Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Tea Party That Was Over Before It Began

Something told me at the time that I shouldn't end my last post promising to drag all my Easter boxes out of the attic and have my home all decorated the next time we met. Superstitions?? Foresight?? I'm not quite sure, but I wish I would have listened to my inner voice.
My husband has been out of town for over a week and you may remember what happens then.
Well, I decided on Sunday that it was the perfect day to start hauling the boxes out. I brought out a few things and had grand illusions of a bunny garden tea party in front of the fireplace. I was ready to get creative and went into the attic to grab the first box. It was a bit heavy and when I picked it up and went to turn I heard a "crick" and felt excruciating pain in my lower back. I dropped the box and eventually had to crawl back downstairs as I couldn't straighten up. I have never had my back "go out" and mean to tell you it is not a good feeling to be home alone in the attic and have it happen for the first time.
I was hugely disappointed to have my grand plans dashed, but at the same time it scared me enough to know that taking care of myself was more important than the "Bunny Tea Party". I think sometimes it takes a big "wake up call" to remind us to put things into perspective. For if I look back on last week I guess it isn't surprising that this happened. My mom had a rough week and was taken to the ER 3 times after falling and hitting her head. We left the ER Friday night at midnight and at 1:45 I was called again telling me that she had fallen and hit her head in the bathroom so it was off to the ER once again. Fortunately she didn't seem to have any adverse effects from these falls, but it is so sad to see this happen. It is such a challenge to convince an Alzheimer's patient not to try to walk without assistance when their brains will not allow them to remember anything.

I know that in order to be of the greatest help to my mom in her time of need it's important to make sure I keep myself in shape. I spent the day yesterday alternating between the heating pad and laying on the floor. Today my back is feeling quite a bit better, but I can tell if I'm not careful I'll be back to square one. My husband was supposed to be home today, but now has to remain where he is until April 8th. I don't think I want to risk hauling out those boxes and by the time he gets home it will be a bit late. Oh well, the tea party can wait. I know in the grand scheme of things I will never regret the time I have had with my mom.

I still may sneak a few Easter decorations in here and there. This guy is doing the "Happy Dance" for the arrival of Spring. I hope to be joining him soon, but at this point I don't think I'll try that move.

Now this may seem really silly, but I was so happy to be able to return to work today that I made a stop at the thrift shop on my way home. I happened to see this precious baby girl outfit. Do I have any baby girls in my life now? NO. However, being the blue and white lover that I am I fell in love with the fabric and then when I saw the bunny buttons I had to have it. I guess it's the decorating deprivation getting to me. :-)

~Take the time to take care of yourselves ~


  1. I love the cute decorations you've shown, what a happy bunny you seem to have! And that dress is lovely.

    Hope you're feeling better each day, take good care of yourself and don't overdo it!

  2. Oh, do I ever sympathize. Having my back go out quite frequently - I sincerely feel bad for you. I am glad it is beginning to feel better. Keep taking it easy - especially in regards to climbing attic steps!

    Your little rabbits and spring things are so cute. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. So sorry to hear about your back. I never had that happen but I understand from my friends, that it is very painful. Isn't it interesting in life how quickly our best made plans can change? I do really like that little yellow chick and the happy bunny. Oh, and I must tell you how sad I feel when I hear you talk about your dear mother.

  4. Oh you poor thing and home all alone too. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now. Sounds like a good time to sit and rest and read some good books.
    Sorry to hear about your mom.
    Those rabbit buttons are adorable.

  5. Oh my...I hope your back heals up real quick!! I don't know if your under much stress, but I hurt my back really bad and it was when I was experiencing alot of stress in my life. You are definately right!! Take care of yourself!!

    Your Easter decs are adorable!!

  6. That little rabbit doing the happy dance of Spring is really cute. Wish I could find his siblings!

  7. Kim, I'm so sorry that you hurt your back. May I also suggest the purchase of a gel bag (kept in the freezer) to use on your back. Sometimes there is swelling that needs to be relieved. Believe it or not, the cool actually will feel good. Glad that you're back to work and on the mend.

    The Easter decorations shown are completely charming! I love the bunny with a kick and the second photo of the furry chick and pale yellow tulips.

    Take care...

  8. What a darling setting for the fireplace! You home looks so cute ready for Easter and Spring. Hope you are are the mend with your back and you Mother is doing better. So sorry.


  9. Oh Kim, I'm so glad you made it out of the attic and are getting better. When home alone take extra care.
    Your bunnies are so cute and that dress would look adorable on my baby grand daughter. lol

  10. Oh my, Kim, I hope you're doing ok and feeling better. Things happen so quickly. And I hope your mother is doing ok too.

    Your Easter decorations are so cute.

    Take care and mend soon.

  11. And you too...take the time to tke care of you!
    Backs need a lot of rest, dont do too much box lifting or decorating.

  12. Oh Kim, please do take good care of yourself. I know it is frustrating when your back goes out. Just take it easy and relax with a book or something to give it time to heal. Easter is still far enough away and there is plenty of time to decorate. I love your bunny teapot!

    Hugs ~

  13. Kim, it doesn't sound like your week is going so well either! Take it easy on that back! (An excellent reason to read, watch movies, doze...)

  14. Oh, Kim.....

    I so understand your feelings about your Mom. My Mum died the day after Christmas and I'm still reeling from the loss. She fell too....a LOT. It was heartbreaking to see her (and hear her) fall. She was so dear and sweet. We had many trips to the ER too, and like you, I just kept thinking....."I'll never regret this time I spend with my Mum"...she was in the hospital recently ....two trips...ten days each and I stayed with her most of the day every day. It's so sad to see them getting tired.

    My heart goes out to you.....oh, and your back....20 minutes of cold then 20 minutes of heat. It helps in the healing process! Not that I'm a Dr. or anything... :-)

    God bless you!

  15. oh my GOSH! I'm so sorry about your back! And your sweet mom! I hope she's ok now. I know how frustrating it is for you.....if only we could reason wit them and have them understand not to walk without help etc....I hope thats the last fall!
    I hope by now your back is better! This happened to me a month ago.....I couldn't believe the pain! Get lots of rest and lots of advil!

  16. OH,OH,OH...that bunny! Kicking up his little heels..and that sweet little dress. I have a tiny great granddaughter...makes me want to go shopping...which of course I will!

  17. I adore your creations! Your talents TRULY amaze me all of the time! I'm praying for your back and for your Mother.
    About that dress: I'd have bought it, too!


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