Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Vintage Retreat From The Heat

If you are a fan of all things vintage, I invite you to step out of the heat and into my guest room.

The room in my house where vintage pictures grace the walls and ...

mingle happily with vintage linens.

It's also the place where vintage books get along quite nicely with vintage bookends.  If you like vintage books I'll let you in on a secret feature in my guest room. 

Inside the closet there is a little door and behind that door is ...

my collection of vintage children's books.

These were the books responsible for starting my love of collecting vintage children's books.

When I used to read them to my boys many years ago, I instantly fell in love with the illustrations like this... so happy, so homey, so cozy.  Well, you get the idea, don't you?

The talents of the illustrator to capture the sweet innocent beauty of children captured my heart.  Are there many things cuter than a little girl's pigtails?

Ever since I discovered that the illustrator was Eloise Wilkin, I've been on the hunt for books containing her wonderful artwork.

Thanks to many years of thrift shopping, I've managed to find quite a few.

Along the way I've discovered a lot more children's books with wonderful illustrations and the collection has grown.

I've often thought of this collection as my little retreat from the real world.  The current heatwave has made me retreat inside a little more than I'd like, but it's also given me time to re-visit one of my favorite collections.

So, if you'd like a vintage retreat from the heat, pull up a chair and join me.  I'll provide the iced tea.


  1. Hi Kim
    I'm bringing Mississippi Mud cake to go with the iced tea!
    What a lovely retreat! My daughter and I are always on the hunt for vintage books, she's a 2nd grade teacher. Love your vintage pictures especially the sweet girl with the bubbles! Stay cool, hugs to you!

  2. I like that retreat! The teacher and mom in me could spend hours in that pretty room with those books. We still have all of the Golden Books that were my boys' also. We will never part with them.

  3. I am coming over!

    Such a beautiful room. I love the books. That is a great idea for a collection.

  4. Pam said she is bringing the cake....I will bring some fresh fruit. I am so ready for a retreat and just remembering the stories from my youth! Your room is adorable! And the teddy bear too!!

  5. Oh Kim..we are of one heart. I have the very picture there by your chair, I think of it as me when I was little. I love Vintage everything. Love the we help mommy books too and I have shared them with my children. Love your special room! :D

  6. Kim, your books are fantastic! I'm coming over for iced tea right now, so we can talk children's books! I have a whole bookshelf filled with wonderfully illustrated children's literature from when my kids were little. (And when I was little.)

  7. Your guest room is one to dream for. I love old books too, but am not fortunate enough to have a spare room to house them .So they are all over the house.
    I did a post yesterday on old books
    and received such lovely comments.
    People love the old ones best!!

  8. Oh what a delightful room filled with wonderful vintage books. I love them all!

    When I was a little girl I had a whole bunch of Golden Books that I wanted to keep always. I loved books way back then! : )
    I was so upset when my mom gave all my books away when she thought I was too old for them.

  9. Baby Dear, was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. Thanks for the reminder we don't have to read only adult books anymore!

  10. That is absolutely charming; and so is your art. I often see these books in antique stores (for no small price) and my daughter has collected many for her kids someday. The illustrations are the thing that attracts me about a childs book too.
    I like your retreat!

  11. I taught 3 and 4 yr olds in Sunday School for about 15 years, We had many of those beautiful books in our classroom. Those illustrations are beautiful...such sweet faces.

  12. What a happy, charming room. I'd be very content there to peruse your collection. Eloise Wilkin is one of my favorites, too.

  13. Kim.... I'm on my way over to your home.... so looking forward to iced tea, good conversation, and looking at your vintage pictures and books in this sweet room of yours.

    I love the art work in the old children's books....... Some day your grandchildren will make sweet memories of looking at the books.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh I love this!
    I too have hung on to my children's books, as well as my daughter's books. I have them in storage waiting to create the perfect space.
    Thank you for sharing your treasures:)

  15. I am a vintage collector and I needed a cool retreat in our 100 degree tempetures, so I was once again thrilled to visit your blog today. I also collect Golden Books and Eloise Wilkin is one of my favorite illustrators. Your blog offers a calming and enjoyable escape from the daily routines of my life. So beautifully shared.

  16. What a great vintage retreat! I could stay awhile...and browse. You have a wonderful collection of books.

  17. Oh such a lovely room and wonderful books. I love Elois Wilkin's illustrations and I've read 4 of the 7 books in your 4th picture.

    I'd love to rummage around in that book closet!!

    Hope you stay cool. That heat wave sounds intense!

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  18. Kim, I just love your sweet little vintage retreat. Eloise Wilkin is one of my favorite illustrators as well!

  19. Your room is such a lovely respite from the heat. I love that collection of garden/nature inspired books that you have displayed. What a great idea to have them all in the same theme; and the color covers are so pretty too. The illustrations in the older books are just so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  20. Wow, Sounds like you're having a party! I'll bring something, too.
    Your room is adorable!
    What fun memories you must have!

  21. Hi, so all the vintage that you have shared! Have a lovely weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  22. What a delightful guest room! And, I love the name of your blog!

  23. As long as you've got the air on, I'll be over! I LOVE your vintage books, especially the Golden and Elf books, which I remember from you childhood. I've started buying them whenever I see them, and love to page through them every once in a while. I absolutely have to have My Flower Book and Golden Holiday book!

  24. Kim, you are woman after my own heart, I too love vintage children's book, but not as many as you have. I would so love to sit with you in your vintage guest room, read, chat, and enjoy a glass of iced tea with you.
    Always such a joy.

  25. What a wonderful collection of vintage books! I've always loved those old books too. In fact I still pick them up at thrift shops.

    I'd love to join you in a glass of iced tea!


  26. If the offer still stands, I'd gladly read some of these books with you!
    It's hot here, so the iced tea sounds great, too!

  27. Hi Kim,
    You have such a delightful blog. I love all of your photos and words.
    Your guest room is especially enchanting! Oh my, I would love to join you in there, I could read all day, given the opportunity! And I love vintage children's books, too. I don't know why I haven't collected them. What I do have are two first and second grade readers. I have "Our New Friends" and "Off To School" those are so precious! The illustrations are always so detailed.
    In the first illustration you showed, I love the wood floors with the braided rug and the black linoleum in the kitchen, I remember seeing that in homes back in the 60's!

  28. Hi Kim,
    I've missed you...I'll get over to email you soon! It's been so hectic!
    Loved the blog about the reading retreat/vintage books! I love collecting Dick and Jane books!

  29. Hi Kim,

    Oh my goodness- what a special retreat. Your collection of vintage books is fabulous - I feel like I just stepped back in time.
    Thank you for the wonderful post.

  30. I've pulled up a chair...and I even brought a few books to read! I bought 6 Golden books yesterday and took pics of them today. I have collected them for years and have quite a few. I love all children's books, especially old school books. And the book of poetry in your first photo is one of my favorite books! Wonderful post...I'm going back again to see what titles I can make out! Enjoy your evening! ♥


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