Monday, December 8, 2014

Whew and Oops!!

"Whew" is what I say after decorating the tree in the dining room and. . .

the tree in the family room.  It's so nice to be all done with that job.  Time now to put my feet up and enjoy the magic of the lights.
Thinking it might be fun to try capturing the blue hour as a backdrop to my blue/white Christmas tree,   I kept backing up trying to get in as much of the 9' tree as possible.
That's where the "oops" came in.

Seems I backed right onto the vacuum hose.
A little candid shot as I tried to steady myself, which was a bit like being on a teeter totter.  Didn't realize my finger pressed the camera button while all the action was happening.  I got quite a kick out of this shot as I was reviewing my photos.
I'm happy to report that I was able to get off the hose before I heard a thud or a boom or a crash.
Ah, the hazards of Christmas decorating!
You haven't had any of those, have you?
All I can say is I'm glad I was the only one home for this event.
The men in my family would have had trouble keeping a straight face over this one.
For now, I'm off to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Right after I get that pesky vacuum put away.



  1. This is so funny, Kim -- I love the candid shot. :-D It's exactly like something I would do. My hubby calls me Spasdomena (cause I'm so spastic). Your trees are really pretty and sparkly. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you're staying warm!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. So glad you didn't fall! Your tree looks so pretty. :)

  3. First, glad you weren't hurt! Second, your trees are gorgeous. I love the artistic shot!

  4. Nothing that spectacular! I think it is fun that you can document the moment. Oh my! Your trees are simply gorgeous. Here am I not feeling able to do one tree properly and there you are doing two magnificently! Hope that you had a beautiful mug to sip something refreshing and delicious from after all that.

  5. Kim, both trees are really lovely. They are a lot of work to decorate, but then you sit back for a few weeks just loving all the sparkle, light and cheer they bring into the winter home.
    Glad you didn't end up with an injury…….or a tree on the floor!

    Enjoy these last autumn days - they are lovely in North Carolina, except for raking and moving so many leaves!
    Hugs - Mary

  6. That's funny, Kim. Your trees are lovely and the shaky shot really shows your movement. This evening I was standing on the rocker recliner taking photos of the tree topper - something I've done before. Suddenly I turned and there was my husband, holding the recliner steady. He thought I looked a little unbalanced, he said.

  7. Both of your trees are beautiful Kim. It's difficult to get the right lighting in pictures of trees. I'm glad you didn't fall down though. Enjoy.

  8. Your trees are gorgeous!! Beautiful!!!
    Glad you didn't get hurt. It must have been funny to see though. : )

  9. Wow! Your trees are gorgeous! The blue, yellow, and red make such a lovely presentation! And, on top of the beauty you shared, you gave me a smile this morning. I think it is special that you shared it.
    I agree with you, it was good the men were not home:)
    I forgot to tell you, I like the lit packages under the tree.

  10. I trip over the vacuum, too. Your tree is glorious!

  11. Beautiful trees! What a capture on the trip. I am glad you weren't hurt...Christine

  12. Your tree is so beautiful! I had one tree tip over on me years ago, Kim! It was a mess and I lost some favorite ornaments. I made sure I bought a better tree stand the next year!

  13. Your trees are just gorgeous, Kim! And I do see the lovely blue light. Glad you weren't hurt in the process! I nearly fell twice yesterday, but it was the kitties on a rampage that nearly tripped me up.
    Enjoy your beautiful trees!

  14. Your trees look beautiful Kim. Glad you didn't hurt yourself.
    I hope all is well with you.


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