Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Winter Walk

Good thing I brought that daffodil into the house yesterday.
I'd have a hard time finding one to cut today.
 We had a little blizzard down south :)...
complete with a power outage!!

 We couldn't resist this chance to bundle up and head out for a winter walk.

   Everything in the neighborhood was covered in a frosty layer of sparkly white snow, except the streets and sidewalks.  They were clear which made for easy walking and, best of all, no shoveling.

 Christmas cards came to mind as I was walking.

Yesterday it was warm enough to have lunch on the patio.
Hmmm.... what a difference a day makes.

   We returned home right after the power was restored.
How's that for good timing?

 This may be the only snow day we see this winter and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.  This evening's plans include curling up in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot spiced cider and a good book.

 My sister-in-law is a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and recently loaned this book to me.  She said I needed to read it on a cold snowy day.  I've been waiting and waiting and it looks like today's the day.  Somehow I never got into the Little House on the Prairie books when I was younger.  Did you?  If so do you have a favorite?  My sister-in-law has them all just waiting to be borrowed.  Your suggestions will be appreciated.


  1. Oh you had a winter wonderland day. : ) The snow makes for beautiful pictures.

    No, I never read those books either. My daughter did though. I just never got around to them.
    I did read all the Nancy Drew books.

  2. Very pretty photos! I read the whole series when my daughter was younger. I love Laura Ingalls style of writing. My favorite was FARMER BOY. It's about her husbands life on a farm when he was a little boy. Hope you enjoy THE LONG WINTER! X

  3. Your photos are beautiful, and they would make a lovely set of cards. I never read the books, but I enjoyed the series with Michael Landon. I was more a Nancy Drew kind of tween. xo

  4. We were wondering what it looked like in NC today! Hubby and I both just looked at your photos! AMAZING! What a difference a day makes! I didn't ready these books either as a child but I know I would enjoy them now! Stay warm! Throw another log on the fire!

  5. I love the Little House series; however, I knew nothing of them until the tv series and then my daughter was the right age to be intrigued so we read them together. I adore The Long Winter with the frigid temps and school being closed so often and blizzards and descriptions of staying warm and rides in the sleigh. Hope that you love it, too.

  6. And how pretty your storm. What a fun thing to do to go for a walk on clear sidewalks. Your pictures look like Christmas. Hope that the daffodils will be okay. It snowed most of the day today and tomorrow will be more of same. It won't be as pretty as yours.

  7. Hi Kim! Yay for snow! That berry photo is beautiful! I love The Long Winter. I've read it so many times. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. We loved the Little House shows and watched the series as a family. I bought most of the books for our daughter and I read them, too. I loved them all, but I remember The Long Winter was a favorite.
    Your winter scenes are beautiful!

  9. My kind of snow storm without any on the roads or sidewalks! We have a blizzard going on now and let me tell you we can't even see the pavement at the moment...Hoping this will be the last one. This is wishful thinking I'm sure.


  10. Dear Kim...such a pretty winter scene! I love the little house series! I have read them all several times. I do not have a favorite one ... love them all! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  11. Kim
    Are you done with The Long Winter yet? We are almost. Next we're reading The Farmer boy-I think you'd like it!
    The snow is so beautiful. I love the photo with the red berries, it's such a contrast!

  12. I LOVE Laura Ingalls's books...she was a very good writer. One can actually have a sense of being in her shoes as she and her family moved across the plains..
    The Long Winter is one of my favorites. I have collected several of the Hardbound books, and I still take them off the shelf to read....
    Glad you are enjoying your winter walks....your photos are lovely.

  13. The snow looks so pretty in your area, Kim! Your photos are beautiful! Everyone thinks that Colorado is filled with snow form top to bottom but where I live we've seen very little. I did hear that march is the snowiest month here, so I'll see if that is true ;)

    I've read every one of the LI Wilder books as well as her biography. They were all wonderful!

  14. Such beautiful pictures, the snow, the greenery and the berries, so beautiful...I am a new follower of yours and I will be back to see more...come for a visit

  15. Wow! You, my friend, just gave me a huge dose of beauty in my visit here. Those pictures are just breathtaking, especially to those like me who really like snow and winter.

    I am a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder books and the television show. It seems like a perfect way to spend a cold, snowy evening.

    Your new blog look is so pretty!

  16. I'm a new follower and your pictures are simply beautiful. Living in So CA we NEVER get snow, maybe some hail every 10 years.
    Thanks for sharing.


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