Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seasons Change

It was a welcome reprieve to be able to step outside today. These last few weeks have been a whirlwind and it was nice to have some time to see how things have changed since October turned to November.

A few of the trees have lost their leaves, but most of them are showing off their beautiful autumn colors.

While I was busy taking care of all of the details, the camellias were busy changing from buds to blooms.

It seems to me that the last time I glanced at the nandinas they were just starting to turn slightly orange. Today they were completely orange and looked so beautiful with the sun shining on them.

From the time I was a little girl I can remember following my mom around the yard as she gardened. From time to time she would share little gardening tidbits with me or let me plant a seed or flower. It instilled in me a lifelong love of digging in the dirt and getting immense pleasure from watching things grow

So, as I continue to garden, I feel mom's presence.

And as I dig and plant I have fond memories. My husband still laughs at the time he had just met my mom and we were in the family room talking when all of the sudden she bolted out the back door. He wasn't sure what was happening until we looked outside and saw her chasing a rabbit out of her newly planted vegetable garden. Through the years he would tease her about that one.

So while the seasons change outside . . .

I find myself in a new season of life too.

But, I'm so glad that all of those years ago my mom took the time to spark an interest in gardening for me.

I'm finding it so therapeutic to lose myself in gardening time. Today I planted six pots of pink (her favorite color) tulips and blue (my favorite color) pansies. They will be at their prime next spring and I imagine it will bring a whole new set of memories.

Soon this holiday cactus will be in bloom after having spent the summer outside. It belonged to my mom and will be sure to bring back more fond memories when it is covered in pink blooms.



  1. What state do you live in, Kim? It certainly is beautiful in your garden...

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. I am sure gardening will produce tears for you the next few years...tears and joy. The pictures are your flowers are so beautiful! I know the pink tulips will bloom as a perfect reminder of her next Spring. I do enjoy ALL of your and writing.

  3. So nice that your mom shared the love of gardening with you and that you will always feel close to her while you work in your garden. How nice that you have so many happy memories of your mom.
    The photos are beautiful with such vibrant colors.

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  5. What a nostalgia that you brought to me. My late mom loved gardening too.

    Once before I used to smuggle rose cuttings from somewhere, folded them nicely in aluminum foil and placed them in my babies milk bag. I got through the airport checks and they later found themselves healthily grown in my beloved mom's huge pots. Roses kept blooming throughout the year with the abundance of sunlight. But they were smaller blooms.

    Your pictures definitely had captured me strongly. Lovely pictures KIM

  6. GORGEOUS!!!
    I just love fall.
    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecc. 3:1

  7. Hi Kim,
    It's 2am and I can't sleep, so here I am crying as I read your beautiful blog entry and looking at your lovely photos.

    Digging in the dirt and planting flowers is my therapy, and like you, it brings back wonderful memories of times past.

    Fall is such a lovely time of the year....You've captured it beautifully!

  8. Kim, I am so glad that your mother gave you sweet memories that will help you through this difficult time. Your flower garden has some beautiful members.
    I love anything with red berries on them.

  9. Hi Kim
    It's wonderful to have cherished memories. What a lovely idea to plant the tulips in honor of your mom.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  10. What beautiful photos! Our colors were more muted this year but it's been pretty! Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

  11. Very nice photos and a heart warming post!

  12. Hi Kim, So nice to meet you, what a beautiful post today, I could just see the love you have for your Mother, I was so touched.I am so sorry for your loss.
    The most amazing thing about memories is that they are forever etched in our minds, and that is one of the many blessings from God. Your flowers are beautiful, and you had a wonderful teacher.

    Thank you for stopping by and for leaving me such a sweet comment, I am so happy to put your name in the hat for my giveaway.

  13. How beautiful everything is, Kim. I'm so glad you have those wonderful memories of your mother that will live on in you forever.


  14. You'll realise soon all the things you assotiated with your mum without even realing it. I'm at that stage now. Little pieces of my everyday reality bring flashes of my mum to mind.
    Enjoy the beauty of flowers!

  15. We've lost most of our pretty leaves so I loved looking at yours.

  16. Isn't it amazing how something that was so simple when we were little can bring such wonderful memories when we are old. I love blue hydrangeas as they remind me of my grandmother (who turned 92 this year), and going there when we were little. Your photos are so pretty with all the fall colors, and I'm sure the spring photos with your newly planted pink tulips will be just as pretty!
    Have a wonderful day!

  17. What a wonderful thing to look forward to in the spring...those pink tulips. The love of gardening shared with your Mom will no doubt be a blessing and comfort as time goes by. It is amazing how the chapters of our lives seem to parallel the changing seasons. Beautiful thoughts, Kim.

  18. Oh gardening is so therapeutic for me as well. Your garden is still so lovely. So many things are still blooming.


  19. Oh, I love the rabbit story! My nandina berries are just starting to turn colors. Gardening is so therapeutic. Just digging in the dirt makes me relax. Such enjoyment in nature. Sitting and watching the birds. Can't imagine being young and not having the time to notice such things! I planted tulip bulbs last week, today alliums. Also pansies today. So I should be relaxed. Sore! Loved the photos!

  20. There will be many things to come that will bring your mother to mind. At first it may seem hard but in time it will bring you a smile. I don't ever see a hummingbird that I don't think of my mother...and oh how she loved sewing and fabrics. Treasure all the memories and it will keep her close to your heart!

  21. ...and we missed getting to meet you too at Rhondi's. Maybe next time! Where in NC are you?

  22. Our little Syazwan (now a tall dark and handsome 19-year old young man) always admired the multitude of colours of autumn leaves when we were in Athens, Georgia.

    He used to ask me: "Dad, teachers and friends in Malaysia for sure will say that there is no such thing as a purple tree!"

    We had a chance of going up the Smokey mountain just to enjoy the colours of autumn...we did not mind the congestion and the crawl.

  23. Your Fall pictures are so beautiful! It's always good to take time to enjoy God's beauty.

  24. Oh my how very pretty! all your blooms are. The weather is changing here too!.I love the fall,even with all the dropping leaves.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  25. Gardening can be most therapeutic...and the perfect way to keep memories alive. How special to have your mom's Christmas cactus!


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