Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Rosy Morning

~ Good Morning Friends ~

Today I am offering a rose to you.
If you're ready to be done with winter and move into spring, but the weatherman has other ideas ... hang in there.  It won't be long until we will be smelling the roses once again.

While cleaning up my photo files  I came across this photo taken at a local garden walk two years ago.  I was instantly transported back to that beautiful rose gardenIt made me so excited for the upcoming gardening season and all of the potential it holds.
If you've never been on a garden walk, I'd like to encourage you to find one and go.  It's so inspiring to see the creative ways that people bring beauty to their little corner of our world.  Not only that, the gardeners are usually milling about and so willing to share information.

 In my last post I took you along on a wintry walk through my neighborhood.  
Today the snow is long gone, the sky is blue, the temperatures are heading into the mid 60s and the daffodils are popping up everywhere.  I was compelled to snip a few to place in a vase I found at the thrift shop several months ago.  

The excitement of Spring is in the air ... I can feel it.
Like a bear coming out of hibernation I can feel my winter lethargy slipping away.  This morning I could hardly wait to get out of bed and plan my dayIt will include plenty of time outdoors.  Our rainy day yesterday has made the conditions ideal for weed pulling and there is a little doggy around here who's always up for a walk.

This morning as I was standing at the window with my cup of coffee in hand I had one of those "I'm turning into my mother" moments.  Ever had one of those?
My mom was an early riser and often started her day at the window with coffee in hand.  I think it was her way of enjoying the peace that comes in the morning before anybody else is up and also the beauty of her garden.  She would stand there in her bathrobe sipping her coffee and appreciating the moment.  

As I was reminded of my mom's little morning ritual I also remembered that today would have been her 89th birthday.
   It seemed a fitting way to start the day.  She may not be here to share a cup of coffee with, but I somehow think we did share that cup of coffee.

~ Always remember to take time to smell the roses ~


  1. I don't know if we have garden walks here in Phoenix. Maybe cacti walks...which would not interest me! Sounds like fun though!!

  2. Oh yes, Kim, I do believe she was. I love the daffodil vase. I have never seen one like that. I am ready to even pull some weeds, Kim, that's how fed up I am with the cold and windy weather, and every couple of days the "chance" for snow. We've been holding on pretty good, though. xo

  3. Kim, Yes, I have had one of those "I'm turning into my mother" moments, and more often the older I get. My mom would have been 88, so my friend, we have much in common. I love the mornings sipping on a hot cup of coffee. I think that is the most peaceful time of day. Thank you for the rose, it is beautiful. I can feel that spring is on its way. Loved this post today, Kim.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Happy Birthday to your beloved mom.
    Much love,

  5. Thank you for the lovely rose today. It was just what I needed. I do find myself becoming my mother, and I liked reading your mother's ritual each morning. I am sure you must miss her so much. My mother turned 79 in February, and she, like your mother always had a cup of coffee each morning.

    The vase you found is beautiful! I so enjoyed my visit, even though it does not feel like Spring here today.

  6. I think you did, too.
    I have spring fever, but we are in the middle of a huge snow storm. The good news? I could get a snow day tomorrow.

  7. That is the perfect vase for the daffodils!!
    A nice memory of your mom on her birthday. Today is my friend Bernice's birthday too. : )

  8. Thanks for the rose. I think we're all longing for spring. What a sweet way to remember your mother's birthday - doing something that she used to do. Have a wonderful week.

  9. What a lovely post!
    I've been listening to the birds singing like crazy recently - they are anticipating spring, too!

  10. Nice thoughts of your Mom.
    The first day of spring has always been a favorite of mine. Now more than every because our sweet grand daughter will turn one on this day! :-)
    Enjoy your day

  11. Roses...and daffodils...both are gladly accepted on this February Monday! My mother loved her roses as well...and would have celebrated her 87th birthday this month...if she were still here.

  12. The rose photo is just exquisite, Kim! Yes, I sometimes think I'm my mother and even my grandmother quite often. :)
    Beautiful post and I do believe that your mother was smiling down at you as you were thinking of her on what would have been her birthday.

  13. Do we all become our mothers? I find myself thinking that, too.

    Oh spring has arrived if you're out pulling weeds. Sounds like fun...not really. I love the flowers and the garden, but weed pulling...not so much, but I believe that you really do!

    That's a lovely vase and a beautiful bouquet!

  14. Yes, most of us do become our mothers I think, especially when the bond was strong and loving. I admired my mother always and feel most of the good things in my life happened because of her teaching and love.

    That looks like my Peace rose - always a beauty in the garden - can't wait for them to bloom again.

    Happy week Kim.


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