Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Musings From The Laundry Room

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here.
We've moved both of our boys out of their apartments.
One has moved to a condo in the city.  His first time to begin learning the differences in owning vs. renting.  He seems to be ready for it.  We went for a visit on Saturday and found him happily running the washer and dryer and cleaning the bathroom too.  I did a double take as this is a major change from his college apartment days.  When I suggested that some of his work shirts needed ironing, he proudly pulled out the iron and ironing board he had just purchased.  I tried to give him a crash course in "Introduction to The Iron" as I was rather surprised he even knew what this small appliance was for. 

My other son has moved back home until he can find a new apartment near his campus.  When that happens another move will be taking place. 
All of this moving has meant for little time to take care of things on the homefront.  So, today I am home catching up on my own laundry and other assorted jobs around the home.
As long as I'll be in and out of the laundry room, I thought I'd take you in there as well :).  Lucky you.  :D.

It will come as no surprise that I brought a bit of the garden into the laundry room.

There are plenty of gardeny pictures.

A shadow box where I've tucked in some of my little gardeny treasures.

My sister-in-law found this picture at the Habitat store and had it hanging in her kitchen.  When she moved to a new house, she offered it to me.  It now hangs in my gardeny laundry room.  As the clothes are spinning around in the washer and dryer, I look at this picture and dream of what I want to be doing in the garden.

Speaking of gardening, I have a couple of secrets in my laundry room.  One of them is hidden in that garden tool box above.  Any guesses as to what is in there ??

This is where I keep all of the plant tags for every perennial plant in my garden.  This way if I have a question about what a plant is called or when to fertilize or prune it, I can go to my little box and dig out the tag with all of that important info on it.  At least once a year I go through the tags and edit out the ones of plants that are no longer with us.

My other secret is hidden above the utility sink.

Meet my vase cupboard.
It's so handy to come in from the garden, reach up for a vase, reach down for water to fill the vase and voila ... flower arrangement.
A few weeks ago I cleaned and organized my vase cupboard.  Most of these vases have been found at thrift and antique shops.  Not long after I got them all organized I was reading a post at Susan Branch's blog about her vase cupboard.  Check it out here.  I love when we make these little connections through blogland.  Speaking of Susan Branch's blog, have you been there yet?  Absolutely delightful place to visit. 

Well, I guess it's time to quit talking about the laundry room and get busy doing the laundry.

 I'm off to whistle while I work,
It's a new week ... might as well start it off on a happy note.
♫ Hi Ho, Hi Ho ... ♫♫♫


  1. What a cute post...and I love your laundry room, it's nice that they can be a place of beauty too! Good luck to your sons. ;D

  2. That is really a lovely, well organized laundry room.
    I love the garden theme you've chosen and especially the garden shadowbox.
    I just got back from moving our daughter-I can't imagine dealing with two moves!
    Take care-Kimberly

  3. If we ever build our own house, it'll definitely have a laundry room! I love them!
    Yours is so neat and beautiful!

  4. Even your laundry room is so pretty, neat and organized.
    My laundry room is a hallway from the garage into the house.
    Great idea to keep all the plant information there and so easy to find.

    Kids have a way of surprising you like that!! : )

  5. I love your laundry room, it's so pretty, organized, bright and cheery!!!

    The embroidered piece is so pretty.... sure brings back memories of my sweet MIL's embroidery work.

    I store my vases in the cabinet of our utility room too. I love being organized......looks like you do too!

    The vintage picture of the little boy and dog is so sweet!!!
    I love what you've done with your shadow boxes.
    Thanks for the visit to your laundry room..... I loved it!

    Moving is hard work....bless your heart!

  6. I love your story about your Son, it still amazes me when I see my daughters cooking and taking care of their home. You teach them as they grow, but are they watching and listening..LOL my girls were always to busy with friends and school.
    I guess they were watching and listening after all since they are wonderful cooks!.
    I hope my daughter teaches her son how to wash, cook and clean. Boys need to know how to keep a home too.
    I love your laundry room! its so bright and I really like that it has a window. Mine does not its in the center of the house along with the bedrooms.
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth

  7. Well Kim, your laundry room is as charming as the rest of your home! I might have knows! :D Your vase collection is very nice and I love the idea for keeping the flower tags. Wish I'd thought of it. My idea hasn't worked, as I can't find any of mine.
    Would you believe I'm just getting acquainted with Susan Branch? I'm so glad you put that link in your post. My daughter has one of her prints in her kitchen and now I know who she is.
    Thanks, Deb

  8. I totally understand about the craziness of moving two kids. That is what we are doing this week. Yup, both of them in one week. Plus a bridal shower and my nieces wedding this week too. I'm really not sure if I'm going to survive until next Sunday.
    Your laundry room is lovely and bright. I really LOVE the garden plan picture that you have hanging on the wall.

  9. Kim,

    I just love the little blue birds on the tea towel hanging the laundry! I was wondering where you found it? I look on ebay occasionally.


  10. You have created a delightful laundry room. Mine is like a dungeon. It even has a dragon down there I'm pretty sure.

    Great tip about the plant tags. I have mine tossed in a drawer or five so I'm going to do something better than that with them.

    Yes, I love Susan Branch's blog. I am quiet as a mouse when visiting there. I connected with her when I saw that her kitchen countertops and mine are vintage as all 1952.

    Your son is a good boy to be taking care of his space. Love to read that about young men. Hope that your in house son will find just what he's looking for.

