Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dividing and Multiplying

 There it sat harmlessly,  throwing me into a quandary.
That darn poinsettia.
Welcomed home so readily before Christmas, it was a lovely and festive arrangement.  Having performed nicely throughout the season.  Nary a leaf was dropped.
But now, all these months later, it is still performing nicely and therein lies the problem.
After being so faithful to me, how could I ...  um... relegate it to the trash heap for no reason other than I don't think it looks quite as festive for the Easter season.
I know there are different ways of thinking on the whole subject.
For some it goes promptly and swiftly along with the Christmas tree.  For others it's a challenge to see how long it can be kept going.  Usually I find by the time Christmas has come and gone, the poinsettia has dropped so many leaves that I'm sick of the whole mess and out it goes.  Promptly and swiftly.
Perhaps because it was so polite and well-behaved this time around I felt a twinge of guilt about snuffing it out.
But, it was time for spring decorating so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

The poinsettia clearly had to go.
However, I could easily see that a bit of dividing and multiplying was all that was needed to change the look from Christmas to Springtime.
I tend to collect these vintage flowerpots and then they spend most of their time in the attic.  Silly I know, but that's the way it seems to work around here.  So, I pulled them all out of storage and got busy.  One little plant for the plant stand.

Another little plant for the plant stand.


 The plant stand looking happy and springy.
 The plants will be happy here too right next to the window.

 A new home for this plant too at the edge of the bathtub.
It should enjoy the humidity from our daily showers.

 Yet another plant to keep me company as I wash the dishes.
That Christmas arrangement is now a distant memory as these subtle signs of spring take root around my home.

Only 2 more days until Spring is officially here!
Ready, Set, Grow!!


  1. I'm always torn about poinsettia plants, too. Your spring planters look fresh and ready for the new season! What a great collection of old planter pots.

  2. I smiled as I read this post, because yesterday I was at the dry cleaners, and for the last year, a sad looking poinsettia plant with a lone red flower, has graced the counter of the cleaners. Finally, I had the courage to remark about the plant, and the dear elderly lady in charge, told me that she just cannot part with the plant, even though it looks so sad. She said that it was her friend. Then, this morning I read your well written post. I do believe she could use your "green thumb" help with her plant. The way you divided your plants, and the locations you placed them, all look so beautiful! I really like that white plant stand! You have such a way with decorating that always impresses me. Thanks for sharing! Maybe, just maybe it will inspire my "dormant:) green thumb".

  3. Hi Kim, I LOVE your plant stand and all your pretty touches of spring. I'm so ready to do that here, as well. :) I'll be putting my snowmen away and bringing out birds and bunnies. My pansies on the front porch burst into bloom while we were gone this past weekend. Yay!

    I'm impressed with how well your poinsettia did; I'm lucky if I can get mine to last until Christmas. I didn't even buy one this past year. Enjoy your new plant arrangements and have a wonderful day, Kim!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. You have just identified a major conflict with me, too. My poisettia looks as good as the day it arrived, but was clashing quite a bit. I moved it to a far room and I will probably nurse it through the summer and chuck it over the banking about August. I am glad that I am not the only one! Now you have a springy corner. Wish that I had room for a plant in the bathroom because I have the perfect candidate...hmmm...will think on this. Always a pleasure to find that you have posted! Love the glimpses of your home, too.

  5. What a great blue and yellow Spring display on your étagère Kim, all the little pots with extra touches look so pretty.
    I seem to have a collection of white pots which desperately require new green plants - must check the garden store soon - just too early to plant anything outside yet so am trying to hold off on that project. Perhaps I should get herbs for the pots - at least I can utilize when cooking!

    Hot spell has left us this morning, chilly and showers forecast - Spring almost here, and of course always playing with us until later in April!

    Enjoy each day though - it's only weather and, like you, I can wait much longer for the heat and humidity to arrive!!
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Oh I love your plant stand and all your plants and vintage pots, and the little extras look wonderful on it.

  7. Oh I love your plant stand and all the flowers in the vintage pots and the little extras look wonderful.

  8. Oh I love your plant stand and all the flowers in the vintage pots and the little extras look wonderful.

  9. Just yesterday I was wondering what the dickens to do with my still beautiful poinsetta and now you have solved my mystery. thanks.


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