Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coffee Klatsching on the First Day of School

Today is the big day for the kids in my neighborhood.
Since my kids are no longer heading out for their first day of school, I was content to sit on the porch with my cup of coffee and watch the neighbor kids get on the bus.  The bus stop is right in front of my house.  As I drank my coffee I couldn't help but think about a yearly tradition the mom's had when I was going to elementary school.  If you read my previous post and saw the house where I grew up  you will know that the following scenario took place on that porch.

Back then ... think 1960s ... eek, I know ... long time ago.
Every year on the first day of school, all of the neighborhood moms would congregate on that porch and have a "coffee klatsch".  As we would be trotting off to school they would be sipping coffee, eating baked goods specially made for this moment and talking and laughing.  To the kids in my neighborhood the first day of school was synonymous with the mom's "coffee klatsch." 
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this, but I do have the following picture that my sister gave me on my recent visit:

Here you see my mom and her dearest friends.  I think this was taken before we were born, but as you can see my mom loved a good "coffee klatsch" even then. 

I may not have to get any kids ready for the first day of school, but my thoughts are with children and moms everywhere as they begin a new school year.  May the first day go well and the year be a good experience for all.

Even though it still feels like summer, back to school time always gets me thinking about fall.  Once my coffee is finished I think I'll head out for a walk to see if there are any early signs of fall in the neighborhood.

Hope your day is a good one.


  1. What lovely traditions you remember. I love the illustrations - like something from 1950s 'reading' books.

  2. Kim, what a sweet post! Isn't it ashamed that we are such strangers to our neighbors nowadays. My older neighbors tell me stories of how women used to get together like this 'over the clotheslines'. That was before everyone had a fence, a TV, airconditioning, and self-centeredness! :D Things sure have changed!

  3. I have just been reading back through your posts to try and understand what you have been going through,
    My goodness, you have had a tough time of it in the past few months. I'm glad your sister is making a steady recovery, even though it is dreadfully slow for her - I can't imagine how worrying it has been for all of you and how frustrating for her.
    I do understand how upsetting it is to see your mother 'disappearing'. My mother-in-law's character is splintering, too - some days she's reasonably coherent, other days she's away with the fairies or paranoid.

  4. Kim, The picture of your mom and heer friends is so cute. I love the way they had the coffee klatsch on her porch. I love those kinds of traditions. You know, I do this every morning as my kids get on the bus too. Only I live on a farm, so I do this by myself. I wait and watch with my coffee before the bus come to get them. Several "I love you's" are shouted and lots of "bye Mom's" are said while sipping my coffee. I love this post. Kim ps If I tell this some time in a post I will mention your post also.

  5. Gee, those moms could give kids a complex. Ha! What wonderful illustrations you've selected. I love a good basal reader with beautiful graphics and they were not all stodgy and strict because I see the little boy calling to the dog right during the pledge of allegiance. If you find signs of fall...

  6. Our grandson started kindergarten yesterday. I can't believe how time is passing.
    They don't start till after Labor Day in MI. It still seems like summer till then.
    It is kinda sad that neighbors don't socialize much anymore.

  7. I just adored this post Kim, all the pics. but especially your thoughts, it brought back memories of when I was going to school, and when I was a young mother sending our children off to school. Thank you for the memory.

  8. Glad to hear you were able to head back to Michigan to spend time with your sister and brother. Love the school time images you've posted here. I've been back to school for 2 weeks but the kids don't start until September 5th. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  9. I should ask my mom what she did the first day of school. Knowing my mom, I think she might have been a little sad to see us go. (But maybe she celebrated!) Don't you wish you had a photo of that event?

  10. It is strange not to be getting children ready for first days anymore. Did that for so many years. But I live just down the road from a school, so I get to see plenty of kids all year long.

  11. My heart goes with the little ones too this morning as they head off to school in their new school cloths. I wish they said the pledge like we did as kids in school every morning. :D

  12. Love all the pictures.
    Kids here don't go back until next week but there is a bus stop in front of my house too!
    What a nice tradition for all the moms to have.
    My mom always worked when i was a kid when most moms were at home.

  13. What a nice post. I enjoyed it very much.

    Hoping that the hurricane doesn't hit too hard in your area....


  14. You brought back memories for me today and you did it in a beautiful way. The picture of your mother and her friends is so special. Thank you for sharing it with us. The other pictures illustrate in a real way, those long ago school days. We did not have a coffee klatsch, but I know I would have enjoyed it. Anytime there is coffee and friends, I am happy. Seems like a long time since I had school age children. Sometimes I miss that.

    Hope you stay safe with your weather conditions as they are predicted.

  15. It brings back such good memories for me! I loved school...and my kids did, too! Enjoy your day! Hope you don't have any bad weather! ♥

  16. Hi Kim, I love all the illustrations in your post and I love the photo of your mom.
    It seems too early for school to be starting ~ feels so much like summer here in the south. Hope you found some pretty signs of fall on your walk.


  17. Oh my, how this sweet post brought back good memories with the wonderful pictures you've shared. Your mother and her friend looked so stylish and lovely!

    It's too bad that most neighbors aren't close like they were in the past...

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  18. What a great tradition! I can't believe y'all are just starting school. I have been back at a month and our students started August 8th. Like you I am starting to think about fall! Please let it come soon!

  19. Hi Kim...such sweet memories that you have brought to school days as a well as when I was on the front porch waving goodbye as our son walked to school. I love all that you have shared here! Have a lovely weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  20. Ohhh this brought me a smile! Love the illustration as well.
    Although I too no longer get that pleasure of waiting for the children to load on the bus with other Moms, and my work hours do not allow me to enjoy watching the neighborhood children now (although in this neighborhood I have noticed that at this bus stop (also in front of my house) no parents stand with the children), I do get the pleasure of greeting "my" kids at work afterschool. Working in a Residential Dormitory, I get to "play" Mom, and ask them of their day, the high point & the low. Review homework, and get the lowdown!
    God has Blessed me with a whole new crop of eager students.

  21. I love this tradition. Enjoying a morning of good conversation and tasty sustenance makes for a meaningful use of time. Everyone is too rushed these days.

  22. Nice post .I never heard about this tradition. New to your blog.


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