Wednesday, January 7, 2009

While The Cat's Away . . .

This mouse will play :-)
In this instance the cat would be my husband.
He is gone for the week on a business trip. I enjoy when he goes on these occasional trips because it is a nice break from the normal day to day schedule.
Of course I still have commitments, work, etc. But when I don't have to do any of those things I can do what I want ~ when I want. I don't have to stop and think "what's for dinner?"

I can spend all the time I want to rearranging stuff in my cupboards. Nobody will be asking me tonight what I did all day.

Today I cleaned a few bathrooms and did some laundry. Not much different from other days except if I felt like stopping to read a few chapters, I did.

Last night I took a huge armload of books to bed with me. Mostly they were cookbooks and decorating books. They were sprawled out all over my husband's side of the bed. I was up well past midnight and didn't have to worry about my husband wanting to go to sleep before I was done having my book party :-)

I spent a little time one day making this little shadowbox with some of my vintagey kitchen stuff. I did it right around the time I would normally be making dinner. So relaxing.

I wish I could tell you that I made this apron, but that would not be true. I did hang it up in the kitchen in the middle of playtime though.

One day I decided the living room could use a little attention after the holidays.

Played around in there for a while.

I have been talking about painting this room for a long time now. I even brought home several paint samples and painted a few poster boards. I'm planning on a shade of green, but so far haven't been thrilled with the selections. I considered going back to the paint store to try some others, but decided I wasn't up for that today. Instead I made a loaf of banana bread.

Then it was time to play with the mantle a bit. I ran out of black plate holders and had to use one gold one. Considered going to Michael's for some more black ones, but it was very windy here all day so I made a cup of tea instead.

It's still too early to do much in the garden so I have been giving my houseplants more attention. This lipstick plant is just starting to come into bloom.

One day I tended to these pots on my patio. Last fall I planted some Swiss Chard and pansies together. Anybody out there eat Swiss Chard? I hear it's very nutritious but I have never tasted it.

Now, don't get me wrong I do love my husband and am glad he doesn't have to travel too often. But every so often it is a nice break from the routine. Kind of like a mini vacation. Hmm . . . I wonder what I should do tonight?? Chick Flick Marathon?? A glass of wine and a bubble bath???

I guess I will have a few slices of banana bread and a cup of coffee while I ponder that big decision. Only a few more days until it's back to reality around here.


  1. Oh gosh, my hubby left today too. My younger son and I ran through the Schlotzsky's drive through. Now I'm blogging. Later I will read in bed. Ahhh...

  2. My hubby works nights - 12 hour on the nights he works, he sleeps all day. I basically have the same kinds of days. I do enjoy those days. I like his days off too, but a girl likes to play house and daydream, that never changes no matter how old we get!!

  3. The colors in your home and blog are so pretty. My husband is in LA this week and I miss him! We have so much snow and I can't shovel. He has been traveling 2 weeks out of the month... arrrggg it gets old and I miss him:) I do read in bed and take several books and magazines with me;) But I tend to stay up way too late when he is gone. Enjoy your rest and fun.

  4. Hi Kim,
    This is my first time to your blog. My hubby is traveling this week to after working in the home office the whole month of December. We were both ready for him to hit the road...LOL! We have been married for almost 26 years and have two kids, 20 and 25. So I am right there with you, it is nice for the mice to play isn't it.


  5. I so enjoyed reading about your very own day all to yourself ... ah, breathe deeply and relish in the little respite.

  6. Hi Kim,
    Everything looks so pretty and I love the colors!


  7. Aww, no fair, I wish I could have a play day, too! What fun:)

  8. Hi Kim
    You sure got a lot of playing done while your busband was away! I'm glad you had so much fun. I love all the blue and yelllow you have.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  9. Oh KIM!!! :) Im drooling at each picture!!

