Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Interrupt This Blog Break...

Is there a saying about
you know you've hit middle age when a clean fridge excites you?
Ha!  Sad to say but that's whats been making me happy on my blog break.
Every shelf has been removed and scrubbed, the condiments have been organized, bits and bobs have been discarded and, best of all, the menfolk have been informed of the correct place to put things once they use them.  No more cramming the salad dressing any old place it will fit.  No sirree. kindly place it on shelf #2 in the door.   

  In case anybody starts slacking on the rules, I've stationed my Texas Christmas Pickles front and center to keep everyone in line.
Just kidding, of course.  Truthfully, I haven't had the heart to "undress" the pickles since my neighbor gave them to us for Christmas.  Talk about a cute presentation for her homemade pickles.

When I announced my "blog break", I knew it was time to do a bit less blogging and a bit more spring cleaning.  Soon it will be gardening season and then summertime will arrive.
I'm trying hard to get the house in order so that we can enjoy our time outside when the nicer weather arrives.  
So, officially I'm still on a blog break, but the truth is I miss you all and even though I'm cleaning and organizing my mind keeps wandering to what is new with all of you.  
In fact, I'll admit I have poked around in blogland a bit while on this so called break and as it turns out that has been a very good thing.  I happened to read this post  right about the time I decided to get serious about whipping my house into shape.  She is offering a challenge each day for the month of March and after looking it over it seemed very "doable" to me so I am on board and busy completing my daily assignments working toward an organized home by the end of the month.

What started the ball rolling was my pantry.
Since the holidays it had become so packed and messy.  It was driving me crazy every time I stepped in there.

This was taken after one shelf had been emptied and the clean up was getting started.  You can see how the floor space was being swallowed up by who knows what.  Yikes!!

My method is to empty one shelf at a time and give the shelf a wash with some nice soapy water.  Before replacing the food I check it for expiration dates and keep out the things that need to be used.  As I clean I brainstorm ideas for using up these items.  In one instance I had a small amount of angel hair pasta and a package of smoked salmon that we received in a gift basket.  I had no idea what to do with smoked salmon until I read a recipe on the back of the pasta and there was one containing both of these ingredientsThe dinner dilemma was solved although I'm not sure I'm a big fan of smoked salmon.  Whew, talk about a fishy smell.

 Once all the shelves were done I took everything off of the floor, vacuumed the nooks and crannies with the crevice tool and washed the floor.  

 Everything back in place.
As the chief cook and bottle washer I guess it just makes sense that a clean and organized pantry makes things run smoother.

When I was looking for inspiration to get started on this pantry overhaul, I found it here and in an effort to keep things from getting out of hand, this simple idea is one I plan to put into practice.
Good thing I was doing a bit of cheating on my blog break or I never would have gained all of this inspiration which, in the end, is helping me plug along on my spring organizing project.

I'd be lying if I said that it's been all work around here.
There's been some fun too which I'll be sharing just as soon as I get a handle on a few more jobs around here.

Miss You,


  1. I just have one question....where are the blueberry muffins? Have you baked more and eaten them all or do you have some to share? Maybe I'll have some of the salmon then! haha! I sure need to do some Spring cleaning but I'm in a sewing mood right now. It's hard to keep up with everything! But you're doing great! Sweet hugs!

  2. Wow, your pantry looks great! What a good job to have done. There's nothing new here and spring is not showing up yet either - just cold and lots of snow on the ground. Take care and take more breaks from your spring cleaning. Hugs, Pam

  3. I want you to come to my house! Ha ha. I need to do exactly what you've been doing. It looks fabulous! Thank you for inspiring me. Kathi

  4. Hi Kim! Way to go! I love a clean refrigerator, too. I need to do that!
    Way to go on the pantry, too!

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  6. When my fridge and pantry are clean I do a happy dance too! Kim,I have been doing a little spring tweaking here and there too I am so looking forward to warm spring days.
    Enjoy your break.
    Sorry about the deleted comment, I was on my other gmail account.

  7. It's so satisfying to have a clean kitchen from top to bottom. I'm working on cleaning out all the cupboards and organizing the contents. The pantry is a job I'll be tackling, too. Good luck on getting the menfolk to put things away properly all the time.

  8. Wow, I should be doing the same thing. Your refrigerator and pantry look great! With the cold weather continuing, it would be the perfect time. I am now going to go check out your other links.
    Enjoy your break!

  9. Missing you, too, but glad you are getting so much accomplished. xo

  10. Nice job. It all looks so tidy and organized. I love a nice clean fridge too.
    I am a bit of a neat freak so I'm always putting things back in place after Ken gets done in the kitchen. : )
    And it bothers me if my shelves are not in order. I do need to take things out and clean the shelves too though.
    Nice to see a post. You are missed here in blogland. : )

  11. Who knew it could be so hard to take a blogging break? I understand...totally! My bloggy break projects are mostly still waiting to happen...and I'm away on vacation.

    Love your organized pantry and fridge.

  12. I do love projects like these! I order my inventory like a grocery shelf....all the same thing lined up front to back. With the newest stuff in the back, of course!

  13. Okay, you certainly convicted this blogging friend on this Monday morning. I needed the prodding to tackle my pantry, and you provided it for me. Thank you so much!

    Happy Monday to you! I do hope you share some gardening posts in the next few months. You do that so well!

  14. I've been doing the same things you have Kim! Still lots of snow here and can't believe we are suppose to get yet another storm this week....yuk so I figure may as well get the house in order. The last thing I want to do when the weather does turn nice is stay indoors cleaning.
    Its been a long a hard winter and so I'm looking forward to some much needed nice weather.
    Take care


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