Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Afternoon

 Stepping onto the patio this afternoon was all it took to get my green thumbs itching.  Itching to pull a few weeds, trim a few spent perennials and pick up stray limbs and leaves, that is.  I realize this may not sound enticing to everyone, but I think the gardeners among us can probably relate.  It just feels so good to be out in the fresh air becoming one with nature once again.

The one nice thing about gardening at this time of year is the work load is fairly light.  Which, in turn, leaves more time for sitting on the patio and enjoying the warm sunshine and soothing waterfall sounds.
While I was sitting there I thought that maybe some of you might like to enjoy it along with me so I made an attempt at movie making.   

 After awhile I decided to fill the birdbath and feeders.
Then it was time to sit down and wait for the dinner guests to arrive.

 It wasn't long until the first one showed up.
A wee little chickadee who seems to be asking the hummingbird if it's okay to begin eating.
Looks like the answer was "yes".

 Birdwatching was followed by a walk around the block.
Jaxson wasn't ready to call it a day until he and grandpa could check on the goldfish.
Once it was decided that everybody was present and accounted for, it was time to head in for dinner.
Simple pleasures on this January afternoon.
Now tell me about your afternoon.  I hope it was a good one and you, too, enjoyed simple pleasures.


  1. Oh such a pleasant afternoon for you...warm enough to be outside is a blessing in January. Your little chickadee must be grateful for the food so handy, even if the drive-up restaurant a little scary. What fun to have your grandson for the afternoon, too. My afternoon was spent in my sewing room. It's been freezing rain all day so we just hung out inside.

  2. Well, I spent my day picking my son up at the airport and then stopping for a good hamburger and french fries at a wonderful hamburger stand. Got home and put another coat of paint on the closet doors.

    Your day SOUNDS magical. I would be out there, too. Nature, sunshine, loved just does not get any better than that.

    big hugs...

  3. Sweet photo of Gpa and Grandson! And I love that feeder!

  4. Oh if only....It's still very wintery here although today has been a rainy mild break from the bitter cold which will return tomorrow. It's nice to know that you and others can enjoy such a mild winter though and the thoughts of working in the yard are very appealing. Do enjoy! ;)

  5. That sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Hard to believe it can be warm enough to be sitting outside. Our pond is frozen solid and snow covers the ground. Nice to think of warmer weather though.
    What a cute bird feeder that it.

  6. What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Gentle pleasures are often the most satisfying. No gardening here yet, although I poked around in the garden the other day and cleaned up a straggly chive bush. Such a sweet photo of Grandpa and grandson.

  7. Kim, how lovely! I think your stepping water fall is wonderful and refreshing. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

    My day was superb. I was able to enjoy the pure sunshine, bright blue sky, and tease of spring. Though in my neck of the woods I appreciate winter months, as it's always so hot here, and the 30s and 40s are a delightful break. But today I soaked in the promise of good new things to come, while doing some chores of cleaning the bathroom, trimming some patio plants, and washing some laundry. Hopefully tomorrow I'll do some writing. :)

    Happy days to you,
    Marianne xo

  8. Ahhhh a beautiful January day in the it. Jaxson is getting so big!

  9. In the cold, snowy morning that I find myself in, I was so happy to visit here! To see the sun shining, the chickadee eating, and the views you shared from the porch. Makes me hope for Spring. The picture of Jaxson and his grandpa is priceless! The special memories you both are creating for him, will always stay with him.

    Your new blog look is exceptionally beautiful!


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