Friday, April 3, 2009

Hop On In And Take A Peek

Ah, Spring . . .

As the earth awakens from it's long winters nap and the dormant trees, shrubs and flowers spring to life once again, the landscape slowly begins to fill with color. Each year it happens and each year it is a beautiful sight to behold. Every day brings something new to appreciate. The world is alive once again and the birdies are falling in love. ♥

Just this week I noticed the first bluebird nest in my yard. It always makes my heart sing to watch the nests be built, the eggs be laid and the babies be born. And, oh how precious to watch the mom & dad fly back and forth with food for the sweet little babes.

Mr. Bunny would like me to remind you that the birds aren't the only ones who fall in love and have babies.

He and Mrs. Bunny want to share with you a little peek at how the bunnies have been multiplying around here.

They are showing up in their Sunday best for tea parties.

Doing a little indoor gardening.

Gracing the dining room sideboard.

Looking pretty in pink.

Lending a bit of Spring cheer to the breakfast table.

Making mouths water.

Reminding us of days gone by.

And, best of all increasing our anticipation for Easter Day.


  1. Kim your decor is lovely, thanks for sharing. Deb

  2. Well, you know I LOVE that pink bunny candle! The bluebirds are back here too, poking around the boxes - nothing prettier! Your post was just beautiful - thanks!

  3. Hi Kim, I'm glad your back is getting better. How nice to have your son's help getting down your decorations. I love the the bunny tea party and all the cute bunnies you have placed around.
    Happy weekend!

  4. Love all your bunnies!!


  5. oh Kim this is all just lovely girl...thanks for sharing...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. LOVELY!! That is what your new heading and every single picture is! You certainly do have a fun Spring and Easter collection, and I love the ways in which you artfully and creatively display each one. I cannot even tell you my favorite, because I like all of them, although the bunny at the little table with the tea cup stole my heart. So, even though it is cold and raining today where I live, Spring has come alive for me, through your new post. Thank you for that.

  7. This is the third time I've visited this post and now I get the chance to say how festive and attractive everything looks. I love the small forsythia wreath and all the rabbits and wonderful vignettes. It does make us joyful that Easter is on its way.

  8. Hello there! Quite a wonderful peek I must say at all the great goodies ... enjoy your weekend.

  9. Such cute little bunnies you have! I've enjoyed all of your decorations. Thanks for sharing them! :)

  10. Kim, your pictures are full of spring joy and color!

    They make me smile. Thank you.


  11. Kim, Just thought you might be interested that my parents were married on this date also. If my dad was still living, they would be celebrating their 56th anniversary. Happy Sunday!

  12. Your bunnies are lovely! Happy Spring!


  13. What a lovely spring post. Loved all your photos as usual!!
    I love to watch the birds in their nests too. Last year I was lucky enough to watch the whole process with mourning doves in my back yard.

  14. Oh Kim ~ I love all your decorations...just beautiful! Your little bunnies are just too cute!

    Have a wonderful week!

  15. Hi Kim,
    I love all your bunnies!. Spring and fall are my favorite times of year. How fun to be able to actually see a nest and the babies.
    Enjoy your day,

  16. What a lovely collection of Easter decorations. I love the vintage card in the 'pink' photo. I hope you and your family have a very pleasant Easter. Twyla

  17. You look so ready for Easter...and everything is so springy over there! Blessings to you this Easter.

  18. Hi Kim,
    I just found your blog tonight. Soooo cute. I am a bunny lover, your post made me smile.

  19. Ok..I just checked to make sure I had covered the previous post...I have! Everything is just so cute. Your bunnies..SO adorable. You can always tell when someone spends a lot of time making things beautiful for us!! LOVE IT ALL and thanks! :)

  20. What an amazing bunny collection you have!

  21. I enjoyed seeing all your Easter pretties!

    Happy Easter!


  22. You are amazing! I love everything that you posted here! Your talents are awesome! I also love the "retro" bunnies! Takes me back in time...
    Thank you for posting this!


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