Monday, April 11, 2011

There's More Than One Way To Feather A Nest

I spent the weekend gardening and feathering my nest for Easter.
When it rained outside, I was inside creating Easter land and when the sun came out I headed outside to plant, weed, prune  and enjoy the beauty of Springtime.  A perfect weekend, in my opinion.

Come on in and I'll show you what I've been up to.

This shelf worked out perfectly for displaying a few of my vintage Easter cards.

The little lamb was in a bag of Christmas figurines I bought at a thrift shop.  I think he works pretty well with this card, although I'm not sure if he's too happy about it.

While I was busy decorating the house, somebunny else was busy decorating the eggs and making the candy for the Easter baskets.

He even made some with zero calories ;-).
Gotta love that guy.

It's not often that you find a book in a thrift shop that matches your flower arrangement.  When you do, you must buy it ~ mustn't you?

A little table on the way to the powder room.

As you can see there is no shortage of bunnies and eggs around here.

See what I mean?

So this weekend found me not only looking into magical eggs, but also ...

looking into magical birdhouses full of eggs of a different sort.
I'm not sure what kind of bird laid these eggs, but she sure did a remarkable job of creating a safe, soft haven for her babies.
She quite literally feathered her nest.

It made me smile to think that while I was in my house feathering my nest for my family a sweet little birdie was also busy feathering her nest for her family.

I love Spring !!!


  1. Kim, you have such a warm and inviting home. You have done such a beautiful job with your Easter decorating. I tried to put somethings together today, but just couldn't get it to click, I have now been motivated to try once again. ol.
    The bird's nest is precious.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a sweet post..I love your shelf with the vintage things, so cute! You have so many darling things..I really need some more things, I have 4. Love the feathering the nest thought! :D

  3. Hi Kim,
    Such a lovely post. I love all your
    Easter knick nacks. So Sweet.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Spring,

  4. OH I love your Easter displays. .especially the vintage carsds. Beauty in the home to make our loved ones feel special is such an inspiring post.

    I see your rhubarb in the last post is about the same as mine. .but your blossoms are way ahead.

  5. Kim, I think you feathered your nest just perfectly!! Glad you got some gardening in too! I love that nest you found with all the eggs in it. I don't know what kind of bird that is either but there sure are alot of eggs. Can't wait to see the little ones when they hatch!!

  6. Your family and friends must love visiting in your beautiful, cozy, and welcoming home. The vintage touches that you added made me more excited than ever for Spring and for Easter, although today is quite cool and wet. I like how you compared you and the birds getting their nests ready. This post provided another happy moment for me in my visit. Your yellow, blue and pink colors would make everyone happy.

  7. Love that nest photo! It really is a work of art. Love your nest, too.

  8. Kim, it's all so beautiful. I love the way you create the sweetest vignettes. And your wreath...oh delicious! Thank you for showing us your Easter treasures. I think my very favorite is the little (angry) lamb. Somehow reminds me of myself today. ☺

  9. I LOVE that darling little lamb. So cute and it does go perfectly with the card.
    Your nest and eggs might belong to a sparrow.

  10. Your Easter vignettes are so pretty, Kim. Love the real bird nest. Great post!

  11. Hi Kim,
    You've got a lot of sweet bunnies multiplying around your house! lol
    Your vignettes are all adorable.
    It was a great weekend to work outside. We are getting mulch this afternoon. I won't be doing that but some cleaning inside instead.
    I've got some baking and meals to prepare ahead of time for Ceekay's visit and I need to go to the store before that. Yikes! I hope I get it all done. lol
    Have a great day!

  12. As always I love all your cute little things around your house. Love your Easter wreath.
    You will have to keep us informed about those real eggs.
    Happy Spring!

  13. Oh my goodness glory you feather so well!!! I just adore all your cute little bunnies. Your place looks like it's quite ready for Easter!

    God bless and have an amazin' day sweetie!!!

  14. Wow, you have been busy! Pretty Easter things! I love the nest picture...sweet!

  15. I had forgotten I have easter stuff to put out. Thank you for reminding me. Yours are so pretty. Happy Easter!!!!

  16. I agree: sweet post!

  17. What a cute wreath! and I love your little lamb.

  18. Oh Kim..... I too... love spring so much!!!
    You're shelves and tables look wonderful with all the spring/Easter decorations.
    I haven't started decorating....
    You've inspired me, tomorrow I'll put some of my bunnies out and about.

    You've sure found some neat items at thrift shops!!!

  19. Hi Kim,
    I really love the little lamb :) You have done a wonderful job with your Easter decoration;beautiful photos too. ~Have a wonderful day~ Blessing always.

  20. definitely feels like Easter over here. Very nice! Not much feathering happening over here just yet...but you have inspired me.

  21. Kim, your decorations are just lovely! I'm impressed with your wonderful collection & how beautifully you've displayed them. That little shelf is perfect!

    I had a strawberry bed a looooong time ago & seeing yours makes me realize how much I miss it! It looks like yours are in a planter. I'll have to try that!


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