Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Look Who's Coming to Lunch

 We are officially working from home now and I have decided that it does have some definite perks... like enjoying lunch on the patio.
On this lovely autumn afternoon, we did just that and just as I was about to bite into my BLT, Brett said "look who's coming to join us."

 While we do enjoy a nice variety of birds in our backyard, I can't say we've ever watched one quite this tall before.

 He seemed completely unfazed by us and continued to mosey on over as if we'd invited him to lunch.

 As we watched him gazing into the pond, we had an instant light bulb moment.  The mystery of the disappearing goldfish had just been solved.
A while ago Brett added twelve goldfish to the pond.
We had read that it was best to not feed them as this would make them an easier target for prey if they spent a lot of time near the top of the water waiting for food.  So, we have not fed them.  Each day when we would go out to check on them we would do a head count.  At last count there were only 8.  We didn't think they were being preyed upon as we never saw any evidence.
We wondered if, perhaps, they were just hiding.
Looks like we will have to wonder no more.
Once we realized that this large bird really was coming for lunch, we started yelling and clapping to scare him away.

He wasn't too scared by our noise, but did spread his wings and make a half-hearted attempt to fly away.
Once we went back to eating he started moseying back over.
It was clearly time for the next line of defense.

 She may be small, but her yapping goes a long way.
We opened the door and let her have a shot at scaring Wilt the Stilt away.

She scared him right up to the highest peak of the house where he, no doubt, remained until we finished lunch and went back to work.


  1. Wow lucky you, to have a heron come to visit. I used to see them all the time around the lake where we used to live. Love that last picture!!!!
    Too bad he ate your goldfish though.

  2. Wow, what great photos and a cute story to go along with them. Glad you were able to capture it all. Poor gold fish, though.

  3. The Great blue heron is beautiful....but he does love fish! We watch them eat the huge Koi at the park near our house. Hope you can keep him scared away! Hugs!

  4. Oh I don't think I'd like him for a visitor. Does he sound like a pipe gurgling? Fantastic photos so up close, though!

  5. You got some great shots of your lunch guest! He thought it was time for a goldfish snack, didn't he? :) Poor fish. Hope Mr. Heron will find another place to stop in for lunch.

  6. …and I thought the red-tailed hawk in my garden was large! Wow Kim, this is a magnificent heron - didn't take him long to find your new pond! Poor little fish - will you have to put netting over the water?

    I e-mailed you about the plate - hope you receive same.

    Hugs - Mary

    1. I was googling possible deterrents and the netting was one of the things they mentioned. I think we may have to look into it, although I think it will detract from the beauty of the pond.

  7. Wilt the Stilt! Love his name. He's an elegant creature with a rather voracious appetite. Poor fish - nets perhaps?

  8. What a beautiful back yard you have. How delightful to stop work, and have lunch out there.

    Plus, now you have solved a mystery. :-)

    "Here there be musing" blog

  9. Ha ha ha ha! He really is Wilt the Stilt! What a "help yourself-er" he is! Great photos, Kim!

  10. Who gets to share a post like this! Unbelievable! I cannot believe his lack of fear of the two of you and I really like the way you wrote this story. I was hanging on every word, and love the last picture! Mystery solved and accolades to your sweet pet, on coming to the rescue. Your porch setting is so beautiful! Great post!

  11. Nice to meet you! I used to like Great Blue Herons.. but not any more! We had the same situation with them eating our pond fish. When we first put in our pond we started with pond goldfish.. that went well so we went to a big Koi Show and paid $50 each for two koi. Of course the new koi brought in "ICK" and we had to treat them all with expensive medications. Once they were cured.. what happened? I saw a big blue heron out there "fishing".. and he ate the new koi. I'm thinking "I don't even eat $50 dinners!!". Good luck with your fish.. Teresa :-)

  12. Oh Kim, this post made me laugh. I'm sorry about your fish, but what a rascally bird! Aren't they the funniest looking birds? We just returned from Oak Island, NC, on Sunday, and my hubby saw a Great Blue Heron standing on the golf course. Unfortunately, the golfers showed up before he could get his camera and take a picture. You got some GREAT pictures here -- those closeups are wonderful. I hope you find a solution to your fish and heron problem that won't be too inconvenient or unattractive.

    Have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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