Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chasing Summer

It seems it wouldn't be summer if I didn't chase a butterfly around the garden at least once.  With all the construction going on out there this year,  I haven't wanted to run around with my camera for fear of looking a bit... well you know, don't you?

Sadly one of our butterfly bushes had to be removed to make way for the new landscaping.  However, the one right outside the kitchen window remains.  Often when I am sitting here I see them gently gliding amongst the purple blossoms. 

Flying Flowers
Beautiful, Graceful Works of Nature

They oftentimes fly off just when I'm about to snap the picture.
So I usually just snap~snap~snap away hoping for a good shot.

 While waiting for my next opportunity to snap I couldn't help but notice this.  One lone leaf already sporting it's fall finery.  Uh Oh, can the rest be far behind?

Guess we better keep chasing summer while we still can.



  1. What beautiful photos, Kim, and yes, I know about those fluttery butterflies. I never can get a shot, as they're too quick for me. So I'll appreciate yours.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Your butterfly pictures area beautiful. The butterflies in my yard like the cone flowers.
    Seems like summer just got here and now it is almost fall. We still have 34 days of summer though!!

  3. I haven't got one butterfly photo all summer. I saw them at the old house where I had the butterfly bush, but the winter killed it.

  4. It sure is a beautiful leaf! Wish I could get a butterfly to stop flitting long enough to get a pic. Very pretty photos!

  5. My family thinks I am crazy ... but I snap, snap, snap all the time ... just in case! :) Saw lots of big butterflies in the States but they wouldn't sit still long enough to have their photo taken. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  6. I can just imagine chasing a butterfly around with a camera. They do move quickly, don't they? You got some great shots with all your snapping.
    Oh dear. I'm seeing fallen leaves around here, too. It's the sign of things to come.

  7. You captured the butterfly beautifully! I walked around a bird reserve with a friend last night, and noticed that the leaves were turning colour and beginning to fall. Why does it seem too soon to me?

  8. I actually felt a tinge of excitement, when I saw your lone leaf. I love the Fall season of the year! The butterfly on the flower picture, would be the perfect picture to put on a pack of writing cards. It is exceptionally beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. I always get excited when I see a yellow butterfly...they are little blessings from God. Your photos are gorgeous!!!!!

  10. That turning leaf strikes fear in my heart! Lol With our unbearably long winters, I'd like to think that summer will stay just a little longer. What a beautiful butterfly!!

  11. Your butterfly photos are lovely, Kim! I wish I could grow a butterfly bush but I know the deer would devour it before it had a chance to bloom. They already ate two shrubs we planted this summer--sigh. Flowers are like candy to them --lol.

    I love autumn but I hope for a few more weeks of summer to enjoy!


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