Monday, October 15, 2012

Happiness Arrives in the Mailbox

If a package appeared in your mailbox bearing this signature, would there be any doubt that it came from a very artistic sender?

A few months ago I discovered a new blog and was immediately taken by the beautiful artwork of Michelle Palmer.  I am in awe of such talent and I think I read her entire blog in one sitting.  Not long after discovering her blog, I was so excited to learn that I was one of the winners of a giveaway she so kindly offered to her readers.  You can read about it here .
 As you can see, everything arrived so nicely packaged by Michelle.  I will admit that for several days I didn't open the individual packages because they looked so nice as they were.  I hated to mess them up :-)Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I carefully removed the staples to reveal the beauty of Michelle's artwork.

~ Harvest Perch ~
an original art illustration on fabric

~ Something to Crow About ~
 an original pen & ink illustration on linen

 ~ Scarecrow Joy ~
 an original transfer from one of Michelle's original watercolors
(this guy makes me smile every time I see him)

and he has a pin on the back.  Perfect for pinning to my jacket (as soon as it gets cool enough to wear one).
If you haven't discovered Michelle's blog yet, you're in for a real treat.  Her most recent post features Frost Fairies in the garden.  While there's no frost here yet, the on and off rain showers are making the morning glories happy.

~ Thank You to Michelle ~
Your kindness and talents will be treasured always.


  1. Oh I shall definitely go visit at Michelle's. I thought that you were receiving a handwriting kit of some sort...something to do with schoolbooks and the fact that you love them so. Very sweet gifts... You'll find fun ways to use them this autumn I know. Oh, your morning glory...fabulous!

  2. Wow, Kim, congratulations on winning the giveaway! The artwork is beautiful and I am on my way over to visit Michelle's blog.
    Your morning glory is gorgeous!


  3. Congrats on winning, and I am like you. I sometimes hate to unwrap or undo pretty packaging. The scarecrow is the sweetest. I have to visit her blog. xo

  4. I am so happy for you! I do the same thing sometimes when gifts are beautifully wrapped. I did visit Michelle's blog and I appreciate that you introduced it to me. She is one gifted lady! You did a great job in sharing your gift too.

  5. Congrats on that wonderful win! I am not familiar with the artist...going to remedy that!

  6. Thank you for sharing about your treasures! So sweet of you~
    Just thrilled to know you're enjoying your art pieces.
    Wishing you every joy!

  7. I'm so happy for you! I have a couple of her little works of art and I treasure them! She is delightful! Happy Fall!

  8. Lucky you! : ) Beautiful artwork!!

  9. Congrats on winning the delightful artwork! I'll head on over and checkout Michelle's blog.

  10. Your morning glories are truly glorious! And your friend's artwork is a real delight! How lucky you were to win!

  11. Lucky you! Wow, she is a wonderful artist and very generous with her giveaway. I will definitely check her out. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

  12. Beautiful pieces of art...every one. Enjoy. I must go check out Michelle's blog.


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