Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Blue

A few weeks ago we were delighted to see five little blue eggs in one of our bluebird houses.  For several years now we have enjoyed watching Eastern Bluebirds set up housekeeping in one or both of the nestboxes we have provided for them.
Once the eggs have been laid it is recommended that you monitor the nestbox regularly.  One day Brett peeked into the box and noticed the eggs had disappeared. 

He looked down and noticed the eggs laying on the ground.  Some were broken, others still intact.  Upon closer inspection he noticed three little babies laying in the mulch.
He quickly headed for the garage and I headed in for the camera.

Donning work gloves he gently picked up the sweet babies.

We were heartbroken to see their Happy Home destroyed in this manner.  I have since read up on it and suspect it was the work of House Sparrows.  House Sparrows are non-native birds that aggressively take over nesting sites while destroying the bluebird eggs and killing the young.

Brett gently returned the three babies to their nest.  Soon the mama bluebird returned to check on her children.
The next day when we monitored the box two of the babies were gone.  We were sad.  

However, there was still one baby snuggled up in the nest.
So we continued to monitor.
We watched as the mama flew in and out feeding and caring for her precious baby.

Soon the baby grew bigger and also grew feathers.
The things you see on the ends of the feathers are called "sheaths".  They will soon disintegrate and ...

the fluffy and blue feathers will appear.
Soon "our" baby will be ready to fledge.
Farewell Baby Blue ~ we will miss you.
May you live a safe and happy life.

I wish you bluebirds in the spring, To give your heart a song to sing …- I wish you love, written by A. A. Beach & C. Trenet, 1946


  1. What beautiful pictures! My mom has one of these nesting boxes on her property. Her neighbor put it up and monitors it weekly. So sad about the birds! Enjoy your day.

  2. Oh Kim, how special these photos are. Amazing to watch this transformation. Mother Nature at her best. xo

  3. Hi Kim! How wonderful! Baby Blue is precious and bless you for caring for him.
    I did not know that sparrows had a mean streak!

  4. Great pictures! So glad one baby made it!

  5. Oh you wonderful people you! I am so impressed with your rescuing efforts and the fact that they made a difference for this one. Amazing photos of the process!

  6. What a wonderful post. One with sadness but with happiness in it too. That must be one special bird to have survived all that. You have made a difference with your caring for him.
    It's great that you got to take pictures of it all and very good ones at that.

  7. Oh, poor babies! Those mean little sparrows. So glad you were able to save one baby blue. God bless! Tammy

  8. How precious! I've never seen anything like that.

  9. You captured this story so well, I am sorry about the other birds, but happy you were able to save this one. Thanks for sharing.

  10. We've had bluebird babies in our yard for a few years and really enjoy them ... house sparrows are such a menace! I've seen tiny bluebirds, but none as tiny as these. Thanks for the great photos, and for doing your best to help!

  11. It's wonderful that you helped one of those babies survive.
    Eastern Bluebirds live in my neck of the woods but it's rare for me to see one. What a coincidence that one flew across my path just yesterday. They are so beautiful.

  12. I love all birds, but I'd have to say the bluebird is my favorite. I love this post, Kim! How wonderful that at least one little baby survived and is having a chance at life because of your efforts. Thanks from me and from bluebird lovers everywhere!

  13. Awww...that was so sweet...and so sad. That made me cry. What wonderful photos! That little baby was lucky to have you both! God bless baby blue!!! xo

  14. What a marvelous post! Just amazing and bitter/sweet, all at the same time.

    Thank you so much, for visiting my blog today, and leaving a comment. {Happily, you are another person, looking forward to "Dallas"! :-)}

    Hope we Dallas-fans-from-the-past, enjoy this new one.

    Gentle hugs,

  15. Wow, what excellent up close pictures. It's so sad about the baby birds, but thankfully one survived.....with only one baby to care for, it made it easier for the mama bird.

  16. I was with you on every single word, wondering what the outcome of your story would be. The pictures are incredible! Your kindness and care define the person that you are. I love how you took the time to care for the sweet little Bluebird. Great post!

  17. Hi Kim,
    Soooo behind getting comments written...so I spent some time reading LOTS of your past posts! LOVED LOVED LOVED them! Do you live on a lake?????? OH MY! I'm so jealous! The garden walk was awesome! and the baby birds broke my heart! How precious from God! HE makes it all doesn't He? You are such caring bird babysitters!

  18. Oh the poor little things! I hope the remaining baby bird makes it!

  19. Sad in a way, but heartwarming. You did a good thing!!! Bless you! Glad one survived. Enjoyed your notecard party too and I love the very first shot (notecard) - as well as your pool!
    xo Beth


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