Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello from the Patio

Greetings from the patio.

I just wanted to share something fun I'm trying.
When I read this post at Mary's blog (A Breath of Fresh Air)  I knew I wanted to try growing moonflowers this way.  I liked the idea of being able to sit on my glider and watch the flowers open as the sun goes down.  I also look forward to smelling their delicate fragrance as I relax on the patio.

A couple weeks ago I planted the seeds in a pot.
Brett attached 3 pieces of fishing line to the pot and then nailed 3 small nails into the trim above the brick and attached the other end of the fishing line up there.
I've been watering daily and watching them grow like Jack's beanstalk ;-).  They haven't bloomed yet, but when they do I'll be sure to post a picture.

Your may recall when I was dreaming of retractable awnings here.
We did follow through with that dream and now enjoy our patio more than we ever have in the 13 years we've lived in this house.  Instant shade at the touch of a remote button.

Best of all a plain and simple remote.
Up, Down and My (which is basically Stop).
Why can't they make TV remotes this easy to use?


  1. This is great! Love the Jack and the Beanstalk analogy! Mary does have a magical way of inspiring us, doesn't she? Have a lovely week.

  2. I wanted to install a retractable awning when I first moved in but it was way at the bottom of renos that needed to be done. One of these days, I hope. I have never seen a moonflower. Lovely plant. xo

  3. What a wonderful idea...Moonflowers...I think they will prove to be a highlight of your summer. Right. That is a great remote. And I echo you...why not a simple one for everything. We even have a complicated remote for the fans and for the AC. Sometimes, I feel as if we should label the remotes. And two for the tv alone? My mind does not bend this way.

  4. I'm copying your moon flower planting method, if not this year then definatly next..

    you have such a pretty patio

  5. Love the idea, Kim. Your Moon flowers will be a great summer enjoyment.


  6. Never heard of moonflowers but that looks like something I'd like to try at the end of my porch. Have a great day...

  7. I would love to have a retractable awning with a remote! What luxury to get the sun off you. I have tried moonflowers, and never had any luck. Can't wait till yours bloom.

  8. Your patio looks like a very restful and peaceful place to sit.

  9. I always enjoy my visits to your lovely home, both inside and out. Your view from the patio is beautiful. I have always wanted to plant moon flowers, and now you have inspired me once again. My hydrangeas are doing wonderful this summer.
    Thanks for the link, I will visit Mary.
    Enjoy your day,

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  11. Moonflowers...I can't wait to see the blooms! So the ads on TV are true about the awnings! :-) Glad you are enjoying the shade and that it is easy to use. Your nails are lovely, BTW!

  12. Wonderful! Truly an inspiration.
    I had moonflowers at my previous home and loved them.

  13. I hope you'll show more photos of your awning...and you enjoying it! We have a courtyard here in Florida that needs something, maybe an awning. We thought about a screen room but don't know what we need most. Happy summer!

  14. never heard of moon learning new things..and this definitely counts!
    bet you get so much enjoyment from your lovely patio..good for you!

  15. Oh, I'd love to see more of your awning! We need something like that for our patio. It gets so very hot without shade! Your patio looks so pretty, Kim. Have a nice week!

  16. Your yard is gorgeous! Moonflowers = so romantic!
    I like the shade of polish on your nails!

  17. Thanks for inviting us into your beautiful patio! It felt so warm and lovely!

  18. I just felt like I opened up my new Victoria magazine, upon visiting your blog today. What a lovely, inviting patio! Last year I learned of Moonflowers, and I look forward to seeing yours bloom. I am also a fan of awnings and simple remotes:)

    Nice manicure!

  19. A PLAIN & SIMPLE remote???????

    HOW did they ever do that?

    HOW COME more, can't do the same????

    Must look up Moon Flowers, they sound lovely.

    Gentle hugs...

  20. Everything looks so lovely! I've never heard of moonflowers but I like your idea ... can't wait to see the blooms. I've dreamt of installing a retractable awning for our front deck for years ... hopefully, some day ... Thanks for sharing ... I went to Mary's blog & it's ever so lovely as well :)

  21. Your patio is so lovely and inviting. I think I could sit out there for quite a spell just listening to the sounds of nature. Well, I just looked up the moonflower as I've not heard of it before. Turns out it has a lovely smell that permeates the air and is easy to grow. Wish I could have some here, but nothing is easy to grow in this environment. Have a great week. Tammy

  22. The moon flowers sound delightful. I look forward to the picture.
    How nice to have the awning!! We have one on the trailer and love it too.
    Oh if only TV remotes were that simple!! : )

    btw - I thought of Lily Tomlin too when I sat in the big chair and even said, "And that's the truth." and made the raspberry sound!! : )

  23. Very pretty! Hope you had a nice day!

  24. Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your wonderful visit..I love your patio and your grass is so green and pretty. We have been having a lot of heat and even with watering two times a day our grass is having a few dry spots. Your flowers are so lovely I can't wait to see your moon flowers bloom.
    Such a peaceful garden and I do love your remote for your sun shade, you are so right I also wish the TV remote was that simple LOL..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


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