Monday, September 27, 2010

C~ing Things

This cool, cloudy day has me seeing  c~ing things in a new light.

Cloudy + Candles = Cozy

It's true the clouds are making it rather dark and gray in here this afternoon, but there is still color and a whole lotta c~ things to be found here and there.

For lunch, a colorful salad . . .

Sprinkled with crumbled cheese.

A cardinal watches me eat lunch as I think how glad I am to have filled his feeder before the rain began.

After the cardinal left, this little chipmunk climbed into the cage.  You know that cage that is designed to keep critters out.  Ha ha, I could get mad, but he is just too cute.  Now we could carry this further and name him.  Any guesses on what that name might be?  Why Chip, of course.

C what I mean ~ lots of c's around here today.

And what would a cloudy, cozy, candle burning day be without a creamy cup of coffee?

C U later.


  1. I loved your post...are those cookies around the candle? So Cute! That salad looks awesome too. How fun to sit and watch Chip and the birds! :D

  2. Cool and cute, and cheerful and chipper! :D


  3. I'm still smiling after reading your Cute, Cute, post.
    Mr. Chip is so Clever.
    It's Cloudy, Cool & Cozy here today, as well.
    Cup of Cocoa sounds Comfy to me.
    C U

  4. Kim, you are so creative. Love your photography and your music.
    Your decorating is, as usual, unique and welcoming!

  5. It sounds like such a wonderful Autumn day. We are experiencing a 100+ heat wave that is really wrecking havoc on my fall state of mind. I know it will be here soon enough. I agree with you on Ol Chip...he is pretty darn cute. Patty

  6. Your salad looks yummy, Kim! What a clever post, and Chip is so cute!


  7. Certainly creative! :o) Enjoyed my time! :o)

  8. Hi Kim,
    #1 - That salad looks delicious
    #2 - That chipmunk is adorable
    #3 - I loved your post and just wanted to sit and have coffee with you! :0)
    You make everything so warm and cozy and inviting!

  9. What a fun post and day. Wish I could have joined you for that salad....delish!! Happy Fall! ~Liz

  10. Loved your post. Wish I had seen it yesterday. It would have lifted my spirits.

  11. What a c-ute post :-) That salad looks so good.
    Love little Chip the chipmunk. I'd rather have them than the squirrels.
    Candle sure do make things cozy. I wish I had thought to light a few yesterday.

  12. Cute post! Candles do equal cozy to me.


  13. You did a good job of c-ing things over there...and coffee is always an added bonus! Smile.

  14. I love food and animals.... and ...Oh how my eyes and taste buds latched on to the cookies and delicious looking salad.
    The bird and chipmunk are so sweet.... I'm glad you let the little guy steal some food from the bird feeder.
    Loving these cooler days!

  15. These is one of the most fun posts! I've read it more than once...and love all of your touches for Fall! Would love that beautiful salad, too! ♥

  16. What a lovely "C" day you had....your salad looked absolutely scrumptious...and gorgeous too!

  17. Little Chip left me with a :) They always seem to be able to wiggle into the tightest spots around my home, also.

  18. Kim, what a cute post! That little chipmunk, Chip-what a little bugger getting in there! He is cute though!

  19. Cute post and cute little chippy!
    The salad has my mouth watering!
    Happy weekend my friend!
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. I can't believe it! I finally had time to come and visit your blog again and I smiled the entire way through it. It is as if we would have sat and talked about what to post. As I read the words cozy, candles and coffee, I was reminded of the kindred spirit I find in you and this blog. I really liked the way you shared this in using the C~ing things. Each picture is so beautifully captured. I always leave my time here with a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing the posts you do and for blessing my times here with you.

  21. This was a great post! I can see lot's of C's :>) How creative! I hope you are having a great day ♥


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