Monday, January 26, 2015

Rainbows in the Morning

 What's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning?
I pondered that thought after Christmas when I was trying to find the ideal spot for a cherished gift I had received from my sister.


 A rainbow maker needed a sunny spot to work it's magic.
The transom window opposite our bed seemed like it might be the best place.
Now when the morning sun peeks in the window our room becomes filled with magical little rainbows.

Throughout the morning they move about the room.
Here is one peeking into the bathroom doorway.
 Shortly after making the bed I noticed one above the pillows.

Another mingling with the planter on the dresser.

Perhaps my very favorite is this one showing the silhouette of the philodendron leaf.  Looks a bit like a heart surrounded by a rainbow.
Waking up to an angel in my window spreading rainbows throughout the room is a lovely way to begin the day.
It's also a little way of keeping my sister close despite the distance between our homes.
I am reminded of the blessing she has been in my life.
Before crawling out of bed I think of her and send up a prayer for her continued healing.



  1. Lovely photos! My sister gave me a sun catcher too and it's in the dining room window where the sun shines in all afternoon. It's the same reminder to me as it is to you. Remembering our sisters that live far away. I like the heart shadow with the rainbow. Perfect!

  2. Isn't that fun! I too get rainbows from a similar prism that hangs on our leaded glass window in the living room. It's so much fun to see the rainbows here and there.

  3. I have a beautiful sun catcher in the kitchen window - a lovely gift from a friend. I think of her each morning. Today was dark and wet at 7 AM, now the sun is shining brightly and I for one am so grateful that I no longer live up north! I pray the imminent storm will not harm our northern neighbors, that perhaps it won't be as bad as predicted, and that they keep their power and are able to hunker down in safe places until it passes.

    I hope your sister is OK and that you can be together soon.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Kim, you will love smoothies made that simple way - and of course save a bundle compared to purchased ones!
    I bought more Kefir and Naked Juice yesterday at Harris-Teeter - the Kefir is on sale! Hubby is having major oral surgery tomorrow and won't be able to eat much for a few days - I think I'll be serving lots of smoothies though.

  4. That is a beautiful gift because it gives and gives all through the day. The final photo is very cool. Did you know what you had when you took the photo or was it serendipity at its finest? (Love the new header with the juxtaposition between warmth and cold...perfect for January.)

  5. I love what Vee said! And I like the is a sign of peace and promise. Such a sweet gift from your sister, of who I think of so often. Praying for her peace. Thanking God our paths have intermingled.

    Thank you for sharing with us.....and big hugs to you AND your sister.

    In God's love,


  6. Hi Kim, I think sisters are one of the best gifts from our heavenly Father, I have a sister who lives in Charlotte, we are and have always been best friends! What a beautiful way to begin your day! Wishing you a most blessed and Happy new Year!

  7. Very nice pictures and post Kim. I love your new header!


  8. Love your new header. How lovely to have the rainbow move around the room all day. : )
    I hop out of bed and the first thing I do is look out of the window and decided where I'll go walking.
    I pray each morning for Norma too.

  9. My goodness, Kim, such a wonderful gift!! I've never seen anything like it before, and I just love the way you get specks of rainbows throughout the room all day. Your sister is a charm! Today I received some gifts from my sister, so I'm especially enjoying your post.

    And I like your header very much. I do miss snow - as long as I'm snug in the house of course - but it's so perfectly beautiful really...and with the cardinal...PERFECT!

    Marianne xo

  10. I sometimes am reminded of your sister too, and when I think of her, I always say a prayer for her and you. What a pretty rainbow reminder of that special lady.


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