Monday, July 5, 2010

Secrets From The Porch

Do you ever sit outside in the early morning hours?
If so, do you get dressed for the day before going outside?
Excuse my nosy questions, but I'm just curious.  You see, I'm one of those people who doesn't mind getting up early, but if I don't have to be somewhere early I don't always like to rush into the getting dressed part.

Instead, I prefer to take my first cup of coffee and head for the front porch in my jammies.

Our house is on a bit of a hill, so when I look across the street I can see rooftops and treetops.  But, the nicest part is that since I'm up high, nobody who happens to be out walking, running or dog walking can see me and therefore, I don't have to worry about being caught in my jammies.

As I'm enjoying the sounds from the fountain and the chorus from the birds . . .

I can check out the activity below and nobody even knows I'm here.

From my secret vantage point I am able to water the flowerpots ...

Observe the new growth on my hostas ...

Hang the flag and then take pictures of the shadows on the wall ...

This morning I even took a picture of this passing hot air balloon.  Peeka Boo ~ I see you.

Once the coffee cup is empty I am ready to take on the day.  I'm glad to be able to ease into the day in this manner and I'm sure my neighbors are glad too.  I imagine that if they saw a middle aged (ugh) pajama clad woman snapping pictures at 7:00 in the morning they might have me committed. :-)


  1. Kim, that looks like a wonderful spot for coffee in the mornings. I love to get up and get going early. That's the best part of the day. :)

  2. Oh Kim, I have to neighbors have seen this middle aged (ugh) woman out at earlier than 7:00 am in her semi-pajamas...I've put a bra and T-shirt on but may still be in my pj bottoms. I love my porch when the sun comes up and when the sun goes down. Have a wonderful week. Patty

  3. Since I was outside at 8 in my pjs enjoying my breakfast with my hubby who was, of course, dressed, I think that this is nothing unusual. It's great! Course those hot air balloonists may have been a bit surprised. Couldn't have been more suprised than you were, though, to see them there.

  4. I like to do this too, I'm more of a morning person. I do pjs...pst don't tell.

  5. I would love sitting out there too. That is one thing I miss about my house is having a front porch. My parent's and my sister's houses in the mountains have porches and that is where we stay when we go up to visit them. I love a porch!!!! Your porch and yard are so pretty. Enjoy!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Kim, what a wonderful post! I love front porches like yours! I used to sit on the front porch of our one house in NJ and enjoy my tea and just look at my garden, water my plants, just "putter" around and then start my day! Just wonderful!

  7. I like to have my morning cup of coffee on the back porch. In my jammies! It's usually around 6AM, and it's not like I'm out there in a lacy negligee, so I think it's ok. But when I'm ready to go do some work out in the yard, I have to put my face on first. And some clothes!

  8. Hi Kim ~ Well, I have to say that I too enjoy sitting either on our front porch or on our patio in my the early morning and even in the late comfy. I enjoy having my cup of coffee too. Sweet blessings for your week. Teri

  9. If the sun is shining I'm either on the back patio or the front porch in the morning...cup of coffee in hand. I need to be a wee bit presentable if I am on the front porch...since street traffic might spot me. Back patio...anything goes!

    Would love to have a cup of coffee on the porch with you one of these nice mornings!

  10. What a lovely place you have, Kim. I enjoy my back porch every morning with my coffee and usually in my light sweats that I put on first thing out of bed. I'm sure you're not the only one that's out there in their jammies snapping photos. We bloggers can all relate!

    Stay cool, it's going to be a hot week!


  11. I do the same in my screened in porch early each morning. Your space looks like the perfect, private space to take care of all those important duties. I smiled when I saw the hot air balloon. One wonders what all they see in their early morning trips. It is fun for me to think about you and your coffee in the morning. Really good pictures.

  12. Not committed, just contented! I love a secret little spot too, when I was little it was my apple tree and now it's my back deck and jammies are just fine! :D

  13. your porch is beautiful...if I had a porch like that, I would sit and sip coffee too! Hope you had a great 4th...

  14. How lucky to have such a lovely home perched on such a wonderful spot! Wish I could join you!

  15. Oh Kim, your home and view is so beautiful!

    I LOVE early morning and late evening to sit outside and listen to the sounds and look at all the beauty around us.
    God is good!

  16. Lovely photos and a nice way to start your day.
    I like to get up early and when I get out of bed I put on my walking clothes and as you know start my day with a walk.
    If I walked passed your house I'd stop for a little chat with you and continue on. :-)

  17. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to start a day to me! Thanks for sharing your lovely joys!

  18. Hi Kim,
    Me too, I don't like to hurry and get dressed on my days off either. I love lazy'en around in my pjs.
    I love your fountain!
    Have a sweet day, Hugs Elizabeth

  19. You have a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy these nice cool mornings! I have a pretty balcony but I better get dressed before I go out there! heehee! I do not like to get up early unless I have to...and like to get dressed when I get up so that I'm ready to 'go'! lol The hot air balloons are such a nice surprise! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  20. I love early mornings, and when I can, I sit outside with my coffee and enjoy the special time of day. Delightful!


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