Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time to Cozy Up in the Kitchen

In two more days the calendar will confirm the official start of the autumn season.
That first nip of cooler air always turns my thoughts to cozy kitchen time.
After the heat of the summer, it feels good to turn the oven on once again and spend the day cooking and baking as the wind whips and the leaves whirl outside.

Now is a good time to put some thought into which cooler season recipes are worth re-visiting or which new recipes will be tried for the first time.
Maybe a nice moist apple sheet cake or perhaps a pan of brownies.
Decisions, delicious decisions :-).

When it comes to cookie baking, the choices seem endless.
Ginger Snaps and Snickerdoodles offer that touch of autumn spiciness that I find so appealing right about now.  Oatmeal raisin just plain seems like something direct from grandma's warm and loving kitchen and chocolate chip... in my book you can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies.  Which brings to mind a very dear blog friend who bakes them at the drop of a hat to share with friends and neighbors and even her dentist.

 Despite my love for fall baking, I try to limit my sweet intake more these days.
Maybe one day I'll whip up an angel food cake and top it with some fruit.

Of course the cozy fall kitchen doesn't just mean baking.
It's also fun and appealing to create delicious, tummy warming meals on the stove top.  I'm looking forward to soups and stews and chili again.

In the midst of all the creating in the kitchen it's important to pause now and then for a restoring break.  A warm cup of tea works well.  One of my favorite teas for this time of year is Constant Comment.  How about you, do you have a favorite fall time tea?

As the autumn season moves along it will be more important than ever to take those restorative breaks because... ahem... I think we all know that turkey time will be here before we know it.


This year I received an unexpected surprise in the mail that has made me more excited than ever for my fall baking and cooking.
That dear blog friend I mentioned earlier sent me every one of the baking pans you see featured above.
She even sent that darling tea pot which was something I had once seen in an antique shop and reluctantly passed up.  I had kind of regretted that decision ever since.
  Each time I look at these sweet treasures from the past, I will be reminded of the kindness of Karen.  I've been reading her blog, Life Is Good ever since I started blogging.  She inspires me every day to get outside and walk more, to treat others with kindness and most of all to look for the good and happy things in life.  If you've never visited Karen's blog, I invite you to do so.  

Thank you, Karen for adding a heaping helping of sweetness to my kitchen!!


  1. Kim, I do believe that cute red and white oven is smiling! Yes, indeed, it is smiling. The two red knobs are eyes and the handle, well, very smile-like! I will pay a visit to this new-to-me blog.

  2. Aw! So sweet (and yummy!) Karen sounds nice! I'll click on over! ❤️

  3. Oh Kim you are so very welcome. I am so happy that you like the baking set so much. I knew it would fit right in with your little kitchen stove. : )
    Your kind words brought tears to my eyes.
    I don't think I have a favorite tea but I do like peppermint tea a lot.
    I too like baking on chilly days. A happy day to you my friend. : )

  4. Hi Kim
    I just love your little stove and all the pots and pans! Too cute! I am definitely ready for cooler weather.

  5. Kim, I love your vintage kitchen and all the pots and pans! It reminds me of the little metal kitchen we had as little girls and played with for hours! They are so much nicer than the plastic ones today. Your blog friend was very generous to you. Cookie baking season is here. Enjoy!

  6. I'm starting to think stews and chilis!

  7. I was squealing with delight when I saw all of your cute baking things for your little stove. I have my own Suzy Homemaker now so I've been looking at Etsy and hope to find some too. How sweet of your friend! You are always so sweet and generous and have blessed me in the past. I'm so happy you got a fun surprise! Bake some apple pies in your Little Lady! Hugs, Diane

  8. What a delightful post and your sweet little pans are adorable! Indeed, it will be turkey time soon :)

    Have a beautiful week! Hugs!

  9. Those are sweet little pans. What a generous friend. Yes, it's time to think of soups and stews and warming foods, although the weather here is glorious today. Soon the rains will begin and we'll be glad for comfort food.

  10. Perfect gifts! They are so adorable.

  11. Your collection is precious.

    And makes for sweet photo ops. :-)


  12. Kim, I loved seeing this kitchen collection - really adorable miniatures.
    I love baking in the cooler weather - made carrot raisin, and corn muffins over the weekend, and planning a blackberry and apple crumble tomorrow!

    Big pot of soup on the stovetop today, curried cauliflower/carrot - I'm loving the new rainbow carrots from Trader Joe's!

    Happy Autumn dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  13. Kim, I , too, just love your miniature kitchen collection...and the weather today is so cool and crisp, I couldn't resist a walk this morning. Ooo, I'm truly looking forward to all of those scrumptious things you spoke of in your post. In fact, I think I'll go make something warm to sip right now.

    Blessings for a cool, wonderful day,

    Marianne xo

  14. Love your wee kitchen collection...and can think of a few 'littles' in my life that would enjoy with all the baking things as well. What a generous blogging friend you have!

  15. Your tiny kitchen pieces take me back to my grandma's kitchen, years ago. I too, try to limit my baking sweets, but I must admit, I could almost smell the cookies that you mentioned, baking in the oven:) I think your blogging friend is so kind. Unexpected gifts are the best, and I am sure her dentist would agree:).


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