Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vignettes in the Dining Room

 I'm home today waiting for a delivery of pine needles.
They were supposed to call this morning before coming, so I made sure to get in and out of the shower pronto so I'd be ready when they arrived.

I decided that while I was waiting I would work on some little vignettes in the dining room.  I managed to put away the Easter decor awhile ago, but since then it's been kind of neglected.  I started by shopping the house for things I thought might work.  This platter was a thrift shop find (tsf) which has been languishing in the cupboard.  I thought the hint of yellow was just the thing I needed to add that spring/summer touch to the china hutch.

 I've had this tin sitting in the attic for years.
I don't think I've found a use for it until now.
It seemed like it might work into my hutch and, I might add, it was also a tsf. 

 I won't mention where these two cow creamers came from, but I'll bet you can guess :-).

I mixed them in with some blue & white china and two ginger jars that I recently found at a consignment shop.  

By this time I was satisfied with the hutch and hadn't heard a word from the pine needle crew so, on with the decorating...

One of my favorite things to look for when I'm out "thrifting" is vintage linens like this one and

  this one.  
At one time somebody spent a lot of time lovingly stitching them.
I think they are much too pretty to be sitting in a drawer, so I'm working them into my vignettes today.

 This seems like a good book to put under the lamp to raise it up a bit and offer interest to the vignette on the sideboard.

 To this vignette I added a floral arrangement and a yellow bird (tsf) under a cloche.  I like to leave some open area here to add dessert plates or the water pitcher when I'm entertaining in this room.

 Last, but not least, I have an antique Victorian era dresser that sits in my dining room now.  I bought it many years ago at a garage sale and it's had many different uses since then.  It's currently filled with tablecloths, napkins and candles and candle holders that are used on the dining room table.  The top is decorated with china teacups that once belonged to my mom and mother-in-law.  Oh, and that topiary was found at the Habitat ReStore recently.  I needed some texture and height in this vignette and I liked how the colors work with the picture on the wall.

Well, here it is after 2:00.
Just tried to call the pine needle people and got their voice mail.  
Not sure if I'll be seeing any pine needles today, but my dining room is decorated and I'm ready for a late lunch.  I think I just may eat it in the dining room today.

What are you up to today?
Hope it's fun whatever it is.

~ Kim    


  1. A pine needle delivery? I am assuming for your yard! lol Everything looks so gorgeous, Kim. xo

  2. I always enjoy seeing the vignettes you create. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that any of your lovelies came from the thrift store. The tea cup display is so charming. I am officially looking for one. And it gives me great joy to see you using the linens. Those are two especially lovely ones. The birds...ohhhh, ahhhhh...

  3. Very pretty. I have those little cows - sandie

  4. I love your pretty hutch with the blue and white china. The tea cup holder stand is really neat too. I love the linens you found. There you are waiting for a pine needle delivery and we raked up ours yesterday and bagged them for garbage pickup! We don't use them around our trees as you do in the south, although our neighbour, who used to live down south, does! Funny about that eh? I have more needles to clean up but will hold off as the trees are coming down soon! Enjoy the day. Pamela

  5. Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog today! That is really cool that you and my grandson, Jack now share the same birthday! Love your post!

  6. What pretty vignettes. I'd say you made excellent use of the waiting-for-pine-needles-time. I love, love, love the blue and white china plates you displayed. Love. And the blue and white embroidery - so sweet.

  7. All of your things are so lovely!! You certainly have a knack for decorating. I love the colors of your house.
    I like how you use the dresser in for different things.
    I have one of the white cow creamers too. : )
    I'm up at Happy Trails today having a good old time!!

  8. The dining room is GORGEOUS! I feel the same way about vintage linens. I hope the pine needle people showed up!

  9. Your vignettes are really very pretty. Thanks for sharing this post.

  10. The vignettes are so pretty, Kim. I really love the vintage linens. They are one of my favorites to look for when at the flea markets. Hope you got the pine needles delivered!

  11. Very pretty, Kim. So sensible of you to use the waiting time constructively rather than getting irritated as some people do.

  12. Oh, so pretty. I love all your vintage things.

  13. The delicate blue colors sure look pretty in your dining room. I love that you mix new and old...everything works so well together!

  14. Everything looks so pretty!

    I'm always so annoyed when I have to stay home for delivery people and they don't show up!

  15. Your blue and white china is very pretty and the little touches of yellow really set it off. Your blue and white embroidered linens, especially the little blue birds, are wonderful. You must have some really nice thrift stores in your area, because you find beautiful items.

  16. I love the patina of your hutch; it looks so good with the blue and white china! I used to have a lot of blue in my homes, but in this one hardly any, and I am missing it...

  17. I love the patina of your hutch; it looks so good with the blue and white china! I used to have a lot of blue in my homes, but in this one hardly any, and I am missing it...

  18. You sure do know how to find pretty pieces. The vignettes are so tastefully done and I like how you have just touches of the yellow with the blue. The embrodiered blue and white pieces you found are beautiful! So calming and so peaceful!

  19. What in the world do you do with pine needles? A mulch I'm thinking. I'm from Texas you!

    Your home and decorations are so beautiful! I love the blues, whites and touch of yellow. The blue and white embroidery is so pretty and looks so well done.


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