your pet giving comfort. We humans need to remember this...hand-holding is good comfort. Cookies and milk, too...

  4. Cookies are a very good idea, Kim. Prayers.

  5. The news is full of stories of awful weather events whether hurricanes, floods or earthquakes. I can't imagine what it would be like to be caught in the middle of such.
    I just know the cookies you bake and the welcome you'll extend will be so appreciated.

  6. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!

  7. Hope you grandson makes it and is able to enjoy those cookies! How comforting our pets can be without even trying! Sending prayers for your family and everyone else in the storm's path


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