Thursday, April 11, 2013

Southern Springtime... brought to you by the letter P

In the past week we've gone right from winter into summer.
With temperatures in the 80s this week, I had to break down and turn on the A/C yesterday.
 This warm weather has prompted the Kwanzan Cherry trees to burst into bloom.  Their pretty pink petals are putting on quite a show outside our kitchen and bedroom windows.
 I was in the garden early this morning checking to see what else is popping into bloom and couldn't help but notice a little theme going on.  It seemed that much of what I was seeing began with the letter P... like pretty pink petals.

There are also many pots of pretty pansies.
Here in the south we plant our pansies in the fall.  Throughout the winter they don't look great, but they hang in there.  In February I start feeding them a weak water soluble fertilizer and as the temperatures start to warm, they bloom beautifully and profusely.  Once the heat comes to stay, they aren't happy and generally get relegated to the compost pile. 

 Anyhow, moving right along I noticed a pink dogwood was blooming.  Upon further inspection I noticed a coating of yellow dust marring the beauty of the beautiful blossom.

 Come to think of it I saw that same yellow dust all over my patio tables, chairs, the cars, door handles, porch, etc.
which can only mean one thing ...
that other dreaded P word.  That's right...
All I can say about that is




  1. We have over a 8K pollen count - but those flowers are so pretty!

  2. I had heard that this is going to be a bad pollen year. Boo!
    Your flowers are extra lovely, Kim!
    I got my dirt today, but I have to wait a while to start playing in it.

  3. Am I ever thankful I visited you here. So much Springtime beauty captured by a skilled photographer. The dogwood picture is my favorite. Thanks for inspiring me this evening.

  4. Love the photos, your flowers look so perfect, like a painting! Allergies are kicking up here too, Kim. That 'P' word.... xo

  5. The pollen is horrible here to! But love your flowers!

  6. Oh your blooms are all so Pretty!
    It's been warm here the last couple of days but right now there is a chilly wind blowing about.

  7. Kim, your photos are beautiful. I love those pink blossoms! They are gorgeous. I can't imagine you have the AC on already. We're still putting on the heat here and that big storm is bringing snow tomorrow night. Oh well. Soon it will warm up. We don't have AC as there might be 5 days a year we'd need it. I like the heat. :) Enjoy your beautiful spring, pollen and all. Pamela

  8. Really? Pollen season is nasty here as well, but we won't see it much before Memorial Day. Interesting, too, about the planting of petunias. I'm sure it brightens the day to see all these pretty flowers blooming again.

  9. Ha-ha! I did just sneeze. We don't have pollen but we do have dust all the time. All your blooms are so very pretty! Have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

  10. Hi Kim,

    "Achoo" is right! That's the first thing I did this morning. It makes the eyes and the sinuses hurt, but I do love to see all those pretty blossoms. :) I LOVE your pansies and cherry trees. That yellow dust gets on everything, doesn't it? My husband washed his car this weekend, and by Tuesday, it was covered in yellow.

    I enjoyed your post, Kim, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. Lovely pictures - cherry tree is my personal favorite. It will be awhile before we see any flowers, but our time will come!
    Happy weekend


  12. A quick hello through my sneezes! Yes, pollen heavy already, however fortunately a few showers last night so it settled a bit and our cars got a free wash!

    I didn't do pansies last Fall as I was away so long - really missing them this Spring but not bothering now as they will not tolerate the heat. Petunias are better - need to shop for them soon!

    Have a lovely weekend Kim.
    Hugs - Mary

  13. What a lovely collection "Ps" - except for the last one. I'm so glad that I'm not bothered by pollen. I love the pink dogwood!

  14. Beautiful flowers, I really love the cherry trees in bloom. Your photos are just lovely! Have a great weekend.

  15. Your flowers are gorgeous. The tree with the pink blossoms on your previous post is so beautiful.

    Your sweet puppy looks like he know how to relax.

    Pollen is horrible here too.....I love to work outside, but the pollen is giving me headache fits and make all the outdoor furniture look awful.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  16. Isn't outside just like inside? We get out there and see the patio table is covered in pollen, and we go out to clean it; then we notice the gutters are full and dripping with brown goo. So we get the bucket of cleaner and get to it, and notice the rug needs pressure washing and the string of lights have bulbs that need replacing...etc. etc. Is this spring cleaning already?? Oh, but summer is just around the corner! Your flowers are lovely!

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    Beijos Marie.


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