Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Our recent rains have given way to a fresh, clean landscape.
The pollen has been washed away, our dreaded humidity hasn't surfaced yet and this morning was as close to perfect as it gets, in my humble opinion.

So, with camera in hand, I took an early morning stroll through the garden taking note of the wonders of nature.  The peonies are loaded with buds just waiting to open.  I'm making a mental note to find an ideal vase for them.  I'll leave most of them outside, but I can't resist bringing in at least one bouquet.

 The hostas are emerging from their winter homes.
They look so fresh and healthy now before the summer heat and little critters get to them.

I picked up this container at Walmart recently.
I love this combination of colors.

 Speaking of containers, I tried a new-to-me color combination on the patio this year.  I wouldn't have thought to mix these plants together.  The idea is loosely based on a photo I took at a garden walk a few years ago.  I love the inspiration that can be found at the local garden walks.  Sadly, I just learned that the one I've enjoyed for several years is going to be discontinued.  Boo Hoo!

 For the center of the patio table I bought a hanging basket filled with these mini petunias (I think they're called Supertunias).  I then removed them from the hanging basket and put them into my existing glazed pot.  This turned out to be less expensive than buying several individual plants and much easier too.

The cost of flowers can add up fast, so I cut corners where I can.
For instance, our Lowe's always has plants in the very back of the garden center that have been reduced to clearance prices.  Some of them look like they're not long for this world, but others are just a bit ragged.  Nothing a bit of TLC can't cure.  The gerbera daisies pictured above were all reduced to $2.50 per pot.  I honestly couldn't see anything wrong with them.  I also purchased two hanging baskets filled with begonias for $2.50.  I plan to separate them to line the edge of my herb bed.

On a final note, I took a picture of my one and only iris.
The year before last we divided our big clump of them.
It had been growing in the same spot for 8 years and wasn't producing as many flowers as I thought it should have.  I read that they needed to be divided every few years.
Last year we didn't get any blooms, which I think is to be expected.
This year we have several healthy looking clumps scattered about the garden.  However, only one big bloom and another bud getting ready to bloom.  Oh well, it's a mighty pretty bloom and there's always next year.  

Thank you for sharing this beautiful morning with me.   



  1. Were you singing? I thought I could hear you out there in the garden. Oh my! Everything is gorgeous. Hope that you have the chance to take tea and a book out there and just sit enjoying it all.

  2. Oh this is the first I'm seeing the new profile pic in someone's comments. Very weird. Ha!

  3. Vee,
    Oh my, I didn't realize you could hear my singing all the way up there ;).
    New profile picture ... not weird at all. Mysterious perhaps?

  4. Kim, everything is beautiful! I can't wait for my things to be as lush as yours. Takes time and caring for that to happen. I just love to walk through gardens with people. :)

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, Kim! I love Lowe's clearance racks, too. I've found a lot of good bargains there. Enjoy your garden!

  6. Beautiful flowers Laura. I can't wait to go to the greenhouse and get some but it will be a few weeks yet as we can have frost between now and the 21st and it can get so cold at night even without frost that they would get chilled. I love the colour combos. And that iris is gorgeous - love the purple and yellow together. Enjoy the weather. It's been very nice here too. Pamela

  7. Oooops, I called you Laura by mistake. I'm so sorry Kim! :)

  8. How delightful to spend time in such a beautiful garden. I'm envious of your peony buds. A few are forming on my bushes, so we'll see what happens. That iris is stunning. If you only have one bloom, it's certainly one to photograph!

  9. Kim,
    Your garden pictures are wonderful. All the flowers are so vibrant with color. I have to say that my favorite was the orange daisies. I love the color orange. I could sit in your garden for a long time, and it's nice to hear that you take time out to look at nature's beauty.


  10. Oh Kim, your garden is absolutely beautiful. You should give garden tours of your yard. : )
    I'd love to take a walk around your garden with you.

  11. Hi Kim!
    WOW! I love your flowers! We don't have any yet. Our son just bought a house and it has not been loved for a while, but when we were there the other night I found a tiny tulip and many grape hyacinths. Someone loved his garden at some point in time!
    I wonder if my iris will be "bloom-y" this year. I'll take lots of photos of them when they pop.
    I love peonies and I can't wait to see your blooms.
    Enjoy the mild and lovely days, friend.

  12. Kim, your garden and flowers are beautiful! I love the Supertunias and all the different color combinations you have. My peonies are getting ready to bloom, too, and I'm anxious to bring some inside. I also go to the back of Lowes to get their clearance plants. You can find some great things there.

  13. Gorgeous flowers! I wish peonies would grow where I live- they are so beautiful! I can imagine you sipping a glass of vino and taking a walkabout in the evening...

  14. Wow...what a circus of colour! Beautiful...your gardens.

  15. Oh Kim, your flowers are so beautiful!!!!! I wish we had a Lowe's in Seguin, I love a good bargain.

  16. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. Your garden is so lovely and so colorful! I like your saving tips, and think one can have a pretty garden without spending too much. Your ideas are clever. I like the Walmart pot.

  17. What a beautiful garden you have. I know it must bring you hours of pleasure. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet message. You will definitely be included in the drawing!!

  18. Your garden is very beautiful, Kim! I am hoping I can begin planting in mine soon as our frost should be over--but with Colorado weather one can never be sure of anything..lol!

  19. Very pretty. Well, about your irises, usually takes about three years after you transplant to really see a full bloom in the plant. But you never know. I cannot wait to see how your peonies bloom. I love them but have bad luck growing them!

  20. What a pretty border and all your containers are lovely! I haven't gotten around to planting one container yet. I agree Lowe's is great with the clearanced plants!


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