Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Shelves, Little Shelves & Wild Onions

 The sweet little vintage print which showed up in my previous post is one I've had for years.  Previously it was on display in the guest room. Once the guest room became a nursery for Jaxson, the little girl prints were relegated to the place where pictures that I love but don't know where to hang languish. . .  under the bed.  Are you shocked by that admission?  I must admit I don't really like it, but I'm at a loss for where else to store them.  I don't like the idea of the attic as it gets sooo hot there in the summer and we don't have a basement.
Recently I was reading a blog and the author said that she has a rule in her home... NO storage under the beds.  I love that idea, but seem to be at a loss for how to achieve it.  So, I did the next best thing and brought out all of the pictures stored there and did a major edit of the collection.  It gave me the opportunity to use my favorites in a new context.  Previously I might have thought the little girl pictured above didn't look like she belongs in a family room, this year I think she looks right at home with the other vintage spring-themed items.  So once I got done decorating the big shelves, I carried the theme over to the wee little shelves.

 It gave me a spot to display another little vintage print.

A little boy enjoying the wonders of the spring garden.

I spent a few hours in my own garden yesterday.
I was on a mission to eradicate wild onions from the landscaping around the waterfall.  It seems there were a lot of them buried in the mulch and now they are popping out everywhere.  It's a "fun" challenge to dig down far enough to remove the entire bulb.  I considered it a major score when I was successful :D.
Today I'm happy to stretch the aching back muscles.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Are you seeing any signs of spring yet?


  1. No storage under the bed? Whatever is a bed skirt for? ;>

    At least, you were storing some nice prints. I'm storing my college papers.

  2. I am with you girl.... under the bed storage. Right now I have no idea what is under my bed. Haven't looked since I moved here a year ago. Reckon it's time to check out those boxes and bags? I might find a treasure.

  3. Love your shelves with all the cute vintage items on them. : )
    Still cold here but I have seen some signs of spring - new shoots on the daisies have popped through the dirt and some daffodils have popped up too.
    Ken built our bed and the sides go right down to the floor and so we have no under the bed! Problem solved. : )

  4. I am at a loss too since I don't have a basement either and need the space under beds for items that I want to keep, but have no where else to store. I have bed skirts on all the beds so at least no one can see under there.
    Your prints are quite beautiful and I'm so glad you found a great solution for showing them .

  5. That's a cute little green elf, Kim!

  6. Your shelves are lit up for spring and its cheerful colors - delightful, Kim! Your prints are so sweet and add that special touch. I, too, have things under the bed for storage - ahhg! That really is awful, isn't it.

    Blessings for a wonderful week,
    Marianne xo

  7. The little girl prints sure add a lot to your vignettes and you always know just how much to put together. I tend to put out too much at one time. I need to get some prints out and see if I can get anything framed. Love the cute little elf, too. Happy Spring, Diane

  8. I think storing pictures under the bed is brilliant! My problem is forgetting what I put under there! Have a wonderful week!

  9. I love the all the birds! perfect spring decorations. And now, I feel like I have to back track through your blog to find pictures of your waterfall! have a great week!

  10. I always thought under bed storage is just fine. Oh, and I also have a basement! lol I love your prints and also your new header. We got more snow yesterday, so it will be quite awhile before I see some bulbs coming through. Take care of that aching back!

  11. I put things under the bed even tho I have a basement. With a bedskirt, no one knows but me! Your shelves look pretty and I love the spring colors!


  12. i also do not store things under the bed. Energy needs to move freely all around while we are resting, so I've been told. :-). Are wild onions edible?

  13. I like your honesty, but personally, I think under the bed storage is okay, because it is your home and when storage is limited, why not? I do like what you pulled out from under your bed though. I especially like those little girl prints, and how you so skillfully displayed them. I do think my grandma had one of those on display in her guest bedroom. Your shelves look so good with the yellow and blue theme. I get such an uncluttered feel when I visit here. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I really like your vintage prints and think they are adorable and look sweet on your shelves. You have a pretty collection of pottery too. It looks very springy. I also store things under the beds in rubbermaid containers. Since there are bedskirts around them they are hidden and it's great extra storage space. I know I need to weed stuff out too. :)


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