Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy In My Garden Home

I can't imagine how they all know this.

But it seems that those who know me best

think I love anything garden related. . .

Now, I really don't know where they get that idea.

Do you?

Well, I do have a few books on the subject.

Well, okay . . .
maybe more than a few.

And when you're reading all those books you need a place to put your feet . . .
especially if you've been working in the garden all day and you're tired.

Well, don't tabletops looks prettier with some flowers and a birds nest on them??

Or some ivy, a bunny & floral eggs???

Okay, so much for being a woman of mystery.
Do I care that most of my birthday gifts are garden related?
Heck No!!!! I couldn't be happier. When my 22 year old son gave me this all wrapped up in a garden themed gift bag . . .

And my 20 year old son gave me this looking so pretty in a floral gift bag . . .
I was one Happy Mama.
Speaking of happy ~
Blog friends and their sweet birthday wishes make me happy too. Thanks for your comments.


  1. What a great post...but I LOVE to garden or be in the garden too. I've already spent a bit of time out there wishing for May to hurry up so I can see some flowers. I pulled out my watering cans and put them on the back porch. We put out my front porch swing and I sat there with a cup of hot tea...in my coat...dreaming of warmer weather and my gardens in bloom.
    My hosta are just poking through the ground...so happy to see that!

  2. What a great post girl...and I think you like the garden look ha ha!! you have a beautiful home Kim...thanks so much for sharing more of it...May you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I love the garden on your wall - so pretty!
    You have such a beautiful home.
    Lovely post as always!

  4. I love all your pretty garden things. Happy Birthday too! Cute post. Kathi

  5. Cute...love all your garden things. Enjoy all your new presents!

  6. It is so much fun for me to learn interesting facts about my blogging friend's lives. I picked up early on that you were a gardener, but today I am convinced that you are. I like the walls that have those garden scenes on them. They are so tastefully done. My daughter gave me a "mom's garden" stone for my birthday too. I think this is a very pretty post. You make me excited for warmer weather.

  7. Hi Kim,
    Flowers always make a person happy and working in the garden is just plain good for the soul!. I love your needlepoint foot stool what a perfect touch. Great post and a happy belated birthday to you sweet Kim.

    Enjoy your day,

  8. Everything looks so pretty and I have little birds and nests throughout my home, too! Would love to spend some time browsing through your books! What a great collection!

  9. Beautiful treasures...I see that we share at least one of the same books. I've always loved my green garden encyclopedia with that cute little flower graphic.

  10. Kim, The two pictured strawberry dishes are on blogs of mine from last May and June, if you are interested in those particular ones. Thanks for your kind visit today.

  11. I can tell you love the garden. I like all your pretty photos!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a delightful day.


  12. Garden gifts are the best...I'm with you!

    It's the season...enjoy your garden...and your neat garden things.

  13. That was wonderful of your children to give you such beautiful gifts! Happy Birthday Kim!

  14. Hi Kim
    I love all your garden things. It all looks so beautiful!
    Hope you enjoy the weekend.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  15. Kim Thank you girl for coming by and seeing where I Play and Pay...I hope you are doing great and may you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  16. Hi Kim,

    I am so glad that you stopped by my blog and now I get to meet you and visit your beautiful blog.

    Your wall garden is delightful and your home lovely.

    Have a wonderful week.


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