Thursday, March 20, 2014

At Last. . . Spring

 Last weekend Brett and I were away enjoying another B & B.
This time it was a gift from our youngest son.  Apparently the boys think we need to get away and relax more and we are quite happy to do so :).
Driving along the country roads we turned the corner and were greeted by this beautiful bed of daffodils. In amongst the flowers an elderly lady was in the midst of picking a bouquet.  We pulled over to tell her how lovely her daffodils were and she said, in her sweet Southern drawl, "come on out and pick yourself a bouquet".  Not one to pass up an offer like that, I hopped out of the car and joined her.  As we picked flowers, she told me that this peaceful farmland was her family homeplace.  Her dad was born in 1904 she said with a little smile.  Somebody else was tending the farm these days, but come June they set up a roadside stand to sell vegetables.  Starting with tomatoes and corn and wrapping it up in December with collards.  She reminded me that collards on New Year's Day was a big thing in the south. 
She said that the new farmer did all of the work and she is the one to work at the roadside stand because she loves talking to the people.  She also enjoys having her supper and watching people stop along her country road to take pictures.  She shared that her daddy always loved daffodils and she knew it would make him happy to see people enjoying them.
My time with her was short.  Much too short.
I could have listened to her for hours.

 Luckily we had a bottle of water in the car.
Just right for a makeshift daffodil vase.
At the end of the day, the little bouquet made a lovely addition to our room at the inn.  Sunday dawned rainy, cold and gloomy.  So happy to have the scent of spring flowers there to remind us of warmer and sunnier days ahead.
Also happy to be reminded of my short visit with a sweet lady with an even sweeter southern accent.

Well, it's officially Spring!!
How's it looking out your window today?
Hopefully warmer and sunnier days are ahead for all of us.

Happy First Day of Spring!!


  1. How nice to get some time away from home and enjoy the beautiful weather. Love your pretty bouquet! Those flowers are so fragrant! Happy Spring my friend!

  2. Daffodils are truly lovely, and I wish they lasted longer. Such a nice story.

    Blessings for the spring,

  3. She sounds like a remarkable person and generous. The daffodil bouquet looks beautiful and that is as impressive a daffodil bed as I have ever seen. Your sons sound like fine ones to have.

  4. Happy Spring, Kim! Loved reading how you got your pretty daffodils. A getaway sounds like fun! Now, will you ask your sons to put a bug in my children's ears? :)

  5. Yay! That robin is sweet! We don't have any daffodils yet, but soon!

  6. How nice that you had a chat with her and that you got that beautiful daffodil bouquet.
    I've just come from vee with her 8 inches of snow today!!
    We had some frozen snow flurries this morning, then it was a cold and windy day. Not much like spring.
    It's coming though! : )

  7. The daffodils are gorgeous! How wonderful that you got to visit with a new friend in the process. B&B getaways are so fun! We all need time away to relax and be pampered.

  8. Your daffodils are so full and pretty. The girl at the stand sounds sweet too. That's kind of a dreamy job, don't you think?

    Having a give away in honor of the first day of spring. Come by if you can. :)

  9. Kim, what a great day out and that sweet lady was lovely to allow to share her gorgeous daffodils. I love stopping for conversations such at that - we did that at the pumpkin farm last Fall and I can't wait to go back again and chat with those lovely country folk!

    Enjoy your road trip - we are planning more of those this Spring/Summer, they are always enjoyable.

    Happy Spring dear friend.

  10. Don't you just love those moments meeting someone like that? The lady must have been so pleased to share her daffodils with you and a little of her time reminiscing. Spring is way behind here but we are hopeful for nicer weather next month. Our spring really doesn't happen until May anyway. I hope you have nicer weather this weekend.

  11. What a precious, sweet story and adventure you had, I am so jealous,~smile~ oh how I would love to have been out there picking daffodils with you both. I bet the fragrance from the flowers in the car was wonderful, thank you for sharing.
    Blessings, Sue

  12. What a sweet lady, and a beautiful bouquet to enjoy! Happy Spring, Kim!

  13. Don't you love those little unexpected surprises, that make one's day brighter? What a sweet story! I can picture the two of you by the road, picking those beautiful Daffodils. I am sure you made her day more special too.


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