Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Fish, Two Fish

 One of the first questions people ask us about the new backyard pond is "Are you going to put fish in it?"
The answer:  "Yes"
As of yesterday six little goldfish have found a new home.

 We were advised to let them float around in their little bag for about 20 minutes to get acclimated.  

When the time was up, Brett released them into their new Home Sweet Home where we hope they will be very happy.
This is all new to us so we are learning as we go.
We've been doing a bit of research on caring for the little guys and found interesting information on their care and feeding (or lack of) here.  
I'll keep you posted on their progress.
For now I feel like a new mother who is constantly checking on their well-being.  Right now they are very small for the pond and it seems they must be hiding as I never see them.  On the bright side, I don't see them floating on the top belly up.  I hope this just means they are happily munching away on the underwater vegetation.

On another note, here we are in September.
I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures so that we can sit outside more often.  We tried it early last evening and nearly melted.  Our temps here have been in the mid 90s.  Coupled with the humidity it feels more like the upper 90s.  
So tell me, are you enjoying the cooler, crisper early fall temperatures yet?


  1. How neat! These little ones have a new home! I know you'll enjoy them! We just had a shower come through and it looks so pretty outside. We've enjoyed being here for over a month now. Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Aw, that's so nice that you are fish owners! I bet they'll grow to be nice and big!
    It's cool in the evening here already! Yay! Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 90's, but then back to the 70's the next day! Yay! (I can't stay UP long enough to sit outside in the evening! Wimp!)

  3. I'm sure your fish will be happy in their new home. We are going to put fish in ours too but decided to wait until spring. Give them more time to get used to their home before the snows come.
    The last two mornings I've walked have been the warmest days of summer. Both days it was 70.

  4. Don't you love it! We have had goldfish in our pond a few years, and because we had pond plants and snails, we never had to add fish food of any kind. Of course we don't have chlorine or any chemicals in the water, but my goodness, those little creatures thrived! Enjoy that gorgeous pond! (and fish)

  5. We are having a late summer heat wave, temp was 92 today and the humidity is just awful. It was the hottest day of the emtire summer! Love your pond and little gold fish.

  6. Kim, it will be very relaxing to watch the goldfish swim and interact with their environment. Nature does have a way of soothing us.

    I'm looking forward to the Autumn coolness, also. But it may be in the 90s a little longer here.

    Blessings for a flourishing pond,


  7. Worrying about your new little fishies... -chuckle- That would be me!!!!

    When we had kitties, only one at a time, that is. But anyway, I used to worry about their well being, constantly. :-))))

    After our last, we decided, no more kitties. (I don't think my husband wanted to listen to my worry, worry, worry about their safety, etc., anymore. LOL... I don't blame him.)


  8. Cooler evenings and nights! Oh yes! They are so very welcome!

    Up here in upper NYS, we have had a little stretch of hot/humid weather again. (Of course! School just started!!! This always happens! -grin-)

    That will probably be the last such Hot/Humid stretch of the summer though...



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