Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Post Christmas Contentment

 Not long after the Christmas dinner was consumed, a tiny little hand slipped into mine and guided me over to the foyer.  Once there, the tiny little finger pointed to the floor and I did my best to follow instructions.  Not an easy task right after eating that large meal, I might add.

 There we waited with train cars in hand...

as the daddy and uncle learned the true meaning of "some assembly required."
Thomas the Train and his wooden railway were quite the hit once we were able to start playing.
It seems those tiny little hands are just the right size to carry three train cars at once all around the house.

 In this week between Christmas and New Year's, the foyer has taken on a new look.  One we haven't seen around here for quite a few years.
So, we are enjoying the world of choo choo trains, Hot Wheel cars and Toy Story characters with fond recollections of our own boys playing with similar toys.

Even though he is drawn to "things that go", I was holding him in the kitchen one day when the tiny finger pointed to the vintage baking display and one by one the pieces were taken to the family room floor where he amused himself (and his grandma) by baking Christmas treats and pouring us each a cup of Christmas tea.

Soon life will return to normal and playtime will be over.
Until then I plan to enjoy every moment.
I do hope that you all are enjoying your holidays and just as soon as I'm done playing, I'll be back to visiting your blogs.  
Until then,

Happy, Happy New Year!! 


  1. So darling! I loved the days of Thomas the Train and miss them. I bet the tea and cookies were especially delicious.

  2. Absolutely precious!, Kim, this brought back so many memories for me, enjoy this special time of memory making! Wishing you and your family a very blessed and Happy New Year!.
    Hugs from me to you,
    P.S. How about these extra warm temps. we have been having in N.C.

  3. Play time certainly looks like FUN TIME! What a cute photo of you, Kim!

  4. It looked so much fun at your house dear Kim - children do make Christmas much more special.
    All the best for a healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  5. I couldn't help but smile as I saw Jaxson playing with the vintage baking set : )
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Some toys never go out of style. Precious!!

    Happy new year, dear one,
    Marianne xo

  7. What a dear sweet little grandson you have! So adorable. I would so love to post pics of my 2 youngest grands but my DIL is dead against it so of course I don't. They live here with us so I take so many pictures of them. Oh well,I really appreciate that I get to spend so much time with them.

  8. Oh what fun...Christmas with a grand! He is growing up so quickly! Happy New Year!

  9. These photos made me smile! What a wonderful time with your children and that sweet Jaxson. Thomas the train was a hit around here, too. Enjoy every minute. Happy New Year!

  10. He's so cute! My living-room used to look like this not long ago.
    Happy New Year, Kim!

  11. great pics! and what a little cutie he is! I love christmas with the grands.. it is so much more magical. what a lucky little guy that you let him play with your cute little kitchen set! (I would have too! I cant say no to my babies.) anyways.. Happy New Year!

  12. It has been way too long, since I have spent time here with you! But, this morning, I am here, and I can't tell you how good it is to be back! With my hot cup of coffee, I have spent the last 15 minutes reading down through every beautiful, interesting, and varied posts, that you have so kindly shared in the blogging world. I so enjoyed the posts on your Christmas celebrations, especially with the little guy and his wanting you to sit on the floor with him, and the "some assembly required" happening. I smiled at your realness in sharing the smelly sink and the great lengths at which you all went, to try and correct it. It amused me that it happened to your kitchen, because it is one of the cleanest, neatest, and most beautiful of all the kitchens shared in blogging. I do hope you have found the needed solution by now.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your visit with your blogging friend, Karen and her husband. What a privilege for all of you. The picture of the four of you was so good! I look forward to meeting you in person too, someday.

    I liked your walk around the lake and the lovely homes you shared with us. I smiled when I saw the yellow and blue one, and then read that our thoughts were on the same page.

    I admired once again, your "green thumb", and how healthy and alive your house plants looked.

    Thank you for providing so much enjoyment for me this morning! My spirits are lifted with every visit her.

    Happy Monday!


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