Monday, June 5, 2023

A Productive Weekend

Now that the pollen has settled, it was time to take action to make the patio a more desirable place to relax.

Here you see a pile of pollen that I swept from behind the patio chairs in preparation for power washing time.  

Brett in action.
He power washed the patios, all of the patio furniture, the screens and here he is blasting the rocks in the fountain.  They get coated with a black film during the winter.  That is all gone now and everything is looking so fresh and clean.

While he was doing all that, I was inside cleaning.
Dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, laundering and tidying.
Sounds like a fun weekend, doesn't it?  ;D
To lessen the drudgery I started by cutting a little bouquet for the kitchen.  My hydrangeas are just coming into bloom along with the coneflowers.

Before the work began we visited the farmer's market.
The local strawberries are still in season so we purchased a quart along with a delicious cantaloupe.  
I was able to pick a small bowl of blueberries from the garden and snipped a sprig of spearmint while I was out there.

It all came together for a colorful fruit salad.

While at the farmer's market we also purchased a tomato pie.
Filled with eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onion and basil.  Yum!
It paired nicely with the fruit and was a fairly effortless dinner at the end of  a busy day.

The pie was loaded with tomatoes and soooo tasty.
It seems to me that a meal tastes especially good after a productive day, particularly if most of the ingredients are fresh and seasonal.


  1. You did have a productive day!! That fruit bowl looked so refreshing and I bet was extra good with the pie. I've never had tomato pie! Put that on my culinary bucket-list.

  2. Yum! All looks delicious Kim - can't wait for local tomatoes and making a good pie. Fruit looks beautiful too..........and all that hard work by both of you deserved sitting down to such a great supper.

  3. It takes so long for that pollen to clear. You got a lot of things accomplished and it must be so pleasant to sit outside.

    Your meal looks exceptional. I like tomato pie. Waiting for fresh, local tomatoes...

    Happy Summer 🏖️

  4. After working so hard getting the grime of winter/spring washed away it must have been a treat to have such a lovely supper. I've made a tomato pie in the past and we really liked it. I wonder if I still have a recipe. If not, I'm sure I'll find some on the internet.

  5. We're getting the pollen now.
    Oh my that fruit salad looks wonderful.
    Those power washers are amazing!!! Makes things look brand new.

  6. It's such a satisfying feeling to accomplish so much. Food tastes so much better when you've 'earned' it.

  7. Hello! Your home looks beautiful...inside and out! Your meal made me hungry for a fresh fruit and quiche dinner!

  8. You had a very productive day and I imagine you felt great satisfaction in seeing everything clean and sparkly. I hope you have many days to enjoy your patio this season. Your fruit salad looks so delicious!

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  10. Love that sugar & cream containers.


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