Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gifts from Nature

 My little collection of bird's eggs were scattered here and there.  Some tucked into drawers, some inside flower pots, a few were in a vintage birdie nest that I was putting away for the season.
Through the years I have found them on the ground or left behind in the nest boxes.  All but one are empty which makes them very fragile. 
Today I decided to find a better home for them.
Somewhere that I could appreciate their beauty and they would be safe from being broken.

This wee cloche seemed like just what I had in mind.
 It occurs to me that some people might not get the whole bird egg collecting thing.
So, as long as I'm admitting to that, I'll also admit to finding a little bird feather collection in one of my drawers.  Only four of them and they are all blue.  I considered tossing them, but decided to add them to my vignette instead.

I guess it's no secret that I am a bit of a bird lover :-).
I also like to incorporate a few touches of nature into the decor.
Pretty and the price can't be beat.


  1. Your eggs and feathers are lovely touches of nature in your decor. I collect feathers and rocks - have never found an egg. Love the little cloche.

  2. Decorating with what you love, and have....

    Can't beat that plan. :-)


  3. Love this collection under glass Kim, and especially the wonderful vintage bird books you added. Bet those are blue jay feathers - I often find them in the garden after a lot of loud squawking in our tall trees - wonder if they fight among themselves! I've seen them dive bombing a hawk who was apparently sitting on a favorite tree - they didn't give up until he flew off.

    Cooler weather coming - enjoy!
    Mary -

  4. What a great place for those little eggs.
    The guest room at my house has all bird things in it. : )
    Love your little bird collection.

  5. Kim, your bird's lover vignette is simply delightful. The feathers do add such a nice touch, and the little nest within the cloche holds some beautiful eggs. I love the way you arranged everything. Such a sweet end of summer display.

    Blessings and hugs,
    Marianne xo

  6. I love your bird themed vignette! Your bird sketch (drawing) is so sweet. I have a few broken eggs that I've found. They are so fragile!

  7. I love your pretty bird things and books! I just put a small feather in a dish of seashells. (one I found on the beach) Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  8. I'm also a collector of bird eggs and feathers. Nests too, which I love to place in my Christmas tree. Your cloche idea is a brilliant way to enjoy them and keep them safe.

  9. From one bird fan to another, I like how you did this! I never thought to lay out the feathers in the vignette, but I must admit that I like it! The cloche looks nice with the nest and the eggs. Your post gave me some inspiration and I appreciate that.


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