Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Few Fall Touches

 In the midst of my fall decorating, it seemed necessary to capture a picture of those shadows on my coffee table.  Very briefly the sun peeked out and cast her lovely rays across the room. Our sunshine has been in scarce supply since the autumn season began.

My favorite method for changing the decor up for the seasons...
Soft Hits station playing on the satellite TV.  Gotta love those oldies that I can sing along to.  Rest assured the windows and doors are closed so nobody other than Peanut is privvy to the concert.
You can see how Peanut is tolerating it as she is passed out on the chair.  Poor dog!

The decor doesn't change much from year to year, but it always seems to includes books, birds...

squirrels and vintage pottery.
 I've been editing my decor keeping just enough to celebrate the seasonal shifts.  The thoughts of carting bins in and out of the attic is becoming less and less enticing as the years go by.

On occasion the books come decorated for fall as is the case with this old copy of Heidi.
Now that I like ~ dual purpose decorating.



  1. I love seeing glimpses into your beautiful home. Everything looks just perfect.

  2. Your home is lovely, Kim. It truly has an inviting ambiance to it. Such pretty vintage ceramics, and I do love seeing how you're decorating for the season. I like old books, too. "Heidi", now that brings back memories. Though I never actually read the book, I did enjoy the black and white movie with Shirley Temple.

    Blessings for you and your home,
    Marianne xo

  3. Such pretty things for Fall Kim, a lovely collection of books, many of them classics.

    Know what you mean about bins in the attic - I feel the same way and am editing all my seasonal stuff now. Just gave a bin of Halloween decor to the neighbors who have an 8 y.o. Should have seen her face when she opened it and saw black ravens looking at her!

    Happy Fall days - now the rains have gone it should be a lovely sunny weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Sorry your Autumn has been short on sunshine, so far. Hope more sunshine, is in your future.

    Happy Autumn,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  5. Your autumn decor touches are lovely. I'm not a fan of huge decorating changes with the seasons, either. Little touches are enough. Your books add warmth and loveliness to your space. Heidi is such a great story. Hope the autumn sun soon shines for you.

  6. Every time you share a picture of your home décor, it just says "welcome" in so many ways, to me. I think books and birds are always a way to add beauty to any room. Wishing you a bright, sunny weekend, in the weather department!

  7. I know what you mean about carting bins out every season. I'm leaning toward getting rid of a lot of that stuff! I love your simple displays! Peanut is a crack up! Lazy boy!

  8. Your touches of Fall look beautiful. That cover of Heidi is perfect! It may not be sunny outside, but your home is bright and cheerful!

  9. Beautiful! I also have a very old copy of Heidi...though mine does not have such am artsy cover. Love it.

  10. It all looks perfectly autumnal to me! Ahhh, yes, there could be so much paring back of the seasonal bins. I just did it three or so years ago without missing a thing and now I could do it all over again. That is a beautiful book jacket on Heidi...I might have thought Bambi, though. Hope that autumn has picked up in the weather department!

  11. Kim, this all looks so cozy and homey! I love the squirrels and birds and touches of pottery here and there. I know what you mean about dragging bins in and out to decorate for every season -- whew, a lot of work. :) Decorating with books is always a winner with me; I love your pretty version of Heidi. That was one of my very favorite childhood stories! I, too, listen to music on the cable channels on our television -- mostly classical and jazz. Your home looks cozy and welcoming for fall, my friend!

    Have a wonderful week!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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