Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fingers Crossed . . .

A week or so ago I was contemplating how I would fare should I decide to try going for an entire day without turning my computer on.  As I write this, I will admit that it sounds a bit ridiculous to think it would be difficult to accomplish this ~ I mean, one day ~ how hard could that be?  I considered trying it, but to be honest I didn't like the thoughts of being away from all of you.  You all add so much to my days.  So the contemplating remained a mere thought.

A mere thought until Saturday night when it became reality.  That was when my husband let me know that the laptop had a virus.  We went to bed as the computer was being scanned for evil invaders.  Sunday morning I got up with high hopes, but they were quickly dashed when the problems were discovered, but not solved.  Egads, Sunday was a looong day :).

Monday I happily went to work and could hardly wait for lunchtime so that I could check e-mails and do a bit of blogging.  Thankfully a computer savvy co-worker offered to see if he could solve the problem. 

Tuesday I was home and the computer was still at the office being worked on.  Seems the problem is a big one, but cheerful co-worker is still working on it.  Meanwhile, on the home front I am keeping busy, but feeling a bit cut off from the world.  That would be the blog world to be precise :).  Miss you all.  I was also surprised at how often I jump on the internet to look up a recipe, look for an address, etc.  I think I discovered I'm more dependent on the computer than I thought.  Yikes!!  This can't be good, can it?

Here we are at Wednesday night and I was at the office today so I caught up a bit at lunch, but I had to leave the computer at work again.  Friendly co-worker is trying something else that has to run through the night.  I have my fingers crossed that order will be restored tomorrow and Mr. Laptop will be returning home.  I am using my son's computer for this post.

I now know that I can get through a day or two or three without the computer, but ... I would prefer not to.

I'm hoping to be back to regular blogging soon ~ fingers crossed.



  1. Hi Kim,
    To be honest, I have noticed you have not been around! And I've missed you! I was thinking "Well, she's got a good blog she's getting ready!" Sorry to hear about the dreaded virus. Our desktop is having issues so monitor is visiting co worker as well. We still have 5 laptops between the rest of us! HA...Aren't we all a tech society! I'm like you..always looking something up. So I appreciate the internet for the positive it provides. Hope you are back up and running soon. I miss your awesome posts! I mean it!

  2. Even tho' I have only dial-up, and posts and pictures take forever to load, and I'm on measured calling (30 phone calls allowed each month) I do get itchy fingers anyway. If I have nothing of my own to post, I want to read everyone else's, at least...including yours!

  3. I've missed you, but hoping you were busy having fun......not a dreaded virus. I suppose ....virus/computer in the same sentence is deadly.
    I'm sooooo guilty of depending on my computer for so many things...
    I hope you're up and purrring again soon.

  4. I understand....I do NOT like to be w/o my computer.......I dread issues like that! I would hate to lose all that I have on my computer! So back up, back up, back up....I need to do that again!


  5. Meant to add, I am so sorry your computer is sick! :s

  6. LOL...I think if it was all erased I could go back to doing more reading and handwork than I now do. But I would so miss and hold in remembrance all my dear friends in blog-land! Come say hi :D

  7. Those viruses are just a big pain...but nice to have a forced is amazing how many times we need the computer for this or that!

  8. Oh Kim I hope your computer gets fixed soon! It is awful when the computers don't work-I miss chatting with my friends too when we have had problems. Everyone seems to communicate through e-mails too and you are always afraid you'll miss something someone wants to tell you. Good luck!!

  9. Oh no! Not a virus. I was hoping that you had gone on a little autumn trip. Some trip! Here's hoping that friendly co-worker will be able to set things right. Blogdom is not the same without you! (I'm going to try one of those, but I hope not with the same results.)

  10. I know just what you mean. I've been busy with household disasters. (Can you believe last night we had to have the plumber out again for the second time in five days???) So I haven't been online nearly as much. Hard habit to break. But then it isn't at all a "bad" habit when visiting your friends.

  11. Ah, we have all been there at times without a computer. I was without mine when we moved and just hated it. Hope yours is back up and running soon.

  12. Kim, I sure hope you get your computer back soon. I'm sure we probably have a virus too, it runs so slow and we have high speed! I would go crazy without it though:) Hope you are enjoying a beautiful autumn season! Twyla

  13. You certainly were and are missed! You shared words that I can so relate to and learned last week myself. This piece of technology can be a real blessing or at times a curse. So sorry to learn of your computer virus. I do hope you are soon back with us. Funny how you can miss someone that you personally never met, and yet like so much from meeting through the blogging world. I am sure you and the beauty you so creatively share, will be back soon.

  14. No issues! Hope all works out with your laptop...and you are good to go soon. I know what you mean...about how hard it is to stay away from the computer for any length of time.

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  16. Kim! I so know how you feel! Mine was beyond hope in July and we had to purchase a brand new desk top.
    Our internet security was not installed properly and it is was infected immediately!
    I think an=boout blogging friends and posts and it seems I have a billion pictures I have taken to share! Soon I hope both of us can have our normal lives back!
    Good luck and I so enjoyed visiting the orchard on the hill!


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