Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Birthday Dinner With a Touch of Pink

As I have been savoring every delicious meal plan, delighting in your shared wisdom for entertaining guests graciously and actually looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone, a small opportunity presented itself.

A special young lady (my son's girlfriend) was celebrating a birthday.
As she and Jeremy were going to be stopping by yesterday, it seemed a cake and some gifts were in order.  After checking to see if they could stay for dinner, I decided to make my son's most requested recipe (nicknamed "Mac & Ham"), broccoli & cauliflower and a nice fresh salad.  He'd been telling her about this recipe since they met and she was anxious to try it.  It's certainly not fancy, but it's the recipe both of my boys request when given a choice of what's on the menu for dinner.

And since her favorite color is pink, freshly picked pink dogwood branches became the obvious choice for an impromptu centerpiece. 

Dinner was on the table and eaten before the camera stood a chance.  I always enjoy watching college kids scarf down eat a home-cooked meal.

** Happy 20th Birthday to Amber **

Thank you all for your wonderful encouragment and menu suggestions.  My mouth was watering just reading them.  I'll keep you posted on the "stepping out of the comfort zone dinner".


  1. A wonderful way to make a gal feel special. Happy Birthday to Amber! She's adorable.

  2. YAY!! Your menu sounds perfect, because it is your son's favorite! (Sounds really good to me too!) And I love your pink dogwood centerpiece! (My grandparents loved dogwood and had one white and one pink tree in their front yard.)

  3. That was so kind of you and what a pretty birthday cake foe her. I do love it when they finally come home appreciating every home made morsel! Very nice pictures too :D

  4. I'm starving right now, and your menu sounds wonderful (comfort food), and pretty cake.

    We NEVER see dogwood in our part of Texas. I can't imagine going out and picking a gorgeous branch to decorate with...... they're so pretty!

    They're a very handsome couple..... Happy Birthday Amber!

  5. How fun! Love the dogwood flowers! Our dogwoods are just starting to flowers! :o)

  6. Happy Birthday to Amber. : )
    The pink dogwood is beautiful.

  7. Sounds like you put that little birthday dinner together with ease. Amber's a beautiful girl! Love your pink dogwood centerpiece: perfect!

  8. The pink dogwood is beautiful! We have mostly white ones here or pale pink...I've never seen any that vibrant. You were very thoughtful to celebrate Amber's birthday...I'm sure she felt special!

  9. You doeth all things well, Kim.

  10. Very Beautiful! and the menu sounded perfect. I enjoyed all photos, and the pink dogwood stems unbelievably beautiful. Kim, you do such a wonderful job with your photographs.
    Hugs, Sue

  11. Hi Kim,
    Love the family pics. Great to have some lovely times together.
    Dogwood branches??????
    Will be checking out the gardening
    books but I haven't heard of them?
    Not in Australia? I will ask around. Anyway they are perfect!
    It is a good day when you learn something new! Have a great day!

  12. How nice of you to make a special birthday dinner for your son's girlfriend. Sounds like it all turned out beautifully. Dogwood branches for the center piece was a neat idea, too. Your photos are lovely, Kim.

  13. Oh Kim...such a kind and sweet occasion that you planned! Such a time of making memories! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  14. I can't help but think that she was so blessed by your kindness and thoughtfulness. The pink package and dogwood bouquet added a special touch. What a cute couple!

  15. I'm sure Amber felt very special and appreciated such a sweet birthday celebration. They are a very cute couple! Have a nice day! Twyla

  16. Well, it looks like the perfect impromptu birthday party...complete with two cakes! Love the touch of pink...especially the dogwood centerpiece.

  17. What a lovely thing to do. I especially loved the dogwood branches!

  18. Happy Birthday Amber!
    The cake looks amazing, the flowers pretty and Amber is as cute as can be.
    Where's that recipe? (smile) Sound yummy!


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