Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Sunny Start to the New Year

** Happy New Year **

The Christmas decor is safely tucked back into the attic at my Happy Home (whew). That's a big job, but so worth it in my book. Yesterday was the day for putting things back in order .

As much as I love and enjoy all things Christmas I am so ready for less clutter. I crave more orderly surroundings now. Bright and cheerful places to relax in. Cozy spots to curl up and read in.

Subtle reminders of the important things in life.

Yesterday the morning started off very foggy ~ in fact it was downright gloomy :(
But I didn't let that stop me from my mission. I put on my favorite music, lit a sweet smelling candle and went to it. Before long the sun started peeking through my windows.

What a welcome sight and just the thing to lift my spirits and give me a boost of energy.

Peanut relocated to a prime sunny spot.

The houseplants were happy!!

Several months ago I moved this philodendron to a new spot on my kitchen counter. It has been moving around the house for a few years always looking a bit scrawny.

I think it likes it's new home.

Yikes, I may have to give it a haircut.

The gingerbread men have done their duty and are now on hiatus for a year.
In their place is a little blue and yellow kitchen whimsy.

I'm looking forward to some baking time in the new year.

After working all day I was ready for some relaxation. My neighbor gave us this Russian Spice Tea for Christmas. So good and the perfect compliment to one of my new books.
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my last post. My Mom spent a week in the hospital this time. She is now back in the nursing home with the hope being that she will be able to return to her assisted living apartment. She is more confused than ever and telling some interesting stories. For the most part she seems happy . My visits with her are strange on one hand, but at the same time very rewarding. She has a wonderful roommate who is her same age, but isn't affected by dementia. She and her husband celebrated their 61st anniversary on New Year's Eve. She talks to him like they are newlyweds and still has such a zest for life.

May 2009 start off on a sunny note for all of you!


  1. Kim,
    I'm so happy your mom is out of the hospital and on her way back to assisted living. Bless her! and you!
    Your home looks so cozy! I love all the blues and yellows. Happy New Year to you and here's wishing you and your family a helathy 2009!

  2. It looks down right springy at your house! I love the blue and white. :)

  3. It looks down right springy at your house! I love the blue and white. :)

  4. Hi Kim,

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

    Your home looks so sunny sweet!! Don'tcha just love cleaning it all out!? even when it feels daunting , I always say, once you start, its closer to being done :) the music on helps!! :)

    Your yellow table is gorgeous and all your vignettes are BEAU-TI-FUL!!! I know its early but I feel like screaming " Happy Spring " :)

    Wishes for a great 2009!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  5. First I must say I am so pleased to hear your mother is out of the hospital. That is good news to start 2009 on. Your home is looking cheerful and even sunny. I am just starting to take down my decorations in the living room. I had previously done those in our bedroom. I too don't like starting but will be happy when they are safely tucked away in our storage closet.

    Hugs ~

  6. So glad to hear that your mom is much better now. :-)
    Your house simply beautiful! I love how you decorate it. It always looks so warm, cozy and happy. It would be wonderful to have a real live tour of your whole house!!

  7. I love the bright cheery colors in your home! You have a great talent for decorating.

    I scrolled down and was reading the plight of your elves-- very cute and creative!

    I enjoyed my visit very much and will stop by again:)

    Linda C

  8. Your home is lovely and I am happy your mom is doing better.

    Blue and yellows are so pretty together.

  9. Kim,
    I'm very happy to hear the news that your mother is out of the hospital and doing better. I hope this will be a good year for you. Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments on my blog.

    Your home looks lovely and almost like spring has arrived! And what healthy plants you have!

    Have a great day!

  10. Dear Kim,
    Wonderful news on your mom!! Dementia is such a heartwrenching disease, especially for the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom and family.

    How lovely your home looks! Whew - that must have been quite a job to clear and pack away Christmas ... you seem to be a gal like me who likes to tuck Christmas into little corners and nooks in every room - so I know the task at hand! :) You are inspiring me to get to it ... (sigh) and I probably would have more gusto, if my new pup would stop making "No! No!" in my house! Don't they make diapers for these new family members??

    Enjoyed my visit as always!

  11. Just wanted you to know how VERY much I enjoyed looking at your photos today ... really lovely!

  12. That looks so fresh and pretty. I need to put away all my Christmassy bits now...but I'm still unpacking suitcases from our trip to UK!

  13. Kim, whenever I see something that is blue and yellow I think of you. Live well, Laugh often, Love much is one of my very favorite sayings. Your mom is in my prayers, so glad she is better. Twyla

  14. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for visiting! It is so lovely being able to travel into each others homes, isn't it! Your rooms are lovely and so sunny and welcoming! I will stop in for a visit again!


  15. Your place is looking bright & cheery...and I am feeling inspired to go clean up my Christmas decor!

    So glad your mom is feeling better.

  16. Kim,

    You are so sweet and your home is as sweet as you are. Everything is so bright and cheery.

    My prayers are for you to have a peaceful and happy 2009.

    Love Melissa

  17. Wonderful to know that your mom is doing better. I know it can't be easy for you, but how wonderful that she is happy and that you are there for her.

    I love the color combinations of your home...truly lovely and fresh!

  18. When I visit your blog I feel like I'm right at home;) I am in love with the handpainted sofa table and I really love, love your curtains ~ they would go perfect in my den!! It's so nice to meet another yellow/blue gal:)

  19. Your home is so bright and cheery and so adorable! I love it!

    Hugs, Sharon

  20. Hi Kim, your house looks all fresh and pretty for the new year! I really enjoyed looking at your Christmas decorations, i'm still in Christmas mode myself. :) Just wanted stop in and say hi!

  21. Everytime I see blue and yellow together I think of my mom. She absolutely loved that color palatte together. You have some beautiful pieces. Everything is beautiful!

  22. It feels so good to put things back in order! I hope you found a good spot for your pixies...I worry about them! heehee! Your home is beautiful and I'm happy that your mom is out of the hospital. My best wishes to your family for health and happiness in the new year. Happy Blogging!


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