    First, lol, I love love when Hubby is away, and if I had my way, I'd have a separate cottage all my own too :) after 25 years I say it out loud too :) lol

    anywho, that shadow box you made is fabulous!! what a great idea!! I love the Vintage look to it! and the Apron is to die for too! Your Home looks incredible with all the little changes! It looks sooooo fresh and inviting! and It looks like you had a perfect "girl" time! Im jealous :)

    I'd end one of those days opting for the wine and a bubble bath with Candles lit, Just for me :) and a pretty magazine! and, lol, I'd leave the door open too :)

    Thanks so much for such a great post! Hugs, Cynthia

  10. How fun...but just for a short time. My dear hubby travels once a year for a golf tournament and I always enjoy my time alone. Don't have to cook or clean, other than what I'd normally do and I can read and watch HGTV all I want. I love having my two dogs to keep me company and make me feel safe.
    Enjoy your time. BTW, I love the plates on your mantel and your decorations-so homey and makes me want to come sit a spell.

  11. Hi Kim,
    Your week is going to be my life. My husbands job just closes one office and kept another open across the state. So he will be there. I will enjoy those days for awhile but I sure like my feet rubbed at night.
    Enjoy your week

  12. Sounds like such fun! I am a lot like you. My hubby is very rarely gone, so when he goes I do feel a bit on vacation even though I do miss him. Your home is so, so beautiful, I just love everything! Thanks for sharing your play time with us!

    Oh...I wanted to tell you, just a quick coat of black spray paint and you are set on that plate holder! I do it all the time. If you want it gold again, just spray it gold!

    Hugs, Sharon

  13. You look like you've been having too much fun! Sometimes one needs a little bit of "do whatever you feel like" time! Love all your decorating, your house looks lovely.


  14. Me again, Kim. Come see me....I have something for you!


  15. Your home is so beautiful, filled with such cozy things. Love the colors!

    The glasses you showed are so pretty.
    Enjoy your alone time! :)

  16. Kim,

    Enjoy your week. I'd say, "Put your feet up", but it looks like you already have that taken care of.

    I am getting ready to send you a Meme on my blog. It should be posted by later today.


  17. I hate Jos being away and he has to start working in Belgium three days a week. I am really going to have to adjust. I need to take a lesson from you. I wanted to crawl into the computer screen and really touch all that wonderful china. That plate with the bluebirds is sooooo pretty! I also love that your socks and pjs match your living room...LOL!

    Wanna come keep me company? :)

    Hugs ~

  18. Ahhhh, such sweet bliss. Your decor is beautiful. Enjoyed the tour.


  19. Your house is beautiful!
    I too love those few days when I have the house to myself!

  20. If you want cowboy fabric, check out my blog dated Wed 7th. I found a great fabric store in Oklahoma and they do mailings!

  21. Dear Kim....wish I was there! heehee! I always miss my hubby, too when he's away but having a chance to 'piddle' around the house is nice. I love your pretty blues and your flowers are beautiful. You have a beautiful home...and some cute socks, too!

  22. I would like to award you with the special "Proximidade" award. I hope you'll visit my post to accept the award! Your blog is a delight!

  23. I hope you enjoyed every minute of your hiatus from hubby. Absence mmom is doing well.aked the heart grow fonder, they say.
    I like every new thing you've done around the house. It all looks very nice.
    You know, you could paint the one gold plant stand on the mantel black. I just did one and it saved a trip and money.
    Hope your

  24. Enjoyed looking at all your photos. Your house is beautiful. My husband is gone this week for work and I kind of miss him already. It feels strange to be in a new house all alone.

  25. Kim,

    You are so sweet to me. Thank you for your kind comments to me about growing older.

    You lifetd my spirits.

    Love Melissa

  26. It is good to have some time to yourself, isn't it? It sounds like you are having a great time. I would enjoy that book party myself! Twyla

  27. Oh sounds wonderful! I'm just like you tho..I bring tons of books to bed and just sit and read and pile them all on the other side of the bed!

    Love all your pics!


  28. I see you still have your pjs on and your feet propped up! You must REALLY be having some fun! heehee! Enjoy!


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