Friday, February 21, 2014

Break Time

I'm taking a break from blogging.
Help yourself to a muffin and a cup of coffee in my absence.


  1. Enjoy your break. The muffins look delicious.

  2. Oh dear. I keep making wide arcs around this post because, while I don't like to see my blogging buddies head off, I know that each needs time away. Still, I don't have to like it and so add my message to come back soon.

  3. I'm nibbling slowly - it's delish - want to make my muffin last until you're back!!!
    Enjoy your break dear Kim - will be anxious for your return here.

    Beautiful sunrise this morning - I feel the weekend will be lovely with Carolina blue skies and plenty of sunshine to brighten the garden and our hearts.
    Blessings - take care.
    Love, Mary

  4. I am pouting....enjoy your break....come back soon!!

  5. Enjoy your break but know you'll be missed! Thanks for the muffin. :)

  6. Enjoy your break but come back soon. I'll miss you.
    I think I will have one of those muffins. : ) Thanks.

  7. Enjoy your break Kim. I'll miss you too :-(

  8. Hi Kim! Enjoy your break. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. I am getting back into blogging, and finding so much enjoyment from it. Blessings, Kathi

  9. Reluctantly I accept your delicious looking muffin. Breaks are crucial to daily life at times. Thinking about you often. Heartfelt blessings to you, from me.

  10. Enjoy this time off, Kim, I will miss you,It seems as though I have been taking unannounced breaks from blogging lately.Come back soon, your blueberry muffins looks so delicious.

  11. I bet some decorating will be going on in your blogging absence!


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