Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween & I'm Hittin' The Trail

Happy Halloween!!

In my neighborhood the kids trick or treat on the walking trails. It is such a fun place for them because many of the homeowners decorate their yards along the trail.

Tonight my neighbor has invited us to their house to sit with them and pass out candy. We both have kids that are in college so it will be fun to share the holiday with them. Plus she tells me there will be soup in the crockpot.

If you are celebrating Halloween today, I wish you a fun day.

~Happy Haunting ~


  1. Have fun...the figurines are so cute!

  2. Sounds fun, Kim! Happy Halloween!

  3. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend Halloween. The weather here was very nice and I bet it was there too. I love all your decorations. Have a very nice Sunday! Twyla

  4. Cute Halloween stuff. Hope you enjoyed the kids & fun. You needed it to cheer you up. Sorry about your Mom. Hope things go well. We have put my husbands Dad in assisted living & he is NOT a happy camper. And he is taking it out on us. It is so hard to see parents age.

  5. Hope you did enjoy Halloween Kim! It sounds like you were in for a fun evening.

    Hugs ~

  6. Love your figurnes Kim. So sorry I have not been around but either your blog has not shown me you have had an update. I really need to delete some of the blogs I look at on occasssion so I don't miss the ones I have actually grown to enjoy.

    I read where your mother was taken to the ER. I am so sorry about this especially after all with your hubby. So how is she doing? also your hubby to?

    Just wanted you to know your guest room is so adorable...with the tea and the little desk for journal writing. Gosh what a pretty place to be in and be so comphy.


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