Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Escape From The Heat

As much as I'd like to be sharing photos of my garden, it's not a pretty sight right now.  The heat and humidity are taking a toll on everything.  If you live in an area where the heatwave has settled in, then you know that it's getting to be a bit old.  So rather than prattle on about things we're powerless to change, let's stay in where it's cool and enjoy other people's gardens.

Let's go on a Garden Walk.
This one takes place in Salisbury, NC.
I actually attended it last month, but I'm happy to re-visit some of the highlights and hope that you too might enjoy it.
The photos above plus the next few are all from one man's garden.  He has over 600 roses.  I will keep my dialogue to a minimum so that you can stroll along and enjoy the beauty.

Aren't they beautiful?

One of the things I really enjoy about garden walks is the inspiration I receive.  The following pictures show some of the ideas that intrigued me:

I love, love, love this combination of plants.

A simple, but pretty combination of colors.

I love potting sheds and found this one to be charming.  Not only was it cute, but the landscaping around it was lovely and ....

check out the wreath. 
As long as we're on the subject of cute potting sheds ...

Look at what was tucked behind this house.

They say that "beauty is in the details" and I love the details on this doorknocker and doorknob.

It will come as no surprise that I like this bit of whimsy :-D

"If friends were flowers, I'd pick you"

I sure did enjoy reading your comments on my last post.
I smiled at the thought of us sitting together in my guest room munching on Mississippi Mud Cake, fresh fruit and endless glasses of iced tea.  Yummy!!  You could all bring your vintage books and we could share the precious artwork.  Aaah... sounds like a perfect day to me.

Keep cool and thanks for being you.

Love Ya.
~ Kim


  1. So lovely...I don't have a very green thumb, but sure do love looking at what others can make beautiful with theirs!

  2. Very beautiful! Even though it's hot here in least it's nice a green this summer! ♥

  3. What a darling yard...I just love all the touches!!

  4. What great ideas here for a yard, thanks for sharing them. 600 roses wow, I though I had a lot once when I had 36! Lots of cute things here! :D

  5. Roses 2, 4, and 5 are my favorites! What a lot of sweet ideas you gathered. The spring wreath is terrific. I could do that. ;> Do try to stay cool as you can.

  6. Oh boy, just came across your blog and glad I did. I love seeing the beautiful pictures of the flower garden. I needed that. My rose garden is suffering in this hot Texas heat. The heat in the air is sucking all the life out of my antique rose bushes.

  7. All your photos are very beautiful. I love many of the ideas, too. That little potting shed is wonderful...I want one! I would use it to store the garden rake, hoe, buckets, etc. as well as potting supplies. I really enjoyed your garden walk, Kim! Stay cool.

  8. I really enjoyed the photos Kim. My flowers have been panting and drooping in spite of the big rain we got on Sunday, and we're getting one now.
    I just loved the bedspring wreath!
    Some people really know how to garden. Where are the pop-up trees and weeds?

  9. What a lovely garden to take a stroll in. Great ideas for planters and I loved the potting shed!
    All the pictures of the roses were just beautiful.

  10. What a beautiful garden! The colors on the roses is amazing! I especially love the little pig planter!

  11. We had 2 rain showers today.... what a wonderful shock. Our dog, Casey ...barked at the thunder.... she didn't know what it was.

    Your pictures are so beautiful!! I love the yellow bike and flowers.

    I've realized I sent a comment on this post from my I Pad yesterday..... and it didn't show up. I'm thinking that each time I leave comments from the I Pad, it isn't doing its job.... GRRRR!

    Anywhoo...... love the pictures!

  12. Oh so charming! I loved each picture that you shared...but my most favorite was the potting shed with its landscaping! It was so so cute! Keep cool and have a lovely weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  13. Since I've been hiding inside, away from the heat, too, I especially enjoyed this beautiful Garden Walk, Kim. Spectacular roses & such wonderfully whimsical accoutrements surrounding them! What fun it must have been to explore & discover each one.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  14. Hi Kim, Thank you for all the sweet bright garden flower pics. I adore the yellow bike!!!! How lovely. Have a lovely August.
    xo Sue

  15. In my Monday afternoon dream world, I just spent the last few hours strolling along with you on the garden walk. It was a lovely, relaxing, and aromatic walk and I enjoyed every minute of it. Most of all, I loved the roses of every color and design. What beauty our world contains and how fortunate I am to be able to see it all with you. Thank you for photographing it and for sharing it with us in blogland.

  16. I love garden tours...especially the kind that come with a guide. Thanks for taking us along! Beautiful.

  17. Roses are beautiful and I love the adorable potting sheds! Looks like a wonderful day!

  18. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful tour. I love that potting shed and the bike is so cute! Just like yours!

  19. What breath taking pictures! So beautiful! I love gardens and the way in which people put them together in their own special way. I'm sad to say my gardens have seen there day. The flowers are wilted and muted now. Summer has reached it's peak and is slowly winding down. I hope you are having a happy day. Charli is sending woof, woofs your way.

  20. Hi Kim! It's so nice to meet you! Wow! The roses are gorgeous! I read your previous post, too. We loved Eloise Wilkin's illustrations, too. Baby Dear is so precious. I loved your comment about your happy home. Thank you for that.

  21. What an amazing place! The flowers are wonderful and so are all the little touches!


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