Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet Reminders of Simpler Times

 I'm not sure exactly what it is that endears me to these vintage kitchen  items.  In this case it might have been the simple child-sized mixer that " operates on a flashlight battery"
perhaps it was the charming graphics on the box portraying a mother and daughter happily baking together in the kitchen... oh, the fact that they are dressed in blue and yellow may have helped too.
But, then again, those words
"Like Mother's"
well, let's just say they also charmed me.

"Happy Family" baking powder.
Despite the rust and other signs of age, it called my name rather loudly on a recent antique shop visit.

 It seemed to make Mother and Son smile once upon a time :-).
Now it sits in my kitchen making me smile :-)

 I think my "Little Lady" toy stove
and the "Like Mother's" toy mixer
were both made in the 1940s.
When I watch old movies from that time period, the kitchens always look so clean and bright.  Despite the fact that the movies are in black and white, the kitchens seem happy.  Why even the "Little Lady" stove seems to be smiling.

I guess when people were drinking milk from bottles that said
"Yes Sir!  It's good for GROWN-UPS TOO!
they probably weren't all that fazed by the adorable graphics, not to mention fonts on their milk bottle ;-).  

This book, published in 1947, once helped to teach young girls
the basics of cooking.

Hands washed... nails cleaned... apron on

 Let the cooking begin!
This looks just like a kitchen from those 1940s movies.
Love her pinafore and the sugar canister.

 Kitchens have come a long way since the 1940s, but their sweet simplicity holds a special place in my heart.


  1. Kim, I agree with you. So much to love from those vintage items ;) I love to think about how the women before me used them.

  2. So sweet, Kim. I remember my mom's red and white kitchen growing up, and a lot of the utensils had cheery red handles, and all my childhood kitchen stuff, EZ Bake Oven, loved that thing. xo

  3. Love the old items and the red and white. Nothing like the old days!

  4. Darling! So very. I hope that there are grandgirlies in your future! (I had no concept of how small the child's mixer is. Cute as a button.)

  5. I love the same things, and your display!

  6. Love your vintage collection, Kim. I especially love anything in red and white. I've been collecting vintage red and white crocheted pot holders. Some of the patterns are so cute!

  7. I loved my granny's kitchen. The neatness. The oldness. The good fruits of her labors!
    It seems like the people who have the fancy kitchens now eat out all of the time. Their refrigerators are full of take-out boxes. Sad! What I could do with a butler's pantry! Oh well. My kitchen works fine and I shall do some de-junking this summer. Have a great day, Kim!

  8. Kim,
    These vintage items are so delightful to me too. I think it brings us back to a simpler time when we were growing up and even before that. Love the little stove. It looks so sweet in the corner of your kitchen. I love to see splashes of red in the kitchen. I miss that, as I changed my kitchen color to turquoise.

    Have a nice weekend.


  9. Oh I love all those vintage items too.
    I like the red, white and blue doily.

  10. I love this post! Old things speak to me also,especially kitchen-related items. We are actually almost finished restoring a Chambers stove just like the one in your pic of the girl with the apron, except ours has a high back...we will have to post about that soon! Love your finds-so adorable!

  11. Oh, I just love this post! Everything is so cute. Yep - lovin' the old days around here, too!

  12. It is so good to be reminded of a simpler time in life, and you did it so well. What a fun post! I like your finds and even better, I like how you do vignettes.

    Hope you have a good weekend and stay cool in this hot weather.

  13. Oh, such sweet memories ......your vintage collection is wonderful!


  14. Thanks for the memory, KIm, a very sweet nostalgic post. When I was growing up I had a little hand beater like that, wish I had kept my little kitchen items, as I find myself looking for them now especially the cook stove. ~smile~

  15. Oh Kim....
    I just had a moment....took me back to my Grandma's house! Ahhhhhhh...thank you! ;0)

  16. I love the toy stove, Kim! It reminds me of one I had as a child.

  17. What a lovely trip down Memory Lane. I love the graphics - so innocent, somehow.
    I had a toy cooker when I was little - I believe it worked on paraffin.

  18. Kim, this little vignette is just DARLING! You certainly have an eye for picking up quaint memorabilia.

  19. Oh my, these are adorable! I love vintage toys. We had a really cute metal set that consisted of the sink, stove and fridge and I had an ironing board and iron, the little egg beater like yours and many other 'toys' just like Mum's. We (my sister and I) entertained ourselves for hours with them. Such fun!! Thanks for sharing.


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