  11. one my wish list a big laundry room I enter from the garden with a huge old sink and a place for my vases. So I love your laundry room, I could get my laundry done faster in yours!

  12. Oh Kim...your laundry room is lovely! Such a charming place to tend to the how you have a garden could you not love spending "thyme" in your laundry room! Hugs ♥ Teri

  13. Oh I love the picture of the baby in the washtub!! That is priceless!

  14. It's great to hear about your sons and how they are doing. It's nice to hear well he is getting along and knows even how to iron. You did a good job raising them. Your laundry room is perfect. I love it. Your vase cupboard is just the thing. Cute post!! Kathi

  15. I love that garden plan print. I'll have to draw one myself!

  16. You have been a busy girl! Moving two kids and catching up on all your work.
    Your laundry room is so clean and orgainzed. I wish mine was bigger and had a utility sink.
    You've got a great set up.
    I hope you have a great week and thanks for the congrats.

  17. What a pleasant place to do laundry! I enjoyed peaking in your room. I love the garden theme. I also learned an idea about keeping the garden tags. Clever.

  18. What a lovely laundry room - I envy you that:-)
    I like all the pretty and interesting bits and pieces you have in there - most attractive.
    It must be strange to have your son home with you again - nice, though, for all of you (and it's not for ever)
    Our youngest daughter is moving next weekend - must be something in the air;-)

  19. You are inspiring me to spruce up my laundry room a little! Yours looks a place one would want to 'hang out'.

    I love the idea of a vase cupboard. I have several bins of vases in my I too love to collect vases. I so enjoyed Susan Branch's post about her vase collection.

    All the best to your boys in their 'new homes'.

  20. Oh my gosh Kim! Your laundry room is immaculate. Love all your garden accents and decorations. Talk about organized ... garden tags in one place, vases at hand ... I can never find what I'm looking for around here. :/ I've cleaned all day but not one step closer to being organized.

    My almost 16 year old actually irons for himself now which was a surprise to me the first time it happened. He used to ask me to do it for him. :)

    I'm off to visit Susan Branch again. I keep forgetting about checking out her blog. I love her artwork. Have a great rest of the week. Best wishes, Tammy

  21. You have a beautifully decorated laundry room, Kim, and I love your idea for storing those plant tags. I just shove mine here and there and then can never find them when I need them without spending all day looking. I need to get organized!

  22. Your blog is lovely! And I adore your laundry room...

    Thank you for you nice comment today about our book signing visit with Lovella and Annaliese!


  23. Kim, it was so nice being in the laundry room with you! What a nice place, mine is so small I can hardly turn around.
    I keep all my plant tags too, in a wicker basket in a cupboard on the back porch. Love your vase idea. And I love Susan Branch too!


  24. Love your laundry room. Mine is small so not much room for anything extra. Good luck to both your sons! Sounds like exciting times in their lives!

  25. Lucky us indeed!!!
    You have a lovely laundry room!!!


  26. How cute! I love that print with the baby and the dishtowel in the first photo is wonderful!!

  27. Your joyful spirit is always a blessing to me as it comes through each post you share. Whistling as you do laundry, how inspiring. I too have been a fan of Susan Branch for several years. I think your vase shelves is the best idea. I like having vases handy, especially since I bring flowers in frequently. As I would have imagined, even your laundry room is beautifully done and neatly organized.

  28. Zucchini soup sounds delicious and I hope you will share the recipe with us someday.

  29. Hi Kim! What a lovely blog you have- Found you through Susan Branch, our girlfriend:)I love your laundry room- I wish I had a nice space like that to take away the dreariness of the task. Have a wonderful day, and I'll be back!
    Jacqui G

  30. Hi Kim! What a lovely little blog- I found you at our girlfriend Susan Branch's blog:) I love your laundry room. I wish I had one like that, to cheer me up and take away the dreariness of the task. Have a wonderful day and I'll be back for sure!

  31. HOW ADORABLE you've made your laundry room. I love it and especially love the "Garden Plans" print. Wonderful.

    Yep, the boys do grow up and learn that laundry does not jump from the floor to the washer, dryer, and iron. It feels good to see them competent.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  32. greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  33. I wish my laundry room was as charming as yours. Your shadow box is so sweet and the garden picture is so nice, too.

    I really loved seeing your vase cupboard and how wonderfully organized it is. Oh, to have that kind of storage would be divine!

  34. You have a LOVELY laundry room, Kim!
    I love all your cute accessories.

    I, too, follow Susan Branch's blog & saw her post about her vase cupboard. I think that is a great idea to have one near the entrance. I'm forever bringing in a rose or two & have to go to the kitchen to find a container.

    I don't envy you all that moving of kids but I know you'll enjoy having one son under foot for a little while longer. AND "clap-clap" for the other one learning to clean & iron!! He'll make a great husband someday.


  35. KIM,
    The plant in your last photo shoot is amazingly unique. It captures my heart especially the arrangement look like peacock...

    You are indeed creative Kim.

  36. Your laundry room is certainly a beautiful place to be--that makes doing the Wash not a bad chore! I love your vase cupboard also.
    Marie in NC

  37. ...only to discover that I've already read it. Loved looking at the pictures again and am smiling at how well you trained that son of yours.

  38. Love your laundry room! If I had a room like that I'd actually love to do wash! ~smile What color is the paint? It's very relaxing and gentle on the eyes. I would like to paint my laundry room that color.


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