Wednesday, January 31, 2018

As January Comes to an End

~ January 17, 2018~

Since snowfalls here are somewhat rare, I like to document them on my blog.  So, before January is over and done, here's a look at our winter wonderland.  It is long gone now, but it amounted to about six inches of the white stuff.  Very pretty while it lasted.

In other news we have started to tackle the realtor's list.
All wallpaper has left the building  house.
It had been a long time since we removed wallpaper.
Thanks to YouTube our memories were refreshed and Brett did a great job taking it down.  My offer to help was declined ; ).

Here you see the dining room paper lying in a heap.
We were pleased that it came down so easily.
The kitchen, dining room and powder room are back to the white walls we had when we moved in.
Yesterday we took the big step of signing up with a realtor.
I'm a bit hesitant to share that as it may be awhile until the house actually goes on the market.
We are currently waiting for a lot to become available in our future neighborhood.
Because the realtor has suggested a fair amount of updates, she felt it would be good to get things underway so that the house would be ready when we were ready to put it on the market.  We agreed.

The last time we moved it was 1999.
We were lucky that time because before the for sale sign went up our next door neighbor's mother bought the house.  That was the only other house we've had in our married life.
Things sure have changed in real estate since then.
On Monday the "stager" will come to make suggestions for paint colors, etc.  
As I've been decluttering and editing our belongings, it is starting to feel a bit stark around here.  I'm hesitant to add anything new until I hear what the stager has in mind.  I did, however, break down and buy the plant above.  It's called a "bird's nest fern".  I was told that new leaves come from the center and as they are forming they look like little eggs down in the nest.

If you look closely you might be able to see the little white dot down there.  I've got my fingers crossed that it will be a new leaf in the coming weeks.

Thinking that the laundry room needed a bit of life, I got this "rabbit's foot fern".  Have you ever seen them?  I grew one many years ago.  That little thing hanging down in front looks and feels a bit like a rabbit foot and little fern fronds sprout from it.
Houseplants tend to make the wait for gardening season a bit more tolerable.  


  1. May everything go along tickety-boo. I know you thanked your husband for all his wallpaper removing. That’s one job I hate. Obviously, the wallpaper was properly applied since it came off nicely. I can’t imagine that the stager will have much to suggest. You could be a stager yourself!

  2. Taking down all the wallpaper must have been a very big job! ( I didn't realize wallpaper was "out"). I suppose it's a selling feature to have the walls plain.
    I don't think I've heard of a Bird's Nest Fern. Sounds intriguing. I have seen a Rabbit's Foot Fern though. They're cute with their hairy appendages.

  3. That is the first I have heard of the Rabbit's Foot Fern. Interesting! That is a big job...removing old wallpaper. Glad it is done! All the best as you stage your place.

  4. Sounds like you're doing a lot of work to get your house ready for sale. It always looks beautiful just the way it is to me and seems you wouldn't have to do a thing. : )
    We'll be moving into our new house in the next couple of months.
    I've never heard of a Rabbit's Foot Fern.

  5. When you repaint and get your home staged, you might change your mind about moving! :) I've had the bird's nest fern but haven't seen a Rabbit's Foot fern.
    Wishing you all the best as you prepare to sell your home!

  6. It's a lot of work getting your house ready to sell. We've been in this home almost 28 years...I know it would take a ton of work to get it ready. We don't have any plans to move in the near future though, so far now, it's all good. I love your new ferns!

  7. I think your house always looks very inviting. You certainly seem to have been given an awful lot of work to do. I dread the day we eventually move - I think it would take years to declutter as we're both hoarders . . . Good luck, anyway - I hope the house of your dreams becomes a reality.

  8. Well I continue to wish you luck with all the preparations to sell dear Kim - lucky you have a great live-in handy man, Brett!

    Yes, the snow was beautiful - we must have had about the same amount. Could get a sprinkle tonight here as rain and cold expected. Lovely sunny day this morning but very chilly.

    Hugs - Mary

  9. Got a shiver down my spine when I saw the pieces of wallpaper on the floor! lol I have certainly experience that many times in our various moves. So much work! At least it came off easy because when it doesn't it can be a nightmare.
    I love to have some houseplants I've never had or heard of Rabbit's food fern, but it sure looks nice.
    As you know, I don't share your love of snow....just not a winter person.
    Have a great day


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