Friday, September 12, 2014

The Fruit Flies Have Met Their Demise

 For the past week we've been noticing fruit flies in the kitchen.
They seem to multiply by the hour.
Last night I stumbled upon a home remedy for this problem on the internet.
I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it, so I poured the ingredients into a glass, set it on the counter and went to bed.

 The ingredient list was simple:
  • Fill a glass 1/3 full with apple cider vinegar.
  • Add 2-3 drops of Dawn dish detergent. 

In the morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that this simple idea was a success.

 Just thought I'd share in case you, too, are facing the fruit fly battle.


  1. When we got home from vacation a week ago I noticed some fruit flies around so I did the same thing as you. I only got 2 though so I think we missed the worst of the season while we were away. This recipe really works well doesn't it? Have a lovely weekend. Pam

  2. Have not heard of this particular remedy. :-)

    But I have used some red wine, with good results.

    And let's see, after you pour some wine into the glass, you wet the top edge of the glass, and apply salt or sugar. The point being, to prevent fruit flies from crawling up the inside, and escaping.

    Whatever works, is super!!!!! :-)


  3. I tried that... and it didn't work but I forgot to put the Dawn in it. Gotta go back to square one and start over. I do hate fruit flies.

  4. My mom told me about this just last week and said she thought it was working. No fruit flies around here, but I'll keep the tip in mind. Glad the pesky critters are gone from your kitchen.

  5. Must be the year for them, we've had them really bad too. I'll have to try this! I just noticed though that your Dawn says (Save Wildlife) found it cute.....ha, ha! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Yay for natural (not super toxic) remedies for flies! It is that time of year! I get mad when I see even one fly. Grrrrrr. Thank you for the tip, Kim!

  7. Those old remedies usually do work and no chemicals. Great idea.

  8. Oh, this sounds great! Thank you, Kim. And, by the way, I'm enjoying your kitchen pretty rooster and bowl.

    Marianne xo

  9. I hate flies of any variety. And uh, so does my Yorkie Charlie Ross.

  10. Thanks so much Kim - I've just filled my glass and it will sit on the kitchen island overnight - we've had these pests for the past few weeks too! They must like NC.

    We are also have a problem with house flies - they seem to hang around the exterior doors and pop in when we come and go - wonder if I'll catch them also!

    Happy weekend - Mary

  11. Kim I also had that problem and used the same solution as you. Someone told me to also put a little bleach down my drain every couple of days and I never had the problem again. Hope it helps.

  12. Thanks Kim, I have had this problem for about a month, so exasperating, I am going to try this TODAY!
    The note is a cute idea!
    I apologize for my lack of blogging this summer, it has been so busy with many changes around here, for now it is slowing down, to which I am so thankful.

  13. I've heard of this remedy...and am glad you documented it here. Now I know where to look if & when the fruit flies arrive!

  14. You will not believe this, but this morning I was at a brunch, and my sister reported that she came home from being away for a few days and found lots of fruit flies. She too, looked up a home remedy on the Internet, and it was the same one you just shared. She was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, as you were too. What fun! Finding good remedies that work, is so good. Thanks for sharing it!

  15. I tried this a few years ago and it worked for me too. :)

  16. How clever! I love your sign, too.


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