Monday, July 27, 2015

Be My Guest

The plan:

Convert youngest son's former bedroom to a guest room.
When the thought was in it's infancy I envisioned a room void of clutter with a fresh coat of paint.  
With my son's remaining belongings boxed up and stored in the attic, I went to work clearing cobwebs and giving the vacuum cleaner a good work out.  

Next up it was time to choose a paint color.
These walls were currently sporting the builder's paint job from 16 years ago.  Definitely past time for a fresh coat of paint.
I never thought I would be one for paint colors in the beige tones, but after painting our office last year a light(ish) beige, I find they are growing on me.  This time I really surprised myself by also choosing a deeper shade than I normally do.

My thought was that the deeper color would accentuate the white trim in the room.

Beyond the paint color I wasn't quite sure where I was headed with this project.
One day, while looking at bedding on the internet, I stumbled across this.  Thinking the beige just might work with the paint choice and the blue might tie in with the rest of the house, I placed an order thinking if it didn't work out I would just return it.  Shipping was free and it could be returned to the local store.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes.

Upon arrival, it was quickly decided that the bedding was going to work out just fine.
Once the room was painted, the furniture polished and the carpet scrubbed, it was time to hunt down a few accessories. 
Armed with one of the pillow shams, I headed for the local HomeGoods shop to see what I could find.  A lamp seemed like a good idea to add a bit of ambiance to the room.  The blue glass in this one is so pretty and it looked like it might be a match so in the cart it went.

After a few accessory hunting trips I learned that this shade of blue isn't the easiest to match.  When I saw this metal piece at HomeGoods I thought it might be the answer for hanging over the bed.  I like how it picks up the color and pattern in the bedding while adding a bit of textural interest. 
I wasn't having much luck finding pictures for the walls.
If the blue was a match, the picture usually had a beachy theme.  I have nothing against beachy themes except that wasn't what I was going after.
I brought the bird canvas home from PierOne and was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked.
A few more things found at Tuesday Morning.  You never know what you might find there, but the prices are very reasonable.  The blue vase is shaped like a pomegranate and was on the clearance table.
The rattan tray has a dual purpose.  Although the finish on the dresser top looks pretty good in the photo, it's a whole different story in real life.  Nothing, short of a refinishing job, could help it.  So, I did the next best thing... a bit of camouflaging with those accessories.  Ha!  When the guests arrive I plan to set out a dish of candy there.

 I once heard that every room should have a surprise element or bit of whimsy.  With that in mind I couldn't resist placing this sign across from the bed.  At first glance it probably seems a bit rude.
However, since the lake is right across the street, it's really just an invitation to relax and enjoy the lake.  Which is something I hope to do plenty of when our first guests arrive in a few short weeks.


  1. What a wonderful makeover! And it's the perfect, relaxing guest room. I like the items on the dresser and the sign is the perfect fun way to make your guests feel at home. Absolutely lovely!

  2. That room looks marvelous! You may always have guests it's so pleasant. It also looks as if it would make a great napping bedroom or recuperating from a cold bedroom. Oh the possibilities. (I never knew that the lake was right across the street. That is pretty neat.)

    1. or escaping a snoring husband bedroom. Wink Wink!

  3. That looks so pretty! The view out the window, the bedding, and that artwork all go together so perfectly!

  4. Wow - what a great room makeover! I really like this! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kim, this is all so truly AMAZING!!! I love every bit of it! Such a soothing, inviting room...your guests may never come our of it. I like the idea of buying the bedding first and then working the colors and theme around that. And the blue bird painting is perfect. Oh, and I love the pomegranate shaped blue vase. Everything looks wonderful. And yes, I took the sign as an invitation to go and have some fun. This post simply ended my day with a smile and a breath of freshness...thank you!

    Well, I'm popping back up to look at the photos again. Have a wonderful week!

    Marianne xox

  6. Ok, I just looked over the photos again...and I love the room. I am excited for your guests to see it, too. I love the white vase,'s creaminess next to the blue one contrasts so perfectly.

    I was wondering though, if packing up your child's past was the most difficult part... I would imagine mixed emotions.

    Marianne ♥

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Marianne. It was a bit of mixed emotions with packing up my son's things. He is now 27 so it is a bit easier than it was when he first left home to go to college.

  7. I've got one of those too! A snoring husband, haha! He's really loud and annoying so my guest room, which is upstairs, often has an overnight guest, moi!!! Great makeover for this lovely room Kim - the window is so pretty and has a view of the lake, beautiful. Your whimsical painted sign is perfect.

    Thanks for stopping by my post and enjoying the figs. If only we lived closer I'd be happy to give you plenty! Bob picked another full bowl this evening!

    Hugs - Mary

  8. You have made a beautiful guest room. You certainly have the decorating gene!! Your guests will love it.
    I really like the bird picture.

  9. I'd love to be your guest! What a great job you did.

  10. Love your guest room makeover. The accessories you found are perfect. I love Tuesday Morning, and it is so true you never know what you will find there.

  11. What a beautiful guest room makeover. Love the whimsy of the Jump in the Lake sign! The bedding really makes the room.

  12. Your guests will love sleeping in your beautiful room. I really like the colors and the bird print adds just the right touch. Wonderful job!

  13. What a lovely room Kim! I'm sure your guests will appreciate all the personal touches. By the way, I love the made me laugh :-)
    The bedding is just gorgeous.

  14. What a glorious guest room! I'll jump in the lake! It sounds fun!
    Well done, Kim!

  15. You have certainly created a welcoming, relaxing, and beautiful guest room! I can't imagine how thrilled your guests would be, to walk into a room like this one! You put thought and decorating skills into every detail. I like the color combinations you used. As for the top of the dresser...a dish of candy is the best distraction possible!:)
    Thanks so much for sharing the finished room with us.
    Happy Monday to you! I hope you soon have some guests to share this with.


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