Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Mornings

I'm not sure I could pick just one favorite in the summer fruit category.  Although if, for some reason, it became necessary to do so I might just have to go with a sweet summer peach.  
The first visit to the local peach stand yielded a deliciously fragrant supply of these tasty gems.
They also came along right about when I was perusing a particularly lovely cookbook that I had just found at the thrift shop.

 Thinking the granola recipe sounded interesting with a mix of pumpkin seeds and pecans along with a spice blend containing cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, I set to work preparing a batch.

While it was baking, I began to think of how good it was going to be with my peaches and our favorite summer berries too.

 Ah, yes.
Sure enough our new favorite summer breakfast has become yogurt topped with a generous scoop of granola and an even more generous scoop of whatever summer fruit happens to be on hand.

While putting together this post I became curious about that Dr. Gaymont featured on my vintage yogourt bottle.
I guess we have him to thank for the introduction of yogurt into the American diet. In fact, it looks like he deserves credit for many of our dairy products.   See more here.
 One thing I know for sure, the choices in the yogurt section of the grocery store are almost overwhelming.  I tend to stick with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt.  How about you... do you have a favorite yogurt flavor? 

Because it's still July, I'm posting my favorite firework photo.
I thought about doing a post for the Fourth of July, but never got around to it.  I've thought about doing a lot of things lately, but don't seem to be getting around to them.  :-D.  I'm blaming it on the heat.   


  1. Hi Kim! Your granola looks delicious. You discovered neat things about yogurt. Who would have imagined!

  2. yep, that heat has been a problem, hasn't it? Love your breakfast food. May have to try that myself. Hugs!

  3. Heat is brain-numbing for sure!'em, but can't touch them until that skin gets gone. Yes, I do have texture issues. We like our yogurt plain as we add our own flavorings. Not lighting that oven any time soon, but we enjoy homemade granola, too.

  4. I don't eat much yogurt and if I do I eat Light and Lively.
    The granola looks very good.
    I like peaches too. : )
    Your fire works picture is beautiful.

  5. The granola looks delicious! I like plain vanilla yogurt - not Greek style. Sometimes, I make yogurt and fruit smoothies. Interesting post. Enjoy your week.

  6. I'm sitting here enjoying a peach as I read your blog post. And smiling! Our favorite summer breakfast is fruit and yogurt, topped with homemade granola. Every morning I pick fresh berries for breakfast. The raspberries are almost done and now we have moved on to peaches and blueberries. So good!

  7. mmmm! peaches arent ready here yet. but oh how I love them! I think we're in cherry season at the moment. your granola looks yummy too. I love a big bowl of fresh berries with a dollup (however you spell that!) of yogurt (which I dont love much) and a nice scoop of granola.. with a few choc chips! lol! none of which I have in the house this morning. now that I want some! lol!
    have a great day

  8. Since I am sitting here with my morning cup of coffee, you can just imagine how good this yogurt and fruit looks to me! Not to mention the most attractive way that you seem to share everything in your world! Actually, the pictures could be featured in the Victoria Magazine.

    I understand about not getting around to doing the things you wanted to do lately. I am right with you on that.

    Another special visit here. Thank you! As for the yogurt choice for me, it would be any kind that tastes good to me:)

  9. I love Greek yogurt, vanilla with blueberries is my favorite. Your granola looks very good!
    I also am not getting around to doing things I need to do. I'm blaming the heat, too! And it's so hot outside that it really does get hot when you're working inside even with the air on!

  10. I've had a couple store bought peaches. Can't wait to get some right off the tree. Yours look so juicy and sweet. xoo

  11. Good morning, Kim! Like Judy, I have my cup of coffee with me while reading this yummy post. Love your photos because they invite me right into your kitchen for a fresh, cool breakfast. Thank you, my friend!

    It will be 100 for sure here, outside of Houston Texas. Stay cool ;)

    Blessings for a healthy day,

  12. Granola plus yogurt plus fruit is my husband's standard breakfast fare. He likes the way it sticks to the ribs for a long work day. We like plain yogurt, but not the no-fat stuff. Peaches are just coming into season here and I'm looking forward to enjoying them in lots of ways.

  13. I wish I could get yogurt down, unless it is frozen with a nice topping, it is not happening. But I have tried yogurt made from coconut milk, is non dairy, and tastes better to me, Your granola looks wonderful. I adore summer fruit, but have to be careful with my diverticulosis. A big pain is stone fruit. Sad for me.

  14. I love plain yogurt with lots of fruit in it. Your granola looks delicious. I make my own too. There are so many lovely summer fruits but peaches and strawberries are my favourites.

  15. Hi Kim, I don't seem to be getting your post updates for some strange reason - have come looking for you to catch up!
    Hope you are surviving in the heat. Since we returned from England it's continued to be so hot here - I am not a happy camper in heat, humidity and mosquitoes - all of which seem to be here together!

    I eat a lot of yogurt, and use it in smoothies, and currently purchase Trader Joe's Plain Greek (not the low fat though!) and Noosa from Harris-Teeter or any place else I can find it - favorites being Strawberry Rhubarb and Lemon.

    Have a happy week and hopefully you can find a cool spot!
    Hugs - Mary


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